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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~11:16:31 - 11:32:39

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How's it going? Did you see the game? Everything cool? How's it going, man? Let's meet up or something, okay? The guys are pretty down, they lost 7-1 yesterday... I didn't play. Someone, I don't know who, came on in the second half... Cool, we'll see that thing later. How's it going Mr. Jorge? How are you? Everything cool? I'm good. Cool! How's Anderson? He's fine, thank God. He's good? Great. Hey man! Hey! My gastritis... Don't be getting with that guy's girl, man. Listen, man. What's up, Rael. Hey. Are we going? Let's go? Let's get some money, yeah? Who's paying today, it's you, yeah? I haven't got any money. You're broke at the moment then, Erimar? What? Yeah, I'm broke. You're going to have to pay for the bike... I was gonna hang out with that girl on Friday that date Which girl? The girl I met on the bus the other day, man. Seriously? Are you looking for a bit of romance with her? Are you getting romantic with her? Be quiet! man! She stood me up, man. Is she from around here? She lives over on Kennedy, man. It's not Julio's girl, who you were talking about is it? No. So, what happened? I got on the bus, man, and it didn't have that thing by the door, you know? The door that leads on to the aisle. Then I went and sat down, you know? Then, the girl... I'd barely sat down, and the girl hit me like this... I said: "I don't believe it, man, I've just got on the bus and I'm already getting beaten up!" She laughed. Then she said: "Want me to hold your bag?" So I said: "Um, you're not gonna hit me are you?" This guy called me over and said: "What's that t-shirt?" This one? Yeah. Then he said: "Man, that's a cool shirt, it is Artful?" I said: "Yeah, it's Artful." He said: "I need to get me one of those, man." So I said: "Well, talk to my brother over there." No, it's not David. Take a seat, man. I'm going to the shop. He's going to take it there to... I'm going to the shop to talk to him... Okay. Like that time... What's up, little man! Like... Everything cool? Also, that time with the clothes, I was just talking fast The guy can't see that I'm giving it to you... But he's buying from you, man. No, he wants me to sell! Because, man, if I were to sell, I'd have to be next to him, you know? And give him money. Exactly man, I can't sell the guy's stuff. Exactly, yeah. It's my turn to buy isn't it? What did he say? He asked, you know, who's it is. He said: "Are they yours?" I said: "No, it's another guy's, he owns it." "Talk to him to get your brand on there." Then he said: "So, he's the owner." I said: "Yeah." He said: "Well, I'm selling a cap, some bracelets, a vest..." It's cool, Sunday was cool. What time did you leave that thing? Damn man, these are like the last of the Mohicans. The very last, man. Fuck, man, look at the way he left the boot, man Why did you sell them to Vagner? Because they were big, man. I didn't think they were that big. I wear 38, the cheapest were 41. I think they were about 40, weren't they? Becuase they weren't huge on Vagner. Didn't your foot hurt? With all respect, yeah? But the guy works doesn't he? He's got money, he goes to uni. All the guy wanted to do was stay inside. ...he learned to appreciate... ...Juliano... Check out those dogs fighting. What happened yesterday?! What happened to Ruana yesterday? Ruana and Pica are Vevê's dogs. Ruana's very difficult, man. Why's she over there? Just walking around? She's scared, man. It's because of the camera, man, she's scared of... Sometimes I hold my phone up like this to film or take a photo of her, and she... It's because of the camera, man. She got out yesterday, man, my brother left the gate open. Someone left the gate open. Vevê's dog was let loose, I saw it just in time and said: "I'll close it", you know? Hi. We'll talk later. Hi Wilson. Hi Wilson. Hi Wilson. What? The last chance for you to see. Listen, man... So... So I went and locked it, then my brother went and let her out, man. she already went upstairs, man My brother already grabbed here, look right here on her I'll let that one pass She said: don't go out with those dudes over there all sweaty and dirty, man Not even some decent clothes "Decent clothes" it was.. It was bad. Lend me 5 reiais. Then Bruna said: "What do you want 5 reiais for?" I said: "What for?" Then Patrícia said: "What am I getting out of it?" I said: "Uhh". No, dude! She almost dragged me yesterday, bro It was after I came back, man No, no, I'll get some You will? Will you? We are going to watch, alright? What? You can't cut, man It was the same thing that happened in that place, man! Fuck cutting it No, but then I'll be able to watch it with certain people, you get me? What? I won't be able to watch it with certain people I can't...people can't know that I have like, in the case of Mica, no one can know Of what? The fling? Of course. Not even Paloma And the parts that Erimar said: "That girl is waiting for you over there" Even though, you know, maybe we won't stay together afterwards, you know? The time will come when you... No! And what? Until then... The time will come when you're going to "get that" Yeah, man. My nigga, my nigga, dude, it's fucked up, man, can't do it, what if the girl sees that thing I gotta leave her Yeah. Bring some beer. I'm going with you, man. Oh my God. What? That girl's nice, man. She used to be really thin, I remember she used to be thin. But now she's got a body on her. Are you getting the guitar, Dani? Are you going to get the guitar? No, I'm not, Sandro. How can I play? You play, man. How am I going to play with a finger like this? Did you hurt your finger yesterday? It's inflamed, from that day at Néia's house, it so hurts, man. That's why I can't play. I think it's going to give me tendinitis. What's that bracelet? I got it from Alexandre's wife. She said: "Do you like reggae?" I said: "Yeah." She said: "Well..." I think that it's going to give me tendinitis, man. Sometimes I get a pain here like nothing else. It's from practicing guitar, isn't it? Or from playing all of the time and everything. No, it's because I haven't played for ages, man. of course, those capos that I was doing No, it's lack of... So now you get tired really quickly, yeah? Really quickly. Start playing every day. Yeah, it's better. of course, yesterday's coke was weak, right? What are you going to do? They don't have them, right? The problem is that we took to long it was finishing up There is no escaping that shit Capitalism is ruthless, huh Whether they advertise that shit or not they are going to always make money Ah, well, at least we did our part, right? third most consumed liquid in the world, after After water comes petroleum and after petroleum its coca-cola Where's Erimar? Gone to get beer with Mariano. Man, I've got a headache. What time did you get to bed yesterday? When you were playing. We were there until 5 a.m. playing, man. I went to bed. Come and hang out over here, man. Do you wanna play billiards? Shall we play? Hey, man. How's it going? You're going next. No, I'm gonna play man. Play billiards then, man. Play in pairs. Ah, you are going to be playing alone and we're just gonna watch... Have a game of 3, bro We'll play in pairs. It's quick, man. One leaves another comes. I'll slaughter Mariano right away It could be doubles right there Where's the alcohol? I don't want beer. Dani. Have a game of 3, man Come one, we can count it You want to have a game and count 2? That takes longer, though I'm not going to do anything Do you still remember that day, Manoel? Maré doesn't want to play anymore. It's alright, we'll put them on the table over there. Aren't you playing Maré? How much does it cost here? R$0.50, man. R$0.50? R$0.50 Sr. Erisbelo? That's standard Put mine there. Shall I go first? Hey buddy. That's your cup there. Nah, I'm not having a beer at the moment. Erimar, have that glass next to you, man. Corinthians shirt. Is he gonna get it in? Ah, nope. How's it going, Jesus? Look at that guy, he looks like Jesus, man. The Prophet is king I believe in, I will follow him. How's it going, Jesus? Let's see if his name helps you get this ball in. The point is to do it fast, man. You can't wait around too much Come on Mariano. Get the cue, man. Get it. They have cues that are smaller, don't they? Am I next? You can go next, man. Let's go, Mariano. Get a glass for you. Grab a glass, man. What are you doing with that? How was it not going to be like that? Tell me. How do you think I wasn't going to come to this world? The mighty have fallen, can Mariano finish the game? Come on Mariano. Jesus. You should strike should be from there to here Harder. Are you running away, Erimar? He's still got 6 balls left hasn't he? Man, I went to lie down, my dad was there with everyone... He's still playing isn't he? Really? Excuse me. Mariano, have you got any money? You want to buy a few Artful magazines, don't you?

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Sitting on a bench. Billiards with friends.

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