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No, never. I never had any trouble finding work. But I do realise, now that you ask me, that it was a difficult time (especially for young people) to find a job. But I remember very well I have always thought that I would be okay. I do remember that when I started looking for a job, I would be one of the 600 candidates in applying procedures. I was invited after my first letter later my boss told me I had been one of the 250 respondents. So everyone was saying you needed to do a serious degree, otherwise you would never find a job. But not only the lawyers, also the dentist that graduated in that period.. ... 'en masse' started their careers in Germany and Italy. But I never thought it was going to be a problem for me. No, because all of us went to University.. And at the time this still meant it was a lot easier to find a job. So I could start right away. It was still a taboo, I was raised very conservative. It was also the time AIDS became known And this caused homosexuality to become more of a taboo again What I remember from my sorority was that there were many lesbians. It was cool Everyone had a gayfriend, to go out with. which all the other boys hated.. A transition period, where it seemed natural to the younger generations.. and the older generation will have experienced this sexual revolt. the sound you would hear on the radio if a nuclear bomb were to drop. No. No? No. the parties were figuring out where to meet in the conflict. They did practice a lot with those bombs on tropical islands. So it was possible. If some crazy man would have pushed a button. Yes, there were these massive 'stop the bomb' movements, with buttons and bags. I was studying in Amsterdam, which attract a lot of left winged people. So a substantial part of the student population was thinking about it. My sister did it, which I found really weird.. Alternative.. I remember images from 'krakers'.. But during my student time in was in another category. I did think they were treated coarse, but I also thought they were infringing the rights of others. I thought it was fine. I just wasn't so inspired by their ideals. I did think it was interesting that they were so committed to their goal. I didn't have that. I was having fun and graduating. I could understand it. If a place was empty and you didn't have a roof above your head, I understand it.

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Sequence 01

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