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Fun Size (2012)

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[school bell rings] (April) Halloween. All the lame-os come to school in costumes. Watch it It's like they have bat-signal. Aaron Riley is crazy-hot. You got the invite to his party tonight, right? I noticed you and I are listed in the top 200. (Wren) I think it's alphabetical. (April) Oh my god. He's coming over. You're coming to the party right? We will definitely be there. (Wren to self) It's all falling into place. Invited to Aaron's party, costume figured out, and as for April? I'm betting sexy kitty. Which just leaves my little brother - Albert! Gross. Whatever. For once, he's not my problem. (mother) Oh, no, I forgot to tell you, you're gonna watch Albert tonight. No. Mom! The party! Don't do this to me! (mother) I love you, thank you, you're welcome. This sucks. I can't believe we're missing the party. It's Aaron! (April) A smiley face emoticon? That seals the deal, Wren. That is how love works. Where's Albert? Albert! Albert! Albert! My mom is gonna kill me. (man) So, buddy, you just chillin' out here by yourself? You don't have any friends or anything? I'll tell you what, I need a man. For a mission. To avenge one broken heart. Are you in? [slurping] Take your time. Bam! (April) If we don't find your brother soon, we're gonna miss the party. Oh, nerd alert. Hey guys! We need a car. The thing is, I can't drive with anyone outside my immediate social circle. But - we're friends. Ah. Ah. We should go. Prostitution. I know a place where we can ask 200 people if they've seen him. I really don't get all the hype about Aaron. Well, A , he's gorgeous, and B, please refer to A. (Wren) I'm actually a worse parent than my mom. (April) Come on, how much trouble could he get into. (man) You might want to put your mask on, you're about to be an accessory to a major crime. (April) It's my duty to tell you, you are one step away from total social suicide. ♪ It's my party, you're invited ♪ Trick or treat, bitch! Please, we have a situation involving a musket, and a drumstick. I have this. I did not have it. [laughter] [crying] [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Sep 30, 2012


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