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Hitler Reacts to Bi Ikhtisar 2

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We are meeting today to discuss the latest updates regarding the songs on your workout playlist For instance, we just received yesterday two thrash metal songs from a band located in southwest Berlin Thunderous drums, sinister riffs, hardcore content... On one song, dude sings about missing his ex in Berlin who entertained his coprophilia fetish Not too shabby. Should keep me entertained till HHN sends me Bi Ikhtisar 2 My leader, I'm afraid... I'm afraid we won't be getting Bi Ikhtisar 2 anytime soon. It is supposedly still work in process If you were one of the people who thought it was a good idea to add the J.Cole album to my workout playlist..leave the room now. IT'S BEEN TWO FUCKIN' YEARS TWO BUKKAKE LOVIN' MOTHERFUCKIN' YEARS!!! And it seems that every fucking person in this place knew about this before me Even that bitch Vanda probably knew before me Thrash metal songs? I'm sick of thrash metal songs for fuck's sake There is a reason I wanted something different Something that gets my Aryan blood pumping again My leader, it seems you forgot Arabs are semites too I DON'T GIVE A SHIT, PINK NUGGA. I WANT THAT SHIT THAT MAKES ME GO BREPPPP My leader, you knew about the Lebanese work ethic Look you little shit, I love their cuisine so don't let me make hummus outta you WHAT IS TAKING IT SO LONG? At first it was Najib's verse... Until that son of a bitch Bill unleashed the infamous meme war against him Went straight for the jugular and got the verse like he ought to Then there was the problem with Anas and the mixing/mastering Until none other than that very son of a bitch Bill resorted to the meme attacks and BAM! I'll be damned not to admit that that brown boy is one resilient motherfucker Hell if I had one group of soldiers like him, Stalingrad would have been flattened IN NO FUCKIN TIME Then there was the English part You had Bsat aka M-Thrax All like: I got this!!!! Will be ready tomorrow! Ready my ass!! HAMSHAREETS GONNA MOVE FROM REVERBNATION TO SOUNDCLOUD AND IM STILL WAITING BI IKHTISAR 2... Glad that John, Lucien and Khaled are enjoying the memes Even Doubleu thinks this is a joke I can't take this bullshit anymore ra7 a3mil min akbar rass, akbar rass argileh don't take it personal, he's just quoting an Edd lyric When I was younger, I applied to the academy of fine arts I loved art I was so sure that it was my calling in life But I got rejected... It hit me like a bolt of lightning... But it pales in comparison to what Joe is putting me through with this Mr. I Lost My Work Ethic Alongside My Weight Now I understand Zaki...

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Posted by: billamaliyeh on Jun 21, 2015

Hitler Reacts to Bi Ikhtisar 2

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