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Ascension Workshop 2010.07.25 Atlanta (P1-Lecture) by Eric Hamel

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So we are a big group today. About 70 people, maybe a little bit more. Looks like we are less crowded than we thought. So next time we will ask for a hundred people! [Laughter] Today, we have a big day. I am going to talk a lot at the beginning. Because for me, to be able to understand with your mind is very important. It enables the mind to shut off, and say "okay, I understand now". So I will talk about a lot of stuff. I will talk about spiritual stuff, but also scientific stuff. And I will put them together because that's where they go. So I will explain many pieces of the puzzle. And I will put the puzzle together. And you will see that it makes so much sense. So, it's possible that at the beginning, that it does not make sense to you. It is normal. So please, just go with the flow. And try, not to stay stuck in one place. And you will see when we put everything together, that it will make a lot more sense. My guides are telling me to start with explaining what happened to me, so that you understand. I usually never start with that. But it's okay, everything is perfect. So who are the guides? They are beings of light that have no physical body. And so they have been teaching me for the past six years. So at the beginning, I had no clue who was teaching me. And it was a bit scary for me. Because I was running my own business in IT, into computers. And I was so not looking for that. I had no clue it was existing. I was not reading books. And so I had no clue it was written in books. I did not know there were courses about that. And so, all that was very new to me. I've always been very scientific. And I needed big proofs. And I received big proofs. And even though I had these big proofs, it was hard for me to believe. So I am not expecting you to believe what I say. And the exercises that we will do together today, is not about believing or not. It is about having the experience. So that's why I will talk a little bit at the beginning. And then we will have the experience. So that you don't have to believe it or not after, because you will know. So you see the difference? So, it started when a lot of things in my life started to shake a lot. It's like if life was shaking me like this, so that I wake me up, and I do my job. So many things happened at the same time. So I will just explain a little bit of what happened because that's not what's important. What's important is to understand what's behind all of that. So while, everything was shaking, my mom broke her ankle at three places. She had two metal blades and nine bolts to hold all of her ankle together. It's been a month and an half since surgery, and I go visit her. And she tells me right when I get in: "My doctor say that if I put a little bit of weight on my foot every day, that one day, I will be able to put all my weight". I said: "It's very logical". And she starts to cry, and she says: "I cannot even put my foot on the ground. Eric, can you do something?". I'm like: "Mom, I'm not a doctor!" I was into computers. And so for me, it was not making sense. And she continued to look at me in the eyes, without saying a word. But I understood what she meant. My mom and I, we do a lot of telepathy. She was thinking of what I was being told when I was a kid. Sometimes, I would go to public places, and these women that I don't know, they would come to us and say: "Hey you! You have gifts. One day, you will do great things!" And so I was looking at my mom like "their crazy!" I had no clue, what they were talking about. And especially, I had no clue how to find out about these gifts. And so, I forgot about that. But then, when my mom asked me that, something came up that was really powerful. And it was like: "What do you lose from trying?". It does not cost anything! And so, I decided to try it with my mom. I put my hands like this around the ankle of my mom without touching her. And for the first time, I felt fire coming out of my hands. And my mom was saying: "I feel like it's pulling up my leg." My mom started to walk pretty quickly on her foot. It was not hurting anymore, which was weird. But at the same time, my ego was like: "It's been a month and an half since surgery. She could have healed any day now!" And so for the next months, I have these doubts in my mind. And every time, I would meet someone who would tell me about their physical pain, even before saying hi to me, I would think it was the universe sending me a test. And so, I would try it, and see what happens. But when the people would heal the next day, they would not call me back to let me know, because they were freaked out. They were so not believing it, that it could not be that. Like me, with my mom. So for seven months, I did lots of tests, without knowing what happened. And, one day, I received confirmations of all the things that happened the past seven months. And so, I call my mom, and I say: "Mom, you won't believe everything that's happening to me". And I started to say on the phone, every experiences that I had, every confirmations. And for one hour on the phone, only me was talking. My mom did not say a word So I was not expecting my mom to say or add anything. So when I was done, my mom said: "I believe you. I am not surprised at all. I am coming back from the hospital. We did x-rays. The doctor is so amazed. We don't see where it broke anymore". So it was another confirmation on top of all the other ones, I had the same day. Which was so not normal, because I had no confirmation before. All at the same time! So at the beginning, it was hard for me to understand what was happening. I did not know how all these pieces of the puzzle, were going together. I received teachings telepathically. I was doing my dishes and suddenly "bing!" it's like a light bulb that comes up in your mind. It's like if someone downloaded me a book in my head. And I understood everything in one shot, which was pretty intense. At the beginning I was like: "That is something I did not know before. In a fraction of second, I know all this. It must be coming from somewhere else, then me." But I had no clue who was teaching me. Because these beings have no ego. And so they are not like "ah ha! I am going to teach you now!", no! No, they have no ego. And for them, it's not the messenger that is important, it is the message. Enough talk about me now. Do you believe that you are the physical body? A lot of people can think that! It is pretty easy to believe that. But if I ask: "Do you believe that you have a Soul?" Yes, yes, yes, ... That is pretty easy to answer! If you believe that you are the Soul, are you the Soul or the physical body? The Soul... We have a pretty big proof of that. We have it right in our face. And it's just that we haven't looked at it. For sure, we are not the physical body, because when the physical body dies, we leave it here. If we would be the physical body, or if it would belong to us, we would keep it. The physical body is tangible. It means that you can touch it. Is the Soul tangible? No. It is intangible. So, if it is intangible, could it be energy? Yes, because energy has the property that you cannot touch it. So, if we are the Soul, it means that we come from another world, not this world. And the world we are coming from is an energetic world. Make sense? So it means that where we come from, we are energy within energy. Can we separate energy? No. We cannot separate energy. So, it is obvious to us, that we are ONE with God, where we come from. If I go too fast, you let me know. It also means that, we as one being from where we come from, we created this world, the physical world, for our learning. We created the physical world, from the energetic world where we come from, with energy. So what does that mean? It means that the physical world is energy. Can it be something else than energy? No, it's been made with energy. When you make a furniture that is in wood, can it be metal when you are finished with it? No, it will be wood. And we are starting to discover that with science, quantum physics. They are discovering that matter as we know it, is far from being solid as we believe it, it is energy. Maybe you have heard this before, that we have been created to the image of God. Maybe, you have not understood what it means really. Are we talking about the physical image? No! Of course not because that's not what we are! So what are we talking about? The energetic image. So for me, we are a consciousness. And a consciousness, for me, it is a big ball of energy. So, if we have been created to the image of God, it means that God is also a consciousness. A big ball of energy. If God is a creator, it means that we are creators too. And if the Creator is a God, a divine being, it means that we are divine beings too Not a human being as we believe it. You follow me? So, if you believe that you are a limited human being, in all of your power of God, what will you be? Very limited. So a counsciouness is a big ball of energy. It is a creator. So what does a creator need in order to create? A source of energy. If a creator has no source of energy, how can he create? Inside that big ball of energy, in the middle, he has that source of energy. That we can call vital energy. It is the energy that gives life. That makes things exist. When a creator create something, he makes that thing exist. You have probably heard that this source of energy is infinite. Would it be possible that this source of energy would be finite instead? I am asking hard questions! No, it's not possible that the source of energy would be finite. Because, it would mean that at some point, there would be no more energy to create. So it would mean that a creator would not be able to create anymore. So he would not be a creator anymore. Which goes totally to the opposite of what he is, which makes no sense. And you will understand later, when I will explain more about that source of energy, how come it is infinite. So God, created us to his own image, right? Yes. He created us, using his infinite source of energy. That infinite source of energy is called Love. Love is not what we think it is. It is not just Love between two persons. Love is the energy of life. It is what makes things live. So God created us to his own image. He used Love to create us. Because he is our creator and we are his creatures, he has the responsibility to keep us alive by sending us always his Love. That means, that we have never missed Love because we would be dead, where we come from. I'm not talking about here now. So how do you know what Love is, if you have never missed any? To be able to compare, you need two points. You have always experienced Love. You have never missed Love because you would be dead. So you cannot experience it. So how can you know what his Love for real? You can't. To be able to learn something, we need to remember it. So if we die, it's like if we take our learning and we put it to the trash. It would be no good. So what is the solution? It is to come here, and borrow a physical body. That will live the lack of Love for us. And that will transmit to us all of its experiences, like if we did it for real, but it's not! So you are starting to see the illusions that you have been hearing about? There are lots of illusions. And we are going to talk about that today. There are many conditions that needs to be put in place, so that we can experience the lack of Love, so we can learn what is Love. First condition. I said that where we come from, it is obvious to us that we are one with God, because we are energy within energy, we can not separate energy. So if we stay in that state, we will feel that God is always sending us his Love. Will we be able to live the lack of Love? No! So what did we need to create in order for us to live the lack of Love? We needed to create separation! That's why we feel like we are not connected to God! That's why we feel like he is not there! But it's an illusion! So how did we create separation? We needed to create a void, to create space, in order to create objects that could not get inside one another. Separated from one another. Because where we come from, in the spiritual world, we can go one inside the other very easily. There is no separation. But here, we needed to create matter. Three dimensional matter, in order to create objects that were separated and could not get inside one another. So you see that matter, has not been created by chance! Far from it! What else, did we need to create in order for us to live the lack of Love? I would ask the people who are taking notes, please stop. Because when you take notes, you are in your masculine energy. And you are not in the feminine energy receiving it. And that's why we record it, so you don't need to take notes. There is much more you receive than what I say. There is a lot of work being done in your energy field. There are things that you will receive in other ways. Some people here, receive what I am going to say before I say it. Yes we all do telepathy. It is a matter to learn how to listen. And so if you are writing, you are not listening. If we stay in that state where we come from, like Divine Beings, are we able to live the lack of Love? No. Why? Because Divine Beings have no flaws. They have only qualities, right? So what did we create to give us flaws? The ego! We needed the ego in order to have flaws. So that we can experience the lack of Love. So you see that it was another necessity, another necessary condition for us to be able to live the lack of Love. If we would have only the ego, that brings us into the lack of Love direction, would we be able to go back to Love after? No. Because there is another condition. It is that you must not remember who you were and what you did before, when you come here. Because if you did, you would know it's not true. That it is only one experience more, that is being added to all the experiences that you had before. So you would not be able to live the lack of Love for real. And so, you would not be able to learn what is Love. So because of that, because you must not remember who you were and what you did before, you do not remember the choices you made before coming here. And so, if we would have only the ego that would bring us into the lack of Love, we would have no chance of going back to Love. So, we needed to create something else to help us go in the Love direction. And what is it? Intuitions! What are intuitions? Sometimes we say: "I have good intuitions!" Is it coming from you? No! What are intuitions? Intuitions, it is a communication channel. So of course, it does not come from you, what you hear from that channel. We need to be guided. We come here blinded. We do not remember anything from before. We need guidance! We need to be guided to be able to go back to Love! Isn't it obvious? Yes! What else do we need? We need motivational tools. We come here to learn. So what is the first motivational tool? It is the carrot. I like to call it like that because we run after the carrot and when we are able to grab one, we eat it and it makes us feels good. And it motivates us to run after more carrots. [Laughter] But if there would be only carrots, would we be able to live the lack of Love? No. Yes! What else do we need? We need another motivational tool that, this time, it hurts. Yeah! Sometimes we are lazy. We stop running after the carrots. And so, sometimes we need the stick. [Laughter] So that we finally listen, and learn! So you see why it's important to listen? Because listening to ourselves, is the first step to Love yourself. No wonder I ask you to don't take notes. There might be other conditions, but for now they are asking me to talk about something else. So they want me to talk about that energy of life. What is that energy of life. So, Love is an electromagnetic energy. It is the union of two energies. The masculine energy which is electric. And, the feminine energy which is magnetic Isn't it obvious, that the union of a male and a female, make Love together, create babies, create life, the energy of life. The masculine energy which is electric, it enables us to talk, to give, to transmit And the feminine energy which is magnetic, enables us to receive, to listen. And sexually, it is the male who give and the female who receive. There are many coincidences like that. But there is no such thing as coincidence. Like there is no such thing as accidents. Because here, in the physical dimension, for something to manifest, it has to exist in the energy first. You have no choice. So there is no such thing as accidents. So why do you take insurance? [Laughter] So today, it is possible, that you will feel going through your body, electric energy and magnetic energy. The electric energy does like tingles, shivers, electric shocks, or sometimes muscle jolts. Its possible that your body shakes by itself and you have no control. And the feminine energy, which is magnetic, it does like waves. It is possible that you feel like warm, or cold, or sometimes both at the same times. Which is weird, but it is possible. And it can also bring you into other states of consciousness. Because that's how the brain works, with different waves, like alpha, beta, delta waves. How come it is so important that we learn what is Love? Because we are creators, and the energy that we use to create is Love! So you see why it is so important that we learn what is Love? So the guides say, now is the time to explain how come the source of energy is infinite, and how it is working. You've probably seen, the yin and yang symbol. That symbol explains how the source of energy is working. So you have a white part, which is the yin part, which is the masculine part, which is white. And you have a black part, which is the yang part. And, it is the feminine energy. I said that the masculine energy is electric, light. Does it make sense that it is the white part? And inside the white part, you have a little black dot, which is the little yang. And inside the black part, there is a little white dot, which is the little yin. What does it show? It shows that the masculine and the feminine work together. They are interlaced. They work together. That with a little bit of magnetic, we can create a lot of electricity. That technology exists already. And we use that with hydro-electricity. They are turbines. A little bit of magnetic and it produces a lot of electricity. And the big black part with the little white dot, it is that with a little bit of electricity, we can make a lot of magnetic. And that technology, exists too: electro-magnets. They can lift a car with that. So the complete sign which is round, it shows that it is always spinning. It shows that with a little bit of electricity, we can make a lot of magnetic. And with a little bit of magnetic, we can make a lot of electricity. And you see that it is infinite. There is no loss. It is the opposite, it is making more. Isn't it obvious? That technology exists since a long time, but our government does not want us to have it. Because it would free us from them. The human body works with these two energies. To be able to contract or flex a muscle, you need electric. And when you have a thought, there is light coming up in the synapse of your brain. Which is also electric. And there is also magnetic. Every time your heart beat, it produces magnetic. And how did the heart beat, in the first place? Do you know that? It is the Soul who sends an electric signal. It is the Soul who makes your heart beat. So don't be afraid that your heart will stop. It is your Soul controlling it. And so that's why, as soon as the Soul is detached from the human body, that the heart stop. The heart cannot restart if the Soul does not come back. Can I ask a question? Go ahead! Being a mom and having kids, and usually the heart beat starts in 6 weeks. Is that when the Soul enters into our ??? the baby starts? It is a good question. And it is related to what I am saying now. Usually I ask people to wait until the end for questions. Because we will do a questions session. But this, I must take now. The question is about when does the Soul enters the body. Because she is saying that at six weeks, the heart starts to pump in the little baby. The Soul spins around the parents, a long time before conception. So you see, that it is planned a long time in advanced. It is not by chance, first of all. Second of all, the Soul is attached to the baby, as soon as there is conception. Only one spermatozoid can enter the uvula. How does the uvula blocks the other spermatozoid from coming in? It is again the Soul, who sends an electric discharged of 10,000 volts, and cook instantly the uvula. It is apparently, one of the greatest orgasm for the Soul. And so it is attached there. And it is only when the mom give birth, that the experience of separation starts. And it makes sense too, because that's when that we cut, that we separate the baby from the mom. It is the first experience that we live, when we arrive here. And it takes some time, before the veil is completely installed. And so when we are young, we can still have some remembrance of the past. You've probably heard about yogis that sustain their lives with only water or sometime nothing at all, for many years, in India and Asia. We don't hear much about that here in America. It is like if they don't want us to know that, I don't know. ??? Watches the sun and stuff like that. Yeah, Sun gazing! Yeah, it's important that I talk about that. Maybe you have read it also in the emails. I have been experiencing with that since January. I went to Mexico, and I had the chance to live some very powerful experience with that. And so, yes, there exist many different techniques, to do the same thing. But I just want to explain you how it works, so you can understand that it all fits together, with what I am telling you today. What is it that we feed from when we eat physical food? We believe that it is the physical characteristics of the food. That is not what we eat first. What we absorb first is the energy. We are energy, so that's what we use to live. And so the food that we eat today, does it have a lot of vital energy in it? No! If you take the sun, the sun is a big ball of light. It is sending its light to all the planets that spin around. What kind of energy is the sun? Masculine, electric. Yeah, because it is giving, and it is light, and so it is masculine. What kind of energy is the earth? Feminine, because it receives the energy of the sun, it receives us on her skin, and it also has a magnetic field, right? So, how come there is life on earth? Because, the marriage of the electric with the magnetic, it creates life. So the fruits of the earth that you eat, it is mostly for the vital energy that has with the food, the electric and magnetic. But if you cook the food, you lose a lot of it. And if you microwave the food, in 4 seconds you lose it all. What is the highest temperature you can heat anything before you lose energy from it. You should never cook. Is it okay to put things in a blender? Yeah. But it's much better to eat the food, raw, as it is. It is much simpler too. You don't need to do recipes. Do animals take the time to make recipes? [Laughter] Do they cook their food? No! Do animals need to work to have money? No! Do animals need to pay for a land? No! Do animals need to pay for their food? No! The birds when they wake up in the morning what is the first thing that they do? Sing! Do they wonder if they will have food during the day? No! How come we do? Because we created a world that is not Love for ourselves. We have blocked ourselves from the abundance, that is already here. I will give you one example. Just think about all the trees that we have planted in all the cities. We could have not planted trees that would give us nuts and fruits? No! People must not eat for free! Is it possible to create a different world? YES! I believe that we don't need money. We are Divine Beings. Did we come here to work as slaves? No! Is that Love for us? No! Did we need to go through that experience to live the lack of Love? Yes! So thank you for that experience! And now, we don't need that anymore. That is why, I don't work for money anymore. I came here for my own evolution first. I came here to give my Soul, what my Soul wanted to learn. And so what I do now, I do it for my own evolution. And it's not egoist. Because, if I don't do it, no one else can do it for me. And it's a lack of Love towards myself if I don't do it. That's why I don't charge, because it makes no sense that I charge people, to give myself the experience I want. But not only that. It goes also because, my work is to teach people unconditional Love. So I need to live in unconditional Love. And if I would say, I will give you a lecture to the condition that you give me that much money, will it be unconditional? No! And it is not going to be as powerful. And I know it, because I live it, and I experience it. I go around the world to teach people about what I have learned. And it is working! Let's go more into explaining how we live the lack of Love, so that you can stop living it. Stop creating that in your life. And it is very important to understand what I am going to say now. Every time, that we do not accept something in our life, we create emotional wounds. Most people here, know maybe already about that. Because you've been doing some work on yourselves. Because you are interested in that spiritual world. And so, maybe, you've been hearing about that. But most people, they are afraid of their sensitiveness, their sensitivity. They try to protect their sensitivity, because they are afraid that other people would hurt them. Sometimes we believe that we hurt ourselves because we are too sensitive. The more we are sensitive, the more we get hurt. This is totally false. It has nothing to do with sensitivity. Sensitivity, is a great quality of Love, that we learn to develop, by learning to listen to ourselves. The more we listen to ourselves, the more we become sensitive. The more we become sensitive, the more we are able to feel and sense things inside of us, but also through others. So we must not be afraid of it. And we must not try to block that, because it is a great tool! A great great tool. And that's not why we get hurt. Let me continue to explain. The second thing that is totally wrong with what I said earlier, is believing that others can hurt us. That is totally false. And I will give you a good example. If someone is screaming at you, and you start to laugh, and you feel good inside, will you hurt yourself? No! In what case do we hurt ourselves? If we do not accept that the other person is screaming at us. Some people will say, okay but if someone do something physically to you, like you get abused or something? It is the same thing. Are we the physical body? No. If someone rip your arm off, did he hurt yourself? No. He hurted the vehicle that you are in right now. You are not the physical body. We are intangible. Is it possible to hurt you? No! I know, it can be difficult to accept what I'm saying right now, to some people, and I totally agree. It takes time. But it is always linked with acceptation. If you do not accept what's happening, that's when you will create emotional wounds. How come it is so important for us to learn how to accept? Because we are the creators of our lives with our thoughts. Does it makes sense not to accept what we created? No! That's why we get stuck with it, until we finally accept it. Just think about all the things that you did not accept in this lifetime. Sometimes it is totally ridiculous, the phone is ringing, you scream at the phone, because you don't want the phone to ring. [Laughter] You are not accepting the phone to ring! And so, you are creating emotional wounds, as stupid as that. Okay, so let's make that ball bigger! [Laughter] And so, add to that, all the things that you did not accept in your past lives. What is reincarnation? It is used only for one thing. If we come here to learn, isn't it better if we can come here as many times as we need to learn? It serves only that purpose. If you don't believe in re-incarnation, that's not a problem, because in fact, it's like one big life, because we never die. And so, it will enable you to understand why a baby that is born, have its own personality, its own talents, its own qualities, and its own flaws. Where did that come from? It's not the education of the parents. Because, we are starting to realize, especially with the new kids, that you cannot do anything. You cannot make them choose what you want. They choose what they want. And why is that? It is only because the news kids that are coming, they are very old souls. They are coming here to help us. And so, their energy field is old. And all these experiences that they had before, is so well anchored in them, that you cannot change them anything. You cannot make them change their beliefs, it's impossible. It was even hard for me. The ego is based on what? The ego is like a software. Remember I was into computers. So the ego is like a software. It means that we all have the same ego. How come we have different personalities? Let's get to that. The ego is a software. It needs a computer to run. The brain is a very good computer. A software, never runs by itself. It needs data. And what is so bad in your past that happened, that makes the ego react always the same way? Your emotional wounds! Even if you don't remember them, they are there in your energy. And that's what the ego use, to react always the same way. How can we make that stop? By liberating our emotional wounds. And that's what we will do today. That's what I will teach you how. So it means that the personality that you think you have, the flaws that you think that you have, that you will have all your life, it's not true. My personality has changed a lot in the past 6 years, because I liberated all my wounds. It took me six months to do it all. And so, if I did it, you can too. One of the greatest lessons that we come here to learn as a creator, it is to be responsible for what we create. And so, if you say "I do not accept this in my life", are you taking your responsibility? No! That's another lack of Love towards yourself. And if, we come here to learn, it's like if you say to life: "I don't want to learn this". Another lack of Love. Because we are creators, and the energy that we use to create is Love, and Love is the energy of life, everything that you create is alive! Including your emotional wounds. And I like to say that they are like little monsters. They are like little monsters because you created them in a state where you were not happy. You were not at peace. And so, can they be at peace? No! And because they are your creatures, and you are the creator, you have the responsibility to take care of them. And so, you did not want to accept what happened in your life. You did not want to live this. You did not want to be conscious of this. And so what happens? All that energy goes into the unconscious. And from times to times, these emotional wounds, these little monsters, they come back from the unconscious, so you can become conscious of them. Because if they stay in the unconscious, can you liberate them? No! You have to be conscious of them to be able to liberate them. And so, from times to times, they come back into the conscious, so that you take care of them. They make you feel their presence, and so that's why sometimes you feel bad. And you don't know why. Because you believe it is you who feels bad. But it's not you. Does a Divine Being feel bad? No! So who's feeling bad? You should ask yourself that question. It is your emotional wounds, your little monsters. And so, if you escape, by turning on the radio, by putting on the TV, by going on the internet, by working like crazy, by doing anything else than listening, you are trying to escape taking care of your monsters. And so, what happens with them? By ignoring them for so long, they finish to go back into the unconscious. Are you liberated? No! You are still stuck with them. And they will finally come up at some point or another. So there are many ways that these emotional wounds will manifest so you take care of them. And the first way is when we are in silence. That's why it is hard for certain people to stay in silence. Because these wounds are coming up, so you take care of them. Second manifestation, it is at night, through dreams. Not all the dreams but a lot of dreams, it is our unconscious talking to us with symbols. And so, what is in the unconscious? Our emotional wounds. Not only that, but a lot of it. So we wake up at night. Our heart is beating like crazy. We cannot go back to sleep for a long time. Until we ignored our wound for so long, that it finally goes back to the unconscious, and then we can go back to sleep! But if you would take care of them right away, you would be able to go back to sleep right away. And I did it many times. And it is working very well. Some nights, I was able to liberate 10 wounds. So I would wake up, feel bad, realize that they are wounds, liberate them, go back to sleep right away. And then, wake up a little bit later, same thing ten times. And wake up the next day, totally fresh, like if I slept my whole night. Third manifestation, through others. Sometimes, others are coming to us, telling us what's happening in their lives. And we are like this: "oh no! I can't believe what is happening to you"! We all do that. Do you see that there is something that does not make sense in what I just said? It is hard to see if we all do that! We are not accepting what's happening to them. It's not even happening to us! And we are not helping them accept what happens in their lives. How come we feel so bad? Because the wounds that they are creating right now, vibrate at a specific frequency, and it enters into resonance with wounds that we have. So that's why we feel so bad, and sometimes worse than them. How did you know that you were feeling worse than them? Telepathy! And so by taking the time, to liberate your wounds right away, you will feel much better right away. So if you listen to your wounds when you are in silence, it does not hurt too much, that's the carrot. If you listen to your wounds at night, it does not hurt too much neither it is dreams, that's the carrot. If you listen to your wounds through others, that is also the carrot, because it's not you living it for real, it's them. Then it has no choice, but to manifest in the physical body, and then it hurts, the stick: diseases, sicknesses and accidents. How come accidents? Because the body was not able to hurt himself enough, by himself, that he needed external help. To give you the proper message that you needed to have. The more it hurts, the bigger the lack of Love. So the more Love you need to give to yourself to fix the problem. I think you are ready to go further. [Laughter] Because it does not stop here! [Laughter] Are your eyes big enough now? [Laughter] When we are born, the baby needs help. So who's taking care of the baby? The parents. It's normal, it's them who brought the baby into this life. And so they need to take care of the baby. So, what exactly do they need to take care of? The needs of the physical body. Because the physical body is not able to take care of his needs by himself. What is the first need, the most important need of the physical body? To breathe! So please take three big breathes. Do you see, how much better do you feel already? How come? Because the physical body was so stressed to die. Because you stopped breathing! It was not you that was stressed. It was the physical body, trying to make you feel something. That's how he talks to us. So when you feel stressed during the day, it is because you don't breathe enough. How come breathing is so important? And how come breathing the most important need? It is because, what's happening in the physical dimension, is always a reaction, to what's happening in the energy first. Meaning that there is nothing happens in the physical, if nothing happens in the energy first. It is always a reaction. And so it means that when we breathe in the physical plane, there is something else going on in the energy. We are pumping vital energy. We are bringing the vital energy down to the physical body. Do you see why it is important to breathe? We have access to an infinite source of energy. What are we waiting for? We have to give it to ourselves. It is our responsibility. No one else can do it for us. So if you don't do it, it is a big lack of Love towards yourself. It is like if you drive your car, and you always wait that you lack gas completely before putting more. Or, you don't have gas anymore, so you get out with your baseball bat, and you hit the lights of your car and you say: "come on, go forward!" You are not giving the proper energy that your car needs to go forward. Third thing, why it is so important to breathe? When you inhale, and exhale, it takes some time! It is the time that the brain takes to scan all the frequencies, from the highest to the lowest and from the lowest to the highest, to see what's wrong in the physical body. And so, if you don't breathe properly, the brain cannot know what's wrong in the physical body. How can it fix it? Very, very, very, important! (dring!) I think it is very important! [Laughter] Second need. What is the second need? To drink water! How come it is so important to drink water? Water is the element that transports energy. It brings new energy in. And it liberates used energy. That's why it is so important. And that's why the human body is made up of that much water, to transport the energy everywhere. For more information about that, I invite you to go on my website. Because I explain a lot more about all these things. And today, I am a bit limited in time. There is something very important that I must say before. Charge your water. Whatever water you drink, bless your water before. Why? Because the electric energy will put light into your water. Which is called biophotons. Very small units of lights that you can see using a somatoscope. Which is a microscope that grows 30,000 times. And if you look at these small units of light, you will see that they have hexagonal shapes and they open up like a flower. And the magnetic will arrange the water in hexagonal shape. And why is it so important that it is in that shape? Because it cannot enter the cells. It's like Lego, or games that we play with the kids with different shapes that does not fit together. For the water to be able to get inside de cells and clean it up, so it does not age, it needs to be structured. Food, same thing. Bless your food before you eat it. That way you will make sure it is full of energy. That it is structured, and it has all the light that you need. To go to the bathroom. If you need to pee, is your body able to get up and pee by itself? No! But if you don't listen to it, it might go in your pants! [Laughter] So you see, that the physical body, is like a puppet, a living puppet. And it cannot move, if you don't think about it before, or if you order it to move. So you see, that everything that you create in this life, all the actions come from a thought before. It has to. And what is a thought? We believe that when we have a thought, it comes and goes and that's it. No! Every time you think of the same thought, you are putting energy into that same thing. Which grows and take shape. And we call that a thought form. Exercises. How come it is important to do exercises? Anyone knows? More air, oxygen? Yeah of course, that helps. But that's not the main reason. ??? It's also good for that. But that's not the main reason. ??? It is because, here in the physical dimension, for the elements to be healthy, they need to be in motion, they need to circulate. For example: for water to be alive, or to stay alive, it needs to circulate. If you have water in a small hole, and it stays there, it dies. Same thing with the air. If the air is closed in that room and cannot circulate, after a while it would die. Same thing with the blood. If the blood stops circulating, the physical body dies. There is one thing in the human body, that cannot circulate if you don't do exercises, and what is it? The lymph. It is your immune system. All the viruses, bacterias, fungus, parasites, where do they come from? Outside your body? No! So stop fearing catching something from outside. That's not how it works. They all come from inside. It is the brain who orders the multiplication of these. And what are they used for? They are there to decompose the body, when it's time to go back to earth. They live in an environment where there is no oxygen. Makes sense when you are dead, you don't breathe anymore. And they live in an acidic environment. Acidic environment that has no oxygen. How come people are sick? Because they have an acidic terrain with lack of oxygen. People don't breathe enough. People don't exercise enough. And these bacterias and stuff, are there to decompose the body, but it's not time right now! And sleep. All these needs, can someone else do it for you? No! So if you don't do it, it's a big big lack of Love towards yourself. And remember what I just said. I said that the energy must flow, in order to be healthy. It is the same with vital energy, with Love. If Love does not flow, what happens? We get sick. What could stop Love from flowing? Lack of Love towards ourselves! It is never a lack of Love from others. Never! It is us with ourselves alone. We are here, for our own evolution alone, first. Yes we can help others, but we have to start to help ourselves first. There is one need that is missing. Our parents, did not know about it, and could not teach us that. What is it? The need for attention. If I say that a child as lacked attention when he was young, what did he lack? Touch? LOVE! Attention is Love. So when the physical body hurts, let's say your knee hurts, what does it do? Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! [Laughter] The physical body is trying to catch your attention! That's what I am talking about: The need for attention. How do we give attention to a baby that is crying? We take him in our hands. We take him in our arms. We talk to the baby. We are there for the baby, like if there is nothing else around. All of our attention goes towards the baby. All of our Love is going towards the baby. That is exactly what we need to learn to do, with our own physical body. Put your hands and breathe, to pump the energy. And to send vital energy to that place, which lack vital energy, which lack Love. So you see, that the physical body, that's exactly how it works. It works with vital energy. It works with Love. And it is very simple to do. And that's what I am going to show you later, this afternoon. I said at the beginning that we are creators. And so, it is important that I explain how a creator creates in his life. So you can understand how you are doing it. So you can master it. And decide to create something else maybe. If you don't like the life that you are living right now. So there are two ways, a creator creates in his life. The first way is "unconsciously". And the second way is "consciously". So let's start with unconsciously. I said, we are creators. I used the verb to be. So it means that you have nothing to do to create. You are always creating your life, without knowing, without being conscious of it, unconsciously. And how does it work? We are a big ball of energy. Everything that a creator creates, his thoughts, his emotions, his emotional wounds, everything is inside him. Not outside, inside him. So you wear, inside of your big ball of energy, all the energies that you created so far. And so, just by being, you are always sending these vibrations into the universe. What is the universe sending you back? The same vibrations. It is to show you what you create. We come here to learn how to create. So it is very important that we see what we create. How can we create differently? Two things: First, we need to liberate the energies that we don't want them to come back all the time. The patterns that we repeat all the times in our lives, they come from these energies that we have inside. We must liberate them, so we stop sending that signal. So that signal stops coming back to us. Make sense? Second, can we create something that we do not hold inside of us? No! Because you are not sending it in the universe, and the universe cannot send it back to you. So what is the solution? It is to learn to ask. To receive these energies so that you hold them inside of you. And we will do exercises with that later, I will show you how to do that. It is very simple. It is just a matter of understanding the masculine energy and the feminine energy. So that you know how to use them properly. That is for unconsciously. Consciously now. It is a bit weird to say consciously, because most people are not even conscious that they create consciously. [Laughter] But it is very simple. Just think about where you put your attention in your life, that is exactly what you create. I will give you examples. The more you put attention to school, to your studies, the better grades you have normally. Of course, because you make your studies alive. The more you put attention and Love at work, the more you have success. Yes, because you make your work alive. The more someone puts attention, let's say he is an artist, and he paints, we can feel it when we look at the painting. We can feel the amount of Love that the person has put in his work. It is the same thing with furniture. We can say that this chair, hasn't been done with much Love. But this one with more Love and it will last longer. Yes, more vital energy. Let's talk now about the 5 steps to Love yourself. And after that, I am giving you a break. [Laughter] Like I said at the beginning, or I don't remember exactly where, the first step to Love yourself is to listen to yourself. You cannot do the other steps, if you don't start with this one. If you work all day and you say to yourself: "I will listen to myself when I am done work or when I will retire", [Laughter] that is a condition. Is that unconditional Love for you? No. Learning to listen to yourself is the biggest step of the five. It is the most difficult. And it is the one that takes the most time. It enables you to know what are the needs of the physical body. It enables you to know what your Soul wants you to accomplish in this lifetime. If you never take the time to listen to your Soul, how can you know what the Soul wants you to accomplish. How can you accomplish it? It enables you to discover, that there are many different energies inside of you, talking to you, but it's not you. You are not the ego. You are not the intuitions. You are not the physical body. You are not your emotional wounds. So when all these different energies talk inside of you, how come it is always the same voice? That is another condition, that needed to be put in place, so that you can live the lack of Love. Because you need to believe that you are all of this. But you are not. You are the consciousness that experience all of this. And so, by learning to listen to yourself, you will learn discernment. Discernment it is to be able to make the difference between who's talking. And depending on who's talking, you will be able to make a better decision. It will enable you to develop telepathy. Not that you are not doing it already. You are doing it. It's just that you do not realize it, when you do it. Because it is always the same voice that you hear inside. And so, by learning to listen to yourself, you will develop telepathy. Isn't it obvious that if you do not listen to yourself, you cannot develop telepathy? Yes! And many more. Second step. The second step, it is to give to yourself first. Oh my god! We have been told to never listen to ourselves. And to never give to ourselves first, to give to everyone else first. It is like when you ride the plane and they tell you to put the mask on before you put the mask on someone else. Because if you die before, you won't be able to help the other person. So it is the same thing. You have to start with yourself first. And so, to give to yourself what? First, the needs of the physical body, because you are responsible for it. Second, what your Soul wants you to accomplish. If you don't do it, no one else can. And you are here for your own evolution first. Am I talking about the ego here? No! The ego brings you in the opposite sense, to the lack of Love. Are you tired of that? That's one thing, when you learn to listen to yourself, oh it is the ego talking, and he does not talk for nothing. It is because there are wounds attached to that. So if you liberate your wounds, you liberate yourself from the ego. To forgive yourself, is part of to give to yourself. But you cannot give to yourself if you don't know what. So you have no choice, you have to start by listening to yourself. After you have given to yourself, everything that you could, what's left? What you cannot give to yourself. For examples: a house, unless you are able to construct one, a car, a job, a person in your life, a parking space if you are driving downtown. [Laughter] So what do we do with these things? We need to ask. If we never ask anything it's like if say to life: "My value is not big enough to ask for what I need to accomplish my life's mission". So you see the lack of Love? If we are all Divine Beings, isn't it obvious that you can ask anything that we need to accomplish our life's mission? Yes! It is also the same step that we will use to receive the energies that we need, to create new things in our life. Different things, things that we haven't been able to create so far. After we have asked, what is the next step? To receive! If someone wants to give us something or a compliment, and we are like: "oh no, it's too much, you should have not", are we able to receive? No! If we are all Divine Beings, are others allowed to give us anything they want? Yes! Should we accept everything too? Yes! It does not make sense to say no! What is the fifth step? Abundance! What is abundance? It's not to be rich! That's not what it means. To be rich, it is to try to have everything for ourselves. And we keep it for ourselves like this. Abundance, it is to receive, everything that you have asked, that you needed, at all levels. It means that you never miss anything, all your needs are always filled, like the animals. But, you cannot have abundance if you cannot receive. You cannot receive if you don't ask. You cannot ask if you don't give to yourself first. And you cannot give to yourself first if you don't listen to yourself. Listening to ourselves, enables us to work on our feminine energy, magnetic. Give to yourself, enables us to work on our masculine energy, electric. To ask, is also masculine. To receive is feminine. And abundance is feminine. And why do we need to work on these things? Because we are like a battery. There is a positive pole and a negative pole. The positive pole gives electrons to the negative pole. So the positive pole is masculine. And the negative pole is feminine. Not that the woman are negative! [Laughter] Both poles are important. There is not one that is more important than the other one. But if your masculine energy is very developed, but your feminine energy not so much, then the battery cannot be stronger as the lowest one. So we all need to work on both energies, so we raise them as high as possible, to make our power, because they fuse together, to make our power, as powerful as possible, to be creators. So you are starting to see how these puzzles fit together. There are a few things I did not say, that are important. First, I will finish with the five step to Love yourself. There is one thing very important. It is that abundance, by default, it is un conditional. And so to be able to reach abundance, you need to be able to: listen to yourself unconditionally, to give to yourself unconditionally, to ask unconditionally, and to receive unconditionally. As soon as you block one of these, you are not in abundance anymore. The other thing that I needed to add, it is about the hands. How come we take a baby in our hands, or arms, or how come we use the hands to do the healing? Because the hands, it is the part of the body, where there are the most joints together. And there is a big one here (in the palm). The joints, they are entry and exit of energy. The hands and the arms, they are the extension of the heart. To Love someone, you have no choice but to open your arms. [Laughter] You can feel it. And so that's why, the energy that flows out of the hands, it is Love. And so that's why, sometimes if you go into churches you can see statues of Je sus Christ, standing like this or like this. And he has a big heart here, and light around it. The light is the masculine energy. And hearts and light in his hands. And it is to show that it is Love flowing out of the hands. But they never explained that to us. No, because we would be free today. I think there was also something else also that they wanted me to add. I will just try to remember it. I don't remember for now, but it's okay. It will maybe come back later, in time. We will take a little break before we do the ascension work that we will do to gether. I ask of you not to eat anything please, because it will interfere with the energy work that we will do. Because when we eat, the digestive system needs to work. And it will use too much energy. And you need that energy to heal yourself. So please, bare with us, it's only going to take half hour or 45 minutes for the ascension work that we will do after. And then, you will be super hungry, it will be perfect for the exercise that we will do together. Because I want to give you the experience of feeding yourself differently. So if you are not hungry anymore, it will not work. Question? Can we drink water? Yes you can drink water.

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