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With pad-Innovation Series Freedom from Wires-vo

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In our daily lives today that whole notion of “what is your workspace” has massively changed. So what we wanted to do was make a world without wires. People that go from team room to team room or desk to desk, they don’t ever want to worry about power. “Oh crap, I’m down to 5%. What am I gonna do? I gotta go find a plug.” How can I just make it so that when I take my laptop and set it down, things happen? Having that ability to not have to think about it, that’s what the Wireless Charging Mat allows you to go do. We also have something in our systems called ExpressCharge, which allows you to charge any of our notebooks to 80% of battery capacity within an hour. Now you don’t have to worry about it. You can just go work the way you need to work. When you think of small features that make a big difference, there’s USB-C technology: video content and audio content and USB content running from a single cable. Now I move one step closer to fewer wires. All of us have experienced the issues with dealing with cables in a conference room. And Intel Unite® is a technology that allows a customer to actually connect wirelessly to the screen in the room. And so as I’m working on something, I can save that to my file share on the cloud, move to the conference room that’s connected to the network and work on that same project. Little things like that really affect your productivity. That’s really cool. That’s rewarding. That’s the “it” thing you get for why you go through all the struggle to try to solve those problems.

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Posted by: ralph_jung on Jan 22, 2018

Innovation Series Freedom from Wires-With pad

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