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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~08:45:26 - 09:00:26

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― You'll be in the hall. ― Are there? Are there spoons here? ― Yes. ― No. Go finish it. ― Are there spoons or not? ― No. No! No, huh? No, huh? No, huh? No, huh? ― There are no spoons? ― There are. ― Where? ― Here. ― I'm talking about spoons. Let's go somewhere else, Zhan. Let's go there. Let's go. Zhanna! ― Now, let's go, Zhanna. ― I don't want to. ― Where are you going? ― Home. ― Me too. ― Not there, but over there. ― Me too. ― There? ― Yes. ―To our? ― Yep. ― You can't go there. I can. You're nuts, Roma! Why not? Can I? I pray, please! I pray, please! ― I pray, please! ― No. ― I pray, please! ― No. ― I pray please, mother! ― I am not your mother. Mother! I pra... ― Mom? ― Yes? ― Can we play the game? ― Which one? ― That one. ― Batman. ― Batman? ― Yes. ― It's tennis, not Batman. Well, it's not nine yet. Go, ask Miss Nadya. ― Can we play tennis? ― What? ― Tennis. ― Tennis, play like this, hit like this, shoot a goal. Mine is this remote. Can we? And where is mine? Where are my batteries? ― I've only got one. ― Where is the golden one? ― Not from there, turn it on from there. ― Ah! Yeah, yeah. Where is one more? Have you seen a grey battery? ― Oh! Batman, Zhanna! Leave, leave it! Leave it! ― Aw, shoot! ― You're Batman! Boring! ― You can play tennis and I'll play Batman. Now I am first! And you, and you. La, la, last... Where, where is the remote? Once you finish level one, I will play tennis. Carefully! Roma, do it carefully! OK? Yep. So... ― You stuck it in wrong. ― It's not me. ― Zhanna, can you do it? Do it. ― Yes. Go ahead. Don't break it. Oh! How did you do it? ― Which did you put in? ― Roma, back off. Let's take away all the sound. Keep just a little bit. Well, alright, good, good. Good! Here will be... Zhan, let's... One thing, I switched on Batman. We'll this... That's it! No switching! That's it, no more. ― No. ― Yes. ― No. That's it! Batman is on. And I will play tennis. ― That's it, no tennis. ― But I have the batteries. Where? Zhan? ― This you can't and will no way pass. ― He will! ― I bet he will! ― It's very hard. ― Which is hard? ― This stone will be the easiest, right? Right. We will pass it easily. Right, Rom? Zhan, let's... I switched on one and that's it, we'll do no more. We'll play Batman. That's it, I switched on one, we'll play. Andrey, come here! What did I tell ya? Go, take water upstairs. Put clothes on! There, this one's easy. You're Batman! ― Go yourself. Who am I? ― You're Batman. ― Oh! You can walk? ― Yes. ― And how do you walk? ― I didn't press anything. He's got no batteries. ― Zhanna, you have no batteries. ― Oh, I know. You're Robin and Batman. And now Batman has to tail Robin? Here Robin is a main guy too... ― Robin is the same? ― Yeah. ― Get off! ― Ah! Ah! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Saw soldiers? ― Have you got a boomerang? ― Look, Zhan, he walks too. And runs. ― Oh! Who's mopped me? ― That. In green! ― Oh! ― Kill now... Roma, let's switch. I took up after Roma. What should I show you? What's needed? How to do it here? Oh! But how about... You Robin... Two at a time! By Batman... Let me pass. There, pass. But give it to me then. Oh! Kill him and done. Oh! Hold on. There, Roma, take that. No. My batteries didn't die. Oh! See now? That's the way. ― You're not there. ― Ah! -Seems... Got a boomerang, Roma? Ah! There, shoot a boomerang at him. Do you know how... That's for me, Robin! No, that's to see you. Oops. Again my batteries died. That's it! Dead meat! Roma, um, do this. It won't die, Roma. Ah! Well, show then. ― Kick these. ― Roma, do you want to keep a girl? Well, a little's left to pass, right? Right, Roma? One more. Tear off and pass. And then... On the ladder they'll be going and then... Will be standing somewhere there. And then... But why isn't it kicking? Who's kicking there? Oh! Two of them! ― Roma. ― What? ― Break those. ― The barrels. ― I can't! ― Come up to the door, put two bombs. ― Come up to the barrel and kick. ― Put a bomb there. ― You've got bombs, don't you? ― Go and pick up. ― And put one over there. ― There. ― A life, Roma. ― Roma, put a bomb over there. ― There, one more! There, in a costume... Yeah, yeah, put here. Next to him. ― Hit A! ― No. ― Roma! Roma! Go there! ― And there. ― Put a bomb. ― Hit A! Roma, what's your problem? ― He's only... ― Batteries... ― No! ― Then what? ― Just... came out. Zhanna, I don't need it anymore. Roma! You know where there is a grey battery like this? Now passed a little bit! We're playing tag! Zhan, everybody's two at a time. ― No. ― Yes. I'll play one more time and you will play two. But only Batman. ― Roma, can you pass this? ― Yes. ― Of course! ― Of course, I've passed this! ― Roma and I. Right? Then passed... ― Someone's batteries... ― Yours died. Died. How many times? What did you do to keep playing? Took them out, put them in, took them out, put them in. ― Look, how many batteries does he have? ― One. Roma, it's a costume. Oh I know. Should... ― Can do it as boxing! ― Look! Oh! Let's go. Ah! Put in...

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
Views: 96
Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Oct 20, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 08:45-09:00 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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