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Karen Berg habla de Piscis

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Good evening ladies and gentlemen Tonight's meditation and a little bit of learning will be about Pisces. Which is in Hebrew Adar. And just a few facts that I would like to tell you before we start so that you can condition yourself to the meditation that we're about to do. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Astrology, Pisces is the sign of the fish. And the reason that this month was chosen to be the sign of the fish is it's governed by Joseph the righteous who is the symbol if you will, of this month. And Joseph was able to achieve something that few people are able to do. Joseph, like his father Jacob, were capable of taking the most negative things in life. After all he was a person that, at the age of 17, was sold into slavery. And lived for years without his family. His mother died while he was very, very young. His father in his old age not being with him. And yet, every place that he was put, everything that he had done, he prospered. He knew, somehow, with a certainty That the creative energy was with him. Therefore, the month of Pices is governed by the Hebrew letter Kuf. Is the only letter which goes underneath the line. What it means is basically that any person that wants to achieve things in their lives, needs to know that there would be the unavoidability to go into the garbage into the dirt, into the negativity. And draw form that negativity, back up, and bring it to a place to multiply the light. And how do we know that? Because the second letter, which is representative of the planet Jupiter, is the Guimel. Now, I'm telling you something about these Hebrew letters because we believe that the letters were the things that originally created the planets and the signs. But the Guimel represent Jupiter and Jupiter is a planet of multiplications. Somebody that has Jupiter in the proper place in the birth chart means they'll have many, many children. Te same way we have so many fish at the sea. ANd therefore it is the Kuf representing the ability to draw from the most negative channels. Cause remember, only through negativity, only through the pressure... You go to a gym, you lift weights, the harder the weights the stronger the muscle. We understand that physically. I'm here to explain to you that mentally, and spiritually, is the same concept. We need to be able to take that letter Kuf, draw it down into the epidemic of darkness and by your ability to move it up into your realm, to become whole with yourself and to be able to go above those things in your life which are the most difficult. To spark the Light, the multiplicity of the Light. In our life, and in the life of those we love. And it goes on and on...

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Video sobre la Luna Nueva de Piscis por Karen Berg

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