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Hi mom Hello child Tell me something about grandpa. You can do your make-up, its fine. Which one? Cezar? Yes, tell something about him He was very soft , strong but soft . Very Satvic Never saw him angry or very irritated Oh wait I did, I got one slap from him once But that’s the only moment that I remember In general he was immune to stressful situations When Grandmother Tamara would make a scene he would just “get out of the frame” And when he was coming back, she was calm again He was a great deal of a man He had an imperishable curiosity Even news and innovations in medicine, I was always “running in circles”: children and career He would say - did you hear about this or that? Or he would ask me: “what composition are we hearing now?” -Beethoven. He always knew His connection with nature was his believe in God He was claiming to be atheist, not believing in the “old man with a beard” He was believing in nature and he grew in the forest and made us grow in and with nature Even my cousins, although they where living next to the forest , It is him who was coming from the city to explore the forest He knew the names of all trees , plants, birds and their nests medicinal plants from his mother that was the village healer, it was a hobby of his In the encyclopedia that he was collecting, under the Russian names , He was collecting dictionaries with his perfect script he would write the Romanian name of the bird Синица – piţigoi (Titmouse bird) I know the eatable mushrooms, the names of trees, constellations from him In his mind of a physician he had space for music composers, astronomy, birds mushrooms and so on… He was very attached to nature He was nature himself, he could not be with ought nature We would always have long walks, from Cotiujeni to Zahorna, we would never take the bus I was very little and I remember that in winter we would always stop in the middle on the forest, even though the twigs and everything was covered in snow He was able to make fire and we would bake potatoes in Spring it was clear, easy to make fire As if we would be hungry . We were just passing through one forest and a big hill to get to the other village but by all means, we had to stop in the forest bake and eat potatoes in cold and wetness in the middle of the forest But I have never eaten better potatoes than thous He had a lot of friends he was interested in communicating with almost everyone consisted from actors to alcoholics from the court yard He would play chess and talk for hours But what especially I remember his attitude of integrity , stability , safety Whenever we would go out I would just raise my head and always encounter his eyes confirming that it’s all good i'm here what can you say of his political activity? He would never discuss politics with me But for example: whenever I was talking on the phone in Russian they would always manifest some irritation They put me in a Romanian speaking kindergarten , although they had to drive on the other side of the city They would not approve my friendship with Russian speaking kids They had Romania, Moldovan even some Jew friends but not so many Russians But in those times, everyone was speaking Russian They were trying to maintain this Romanian spirit from the core of the family This state came from the repressions of the communists over Republic of Moldova? I don’t know where did this spirit of national freedom came Both of their families where effected by politics but he was somehow the wakening element in the family I remember they long and intense talks in the kitchen that could last a whole night I remember moments when I was still in kindergarten when the police car would come to the village and took him away nobody was explaining me what exactly is going on When I grew older I got more curious I would sneakily get in the document cupboard I would find documents of decisions from the Communist Committee papers on his exclusion from the communist party, and the academia. More of all this I found out much later The only discussion that we had together was when I finished high school and had to enroll to the university when he told me he told me not to be upset or take it personally if I would not be accepted at the university. And I knew why You could feel this spirit of national freedom and anti-communist There was always laughter whenever Brejnev was making a discourse They would tell jokes about communists members between friends But he was not alone in all this so he assured that all this will not compel my enrollment

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Sequence 01_1

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