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The Zeitgeist Movement - Super-abridged Orientation Guide

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The Zeitgeist Movement is not a political movement. It does not recognize divisionary notions, such as nations, governments, races, religions, creeds, or class. Rather we see the world as one organism, with the human species as a singular family. Simultaneously we acknowledge that we depend entirely on our environment, Not only in regard to the necessities of life, such as food, air and water, but also for influence and guidance in regard to life's processes. We recognize and understand that aligning ourselves with natural processes is the most progressive and productive disposition we can have. The Zeitgeist movement in fact, is the activist arm of The Venus Project an organization which constitutes the lifelong work of industrial designer and social engineer Jacque Fresco. Simply put, what The Venus Project represents and what the Zeitgeist movement hence condones, could be summarized as the application of the scientific method for social concern. One of the greatest discoveries of humankind which has allowed for tremendous advancement in our abilities on this planet, has been the understanding and application of science. Through the humane application of science and technology to social design and decision making, we have the means to transform our environment into something exceedingly more balanced, organized, humane, productive and most importantly, sustainable. As many are aware at this time, both our societal integrity and ecological integrity are in serious question. The current economic system is falling apart at an accelerating rate with the prospect of worldwide unemployment and destabilization occuring possibly on the largest scale ever seen. Simultaneously, we are cording the point of no return in regard to the destruction of the environment. Given the current state of affairs, many of which will be addressed in the first part of this presentation, the viewer should find that we not only need to move in another direction - we have to. War, poverty, corruption, hunger, misery, human suffering will not change in a monetary system. That is, there'll be very little significant change. It's going to take the redesign of our culture, our values, and it has to be related to the carrying capacity of the earth. Not some human opinion. Or some politician's notions of a way the world ought to be. Or some religious notions of the conduct of human affairs. And that's what the Venus Project is about. The society that we're about to talk about, is a society that is free of all the old superstitions, incarceration, prisons, police, cruelty, and law. All laws will disappear, and the professions will disappear that are no longer valid, such as stock brokers, bankers, advertising - gone forever. Because it's no longer relevant. When we understand that it is technology, devised by human ingenuity, which frees humanity and increases our quality of life. We then realize that the most important focus we can have is on the intelligent management of the earths resources. For it is from these natural resources we gain the materials to continue our path of prosperity. Understanding this, we then see that money fundamentally exists as a barrier to these resources for virtually everything has a financial cost. And why do we need money to obtain these resources? Because of real or assumed scarcity. We don't usually pay for air and tap water, because it is in such high abundance, selling it would be pointless. So then, logically speaking, if resources and technologies, applicable to creating everything in our societies, such as houses, cities and transportation were in high enough abundance, there would be no reason to sell anything. Likewise, if automation and machinery was so technologically advanced, as to relieve human beings of labor, there would be no reason to have a job. And with these social aspects taken care of, there would be no reason to have money at all. So the ultimate question remains: do we on Earth have enough resources and technological understanding to create a society of such abundance, that everything we have now could be available without a price tag and without the need for submission through employment. Yes, we do. We have the resources and the technology to enable this at a minimum, along with the ability raise the standard of living so high, that people in the future will look back at our civilization now and gawk at how primitive and immature our society was. What the Venus Project proposes, is an entirely different system that's updated to present day knowledge. We've never given scientists the problem of how do you design a society which would eliminate boring and monotonous jobs, that would eliminate accidents in transportation, that would enable people to have a high standard of living that would eliminate poisons in our food, give us other sources of energy that are clean and efficient. We can do that out there. A Resource Based Economy utilizes existing resources rather than commerce. All goods and services are available without the use of currency, credit, barter or any other form of debt or servitude. The aim of this new social design is to free humanity from the repetitive, mundane and arbitrary occupational roles, which hold no true relevance to social development while encouraging a new incentive system that is focused on self-fullfilment, education, social awareness and creativity. As opposed to the shallow and self-centered goals of wealth, property and power, which are dominant today. The Venus Project recognizes that the Earth is abundant with resources. and that our outdated methods of rationing resources through monetary control, are no longer relevant. In fact, they are very counter-productive to our survival. The monetary system was created thousands of years ago, during periods of great scarcity. It's initial purpose was as a method of distributing goods and services based on labor contributions. It is not at all related to our true capacity to produce goods and services on this planet. The bottom line is that physical survival and quality of life is based solely on our use, management and preservation of the Earth's resources. Now, with our ever-growing scientific ingenuity, to utilize those resources in the most humane, technologically constructive and strategic ways, the tradition of labor for money, and money for resources, now has no legitimate basis. The major difference between a resource based economy and a monetary system is that a resource based economy is really concerned with people and their well-being. Where a monetary system has become so distorted that the concerns of the people are really secondary, if they're there at all. The products that are turned out are for how much money you can get. If there is a problem in society, and you can't earn money from solving that problem, then it won't be done. A resource based economy is really not close to anything that's been tried. And with all our technology today we can create abundance. It can be used to improve everyone's lifestyle. Abundance all over the world if we use our technology wisely and maintain the environment. It's a very different system, and it's very hard to talk about, because the public is not that well enough informed as to the state of technology. Patriotism, weapons, armies, navies - all that is a sign that we're not civilized yet. Kids will ask their parents: "Didn't you see the necessity of the machines?" "Dad, couldn't you see that war was inevitable when you produce scarcity?" "Isn't it obvious?" Of course, the kid will understand that you were pinheads raised merely to serve the established institutions. We're such an abominable, sick society that we won't make the history books. They just say that large nations took land from smaller nations, used force and violence. You'll get history talked about as corrupt behavior all the way along until the beginning of the civilized world. That's when all the nations work together. World unification, working toward common good for all human beings. And without anyone being subservient to anyone else. Without social stratification, whether it be technical elitism or any other kind of elitism, eradicated from the face of the Earth. The state does nothing, 'cause there is no state. The system I advocate, a resource based global economy, is not perfect. It's just a lot better than what we have. We can never achieve perfection.

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The Zeitgeist Movement - Super-abridged Orientation Guide.
A very brief introduction to the movement.

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