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Star Trek Voyager Frasier Cast

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Captain's log. Stardate 47259.3 Captain Catherine Janeway commanding the USS Voyager. She's an untested ship with an untested crew. But I believe, over time, we will grow to work as an efficient and cooperative team. Are we gonna fly this thing, or are you just gonna yack yack yack? Captain, we're getting an order from Starfleet requesting that we meet the Enterprise at Starbase 15. Helm, set a course for 11941 Mark 8. Well, sure, if you wanna go the long way. Oh no, we're not taking another one of your shortcuts. Last time we followed your advice, we went through a tear in the timespace continuum and wound up in ancient Pompeii. Well, we escaped, didn't we? Yes, and my brand new Romulan loafers were singed beyond recognition. People, I need your focus. Captain, we have an unidentified ship approaching... Ah, bloody hell, she's really moving. Commander, hail the vessel. Commander? In a second. Really? Is he cute? He's an Aldebarian? Commander! Aren't Aldebarians the ones with four tongues? Sounds like this Aldebarian is about to boldly go where so many men have gone before. I heard that. Hey, what do you know, they're hailing us. But it's not coming through. There're transmission problems. Well, that's the trouble with these modern starships. In my day, we had a simple communication system. We didn't have all these fancy flashing lights and dials, but it worked. I know, I know. You just launched a tin can at the other ship, and then pulled back until the string was taut. But it worked. I believe I have an explanation, an explanation for our communications problem, Captain. While we were in port, I had them install a banality filter. It keeps us from being bothered by any messages that are overly insipid or jejune. Disengage the filter. Oh, I can't. I can't even get my phaser to stop flashing 12:00. Excuse me, Captain. Members of my species are a bit telepathic. Perhaps, I can use me powers to communicate with the alien vessel. Lieutenant, you're not from another planet. You're from England, aren't you? Shhh, quiet. I'm getting something. It is coming through strong now. They want to attack. No, no, no, it is not an attack. It is more of a desire to embrace. No, hold on. Captain, I believe they want to breed with us. Wait a minute, this isn't coming from out there. It's coming from in... Oh, that was fun, wasn't it? I'm sure the Captain has another plan she'd like to try. Why don't you fire a photon torpedo at them? What if they're a friendly ship? Well, then it'll be easy. They won't shoot back. Captain, I'm reading an energy source from the alien vessel. It's a transporter beam! We're being boarded! Red alert. Loud noise! Headache. Captain, I'm not sure I'm reading this instrument panel correctly. But either we have a malfunction in our left turn signal, or there's an armed Klingon on board the turbolift. Shall we assume it's the latter? Does this belong to you? Hey, be careful with the dog! Come here, boy. We found him on the Klingon homeworld. He was digging up azalia bushes. When we've just relandscaped. Whoa, sorry about that. Will this take care of it? Well, yes... but next time, it's intergalactic war. I vow we will destroy every molecule of the Federation! That seems reasonable. Now, do you see why we shouldn't have pets on starships. Well, you let her have a pet. She had that big hairy thing with the horns and the three eyes. It wasn't a pet. It was a date. Anyway, he wouldn't have gotten out, if somebody hadn't left the shuttle door bay open. No, you don't. You're not pinning this on me. You can't expect me to pilot a starship and mind him. Computer, engage self-destruct sequence. Well, if that isn't acting out, I don't know what is.

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Star Trek Voyager Frasier Cast

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