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17 What if Christianity Never Existed

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Disclaimer: This isn't meant to express any religious dues or comment on religious situations. Enjoy! Oh fantastic! Another Contro-history and this time we are talking about a topic many of you have been asking for some of you have asked, what if Jesus was never Crucified? Or what if the Romans kept persecuting the Christians I can answer both of those questions right now. Basically, Christians would be a small religion alongside Judaism and if Jesus was never killed, his death would not be the push for his followers to spread his teachings. And, if Romans kept persecuting the Christians, the religion would never become mainstream and would be an offshore of Judaism. So, I am going to combine all of those scenarios, into the video - What if Christianity never existed? This is basically, Jesus was never born, he was never sacrificed and Christianity just didn't exist. Yeah! This is going to be great guys! Can't wait to read those comments. So, what if Christianity never existed? No historical background leading up to this or anything just the religion did it happen. Well for one thing, our world of course with what completely different. Entire ethnic in regional groups will be changed Continents and balances of power will be shifted in what we know as the western world would be alien to what we see today as Europe or the west. First, Europe will have many different religions so what I mean by this is one, most of Rome dominate Europe would follow the Roman Gods such as Jupiter and Neptune. This, polytheistic idea will shape Europe's identity in a way it interacts with other groups and people. Also, that the Roman Gods would stay infused in local population's minds even after fall of Rome. Since, there would be no Theodosius to make Christianity, the official religion of Rome. And no catholic church to affect the politics of Europe which brings me to my next topic, The Catholic Church. If there is one main power player throughout European history it was most likely the Roman Catholic Church. The Pope made decisions which affected European leaders, and church dictated actions across the western world. Actions which transcended borders across Europe. Then what Protestantism grew to resist the church most actions of the war, western wars of the later, second millennium were caused in part by religious division between Catholics and Protestants. So, the Church never existed. It's impossible to know how different European history in world history would be, if such a large power player just simply didn't exist. Islam Islam was directly affected by the rise in Christianity Judaism, it's a monotheistic religion directly tied into Christianity Judaism, and the holy lands of all three odds are that if those two never rose Islam wouldn't have risen either. This changes the entire history of the Middle East in Central Asia as well the identity of Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Iran and many others. They will be no crusades but that doesn't mean there ***** wars between European and Arabs. Will talk about that soon. Fourth, since Roman Gods in Germanic Pagan God would be the religion of Europe. The idea of Polytheism would be the main type of religion not just in Europe but mostly across the world. State sponsorship of Christianity by the Romans legitimized monotheism in Europe as an actual religion which helps special status on continent. However, this never happened polytheism would be the main idea of the world religions and the idea of monotheism as seen by the Abrahamic religions would be seen as barbaric and strange. So, in this world Europe would be much like India. India has Hindu Gods, however, Hinduism is not one religion, is a collection of many Indian religions This is how would be in Europe, many different Germanic in order religions would be seen by the outside world as same even though in reality. Europe would be even more divided than it was in our time line. *** and *** may have separated Europe and caused different rivalries and wars, However, these two sects took different ethnic groups who were not related and united them under religion. If this never existed we would see Europe separated by hundreds of different Gods and beliefs, basically, isolating even more groups and tribes leading us to. Europe but still have tribes, we hear about African Native American tribes and even sometimes Middle Eastern and East Asian tribes. But we never hear about European tribes. Now why is this? Simple. Our good friends, the Catholic Church. See, after the fall of Rome in the invasion of the new Germanic tribe in the Europe the Catholic Church was a main power holder in the region. So, basically the Catholic Church began to teach the modern nuclear family- a husband, wife and kids with a few relatives but nothing more. Basically, this new system slowly yet surely strip power away from the tribes and the tribes spell out the existence due to state building, religious ties and feudalism. So, we can assume a Christianity never existed in the Catholic Church, never came about Europe would be very tribal with southern Europe being like, the middle east relations the tribes and Northern Europe being like the Americas. So, its very hard to really know how the world would be because there would be such a big difference between our world and this non-Christian or poly.. polytheistic western world but I do want to say one thing before I end this video, many people on the comment section will say that Christianity and such religions cause the wars and cause the horrible death and destruction and while that is not at all false it's not entirely accurate. See, the reason why I said that a war would still occur between Arabs and Europeans or the Spanish kingdoms and the Morass is because religion is not just the main cause of wars, it's one of the many justifications human used to kill each other. See, the crusades and reconquista were about religion but they were mostly created by rulers on both sides who use religion as a gateway to legitimize power as rulers throughout human history have always done. So, us even if Christianity and Islam didn't exist it would still find a way to kill each other. Because both sides would see each other as barbaric or some other reason, be a race, language or culture Humans are always finding ways to kill each other and I think people need to know that rulers can use religion as a conduit for power to get their objectives into the world and to gain lot of riches. In that war is natural human product and that even without a certain face. We would still find ways to kill those different than each other. Can't wait to see your guy's comments on this one, obviously, I din't go too in depth in one video with this, as it's impossible to know how exactly things could have turned out if 2 thousand years of worldwide history is just re wrote itself. So, this is a natural generalization. Next will bring you a new suggestion box in Rom part 6, until then like us on facebook subscribe if you have not done so. This is Cody from the Alternate History Hub.

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17 What if Christianity Never Existed

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