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The Cost of War | Bernie Sanders

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Being a warrior is about believing what you are fighting for 成为一名战士,就是相信你所为之抗争的东西 and holding strong to those convictions 而且对其要坚定不移 I felt a sense of duty 我感到有一丝使命感 and I could not in good conscience 而我将良心难安 stay back here in beautiful Hawaii 如果留在美丽的夏威夷 and watch my brothers and sisters in uniform go off into combat 看着我的兄弟姐妹穿着制服进入战场 These are people and 这些人是... friends who we never forget 我们永远无法忘怀的挚友 and who we 以及... strive to honor everyday we are blessed to live and breath 使我们每天以之为荣,因此我们得以生活和呼吸 Bernie Sanders voted against the Iraq war Bernie Sanders曾反对伊拉克战争 He understand the cost of war 他知道战争的代价 and that that cost is continued 而这个代价还会持续 when our Veterans come home 即使我们的战士回到了家中 Bernie Sanders will defend our country Bernie Sanders会保卫我们的国家 and take the trillions of dollars that are spent on these interventionist 还会将花在这些干涉主义 regime-change, unnecessary wars 影响政权,不必要的战争上的万亿美元 and invest it here at home 投资给我们的家园 The American people are not looking to settle for inches 美国人民并不渴望任何暂时的安逸 They’re looking for real change 我们期待真正的变革 What I saw in Bernie was the heart of ‘aloha’ 我从Bernie身上看到的是“爱”的真谛 No matter who you are or where you come from in this country 不论你是谁或者你来自这个国家的哪个地方 that we are all in this together 我们都是团结一心的 My name is Tulsi Gabbard and I support Bernie Sanders to be our next President and Commander-in-chief 我是Tulsi,我支持Bernie成为我们的下一任总统和统帅 我是Bernie Sanders,我同意这条信息

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The Cost of War | Bernie Sanders

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