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David Wilcock - Return to Camelot 6/15

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That's pretty nasty if you are a germophobic person, isn't it? Every person in the world's history has breathed the air that you're brathing. It has gone round and round and round and round... It may be getting cleaned but all the energy is there and you can trace it back and that can be scientifically proven easily. So what about you? Who are you? Who are you really? If the energy field that makes your conciousness is interprenetated with other people's conciousness and we can prove that then who are you? Are you just this ego? Are you just this part of yourself that feels that you are lacking something? Because the body needs things to survive. The body needs sanitation, if you don't shower for a while it's going to start smelling nasty. If you don't go to the bathroom you are going to get sick and you'll eventually die. If you don't eat something you're gonna starve to death, if you don't drink something you're going to dehydrate to death. The body is fragile, it can be cut, it can be having broken bones, you can have hair loss, skin problems everything can go wrong with the body and therefore when the body feels pain you feel pain and it seems that your identity is now in jeopardy. So because the body is so identified with the identity we assume that our identity is the body but we now have a scientific proof that that's not true So your identity ultimately is the earth, the Gaia hypotheses, James lovelock. Your identity ultimately is the sun. That which created all the particles that make you who you are right now. Your identity is the galaxy, your identity is the universe. The energy that makes the universal mind is you i'ts just in a slower holographically fragmented form like that prism I said is rotating and now all these little rainbows are there. That's all there is, that's all you are but that's everything you need to be because that proves that you are the light, you are the love, you are the one infinite creator that's all that you have been and that's all you will be and that's more than enough, because what that means is that you have limitless potential. There is nothing special about me. The only thing that's different is that I'm very dedicated to do what I'm doing, and I getting in touch with that part of myself that has acces to the higher consciousness, and it makes me more and more an embodiment of who I am. The more that you get in touch with the higherself, with your true cosmic identity the more that you become one of the living master geniuses on this planet. If you had any idea of the scope of what you could be if you trully acces your potential, it will flower you. Because every single one of us has the potential to be a messianic figure, to be the savior of the world. We all have that potential and we are doing it to variying degrees as we start awakening. Thank you! In fact I could talk about this all day but we got a lot slides to do. So let's do some slides. The galaxy is pumping out these waves of energy which are now changing the solar system and we are gonna talk about that in very concrete terms, you are going to see the proof for that. You're also gonna see the proof that the fossil record has been undergoing... (Hmm I'm not getting any, Oh ok, nevermind). The fossil record is undergoing 26 million year cycles as well as year 62 million year cycles as you see in this graph here. What's causing that to happen. All life on earth, expontaneously changing in even intervals of time. "Oh, it's got to be some big rock out there, spinning around." 62 million years is not some big rock, that's like a third of the entire orbit of the galaxy basically -It's about a forth-. 'cause the galaxy's about a 240 million year orbit. 62 is about, roughly speaking, it's a quarter. Might exact the quarter, that might be the point. What did the ancients know and why we must we remember now? What do pyramids really do? Pyramids are harnessing the source field. We are going to get into that in a minute. We know and we can prove now that the Atlantian civilization is nothing new these pyramids around the world are not something that was build in conventional history it was built before then. On the western tip of Cuba, as you see in this map here, at this "Guanahacabibes" -I can't even pronounce that- The Guanahacabibes peninsula, right on the tip of that, at the western tip of Cuba you go a mile down (????) but it's a long way down under the surface of the ocean, and down there you find a submerged city as this link says on BBC News. This is the only officially released site scan zonar photograph of what was actually seen down there, Does that look like random pieces of sand on the sea floor? No! This is what it actually looks like if you reconstruct it in a computer. That's the computer graphic rendering of what you just saw right here. Is everybody with me? That's not something that randomly showed up as the result of geological processes That's a human-built structure, this area could not have been above the ground and above sea leve prior to 11 thousand years ago. Paulina Zelitsky is here in a cave in Cuba which used to be the Atlantian highlands looking at inscriptions on the cave wall that are presicely the same as the inscriptions that they saw being painted on the walls of these submerged cities that they send submersible submarine probes into. What you are seeing here is a diagram of the energy fields in the solar system. Which are of course concentric rings emanating out from the center of the sun. They also saw these cross formations painted on scriptions in these submerged cities. Now, here is the only other photograph that she has ever released this is a still frame form a much longer film where she is flying a sumersible through this city. What do you see on of her monitor? Would you like to see it more up close? That's not just a little piece of sand on the bottom of the ocean, that's a pyramid. Would you like to see a pyramid in Egypt that it looks very similar to? There we go. This is called the Bent Pyramid of Dashur on the right. It's almost identical to what you see on the left and that is submerged off the western tip of Cuba. It's down there right now. What are we doing by not going and looking at it? Why do they sell the story in National Geographic and it just so happens that it never make it out in 2003. National Geographic did a 360 degree contract, they bought all the rights! It was supposed to be the biggest thing ever to come out in 2003 and guess what happened... (pff). Nothing. Well, what we have now is evidence that somenbody out there who is responsible for building the seal into the dollar, knew that these pyramids harness some sort of energy field because what you are seeing is purely a energetic non-physical structure going down unto the to the top of the pyramid here. This grants the next question. I've talked about the time field, I've talked about the russians. Is there a technology in which you can build something that will take this natural energy that makes physical matter flowing through everything and harness that energy in a given direction? The answer is yes. You're going to have some fun now, you are going to get to look at somethings that are already well-known to exist. I'm gonna let you just think about them, the first is mehirs which is standing stones. I want you to bear in mind that the height of a human being is only a little bit taller to where the top of the shadow is in this photograph, these are enormous, enormous stones. Do you think that maybe these enormously tall stones were built for a reason? Do you think that maybe these ancient peoples were putting them there because they got something out of it? Is it merely a religious symbol? Or was it put there because it had a technological usefulness? Do they put these headstones over your grave because it's just decorative? Or are they hoping that the headsone is going to have some sort of energetic effect that will keep ypur body preserved and usher you on into the afterlife. Can these stones actually create ripples of energy...

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David Wilcock en la conferencia "Awake and Aware"

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