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Krishna Consciousness is Eternally a Fact - Prabhupada 0177

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So we have got that intimate relation. So when we come to that position to understand our intimate relationship with God, or Krsna, that is called svarupa-siddhi, svarupa-siddhi. Svarupa-siddhi means realization of perfection, svarupa-siddhi. So here Suta Gosvami says sauhardena gadhena, santa. If an old friend meets another old friend, they become very much delighted. Similarly, if the father meets the lost child, he becomes very delighted and the child also becomes delighted. The husband, wife separated, again they meet. So they become very delighted. It is quite natural. The master and servant after many, many years, if they again meet, they become very delighted. So we have got our relationship with Krsna in so many ways, santa, dasya, sakhya, vatsalya, madhurya. Santa, santa means neutral, simply to understand the Supreme. Dasya means a step forward. Just like we say "God is great." That is santa, to appreciate the greatness of God. But there is no activity. But when you go step forward, that "God is great. So I am serving so many society, friendship, loves, cats, dogs and so many I'm loving. Why not let me love the greatest?" that is called dasya. Simply to realize God is great that is also very good. But when you voluntarily go forward, "Now why not serve the great?" Just like from ordinary service, those who are engaged in service, they want to try to change from the inferior service to the superior service. Service is there. But superior service is somebody gets government service. He thinks it is very nice. So similarly, as we serve, when we desire to serve the great, that will give us peaceful life. That is santa, dasya. Then service with friendship. Service, master and servant giving service, but when the servant becomes very intimate there is friendship. I've seen it practically in Calcutta. The Dr. Bose, his driver was his best friend. When he would sit on the car, he would talk all his mind with the driver. So this driver, he became his intimate friend. All confidential talks with driver. It happens so. If the servant becomes very confidential, the master discloses his mind. He talks with him what to do. So this is called platform of friendship. And again farther advancement... Just like relationship with father and son, mother and son. This is called vatsalya, and at last conjugal love. So in this way we are related with Krsna somehow or other. In veneration, in servitude, as friend, as paternal affection, or as conjugal lover So we have to revive that. And as soon as you revive any one of them, intimacy, then we become happy, because that is eternal. The same example... The finger, so long is separated, it is not happy. As soon as it is joined it is happy. Similarly, we have got our eternal relationship with Krsna. Now we are separated, but as soon as we join with Him again we become yenatma suprasidati. Therefore Krsna consciousness movement is beneficial for everyone just to try to revive your original consciousness. That is already there, nitya-siddha krsna-bhakti. Our Krsna consciousness is eternally a fact. Otherwise you European, American boys and girls, you, three or four years ago, you did not know what is Krsna. Why you are so much attached to Krsna? Why you are attached? Unless you are attached to Krsna, you cannot sacrifice your valuable time in this temple or for preaching Krsna's glory. You have developed a love for Krsna. Otherwise nobody is so fool that he's wasting time. No. How it is possible? One may say that Krsna is Indian, Krsna is Hindu. So why the Christians are interested? Are they Hindu? No. Krsna is neither Hindu nor Muslim nor Christian. Krsna is Krsna. And you are part and parcel of Krsna. This understanding - "I'm Hindu," "I'm Muslim," "I'm Christian," "I'm American," "I'm Indian" - these are all designations. Actually I am spirit soul, aham brahmasmi. And Krsna is the Supreme Brahman, param brahma param dhama pavitram paramam bhavan (BG 10.12). So we have got intimate relationship with Krsna. That is eternally fact. Simply we have to revive. Sravanadi-suddha-citte karaye udaya. We have to create. Just like the young man likes to love a young woman and the young woman likes to love a young man. That is natural. That is natural. But when they meet together, it is revived. It is not that something new imposition. It is there. But by chance or anyway, when they are in contact, the loving propensity increases. The love increases. So our relationship with Krsna, that is natural. That is not unnatural. Nitya-siddha. Nitya-siddha means it is eternally fact. Simply it is covered. It is covered. That covering has to be taken away. Then we are immediately in relationship with Krsna, in natural way. That is perfection of Krsna consciousness.

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Duration: 9 minutes and 10 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
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Posted by: vanimedia on Jun 26, 2013

Prabhupada speaks during a Srimad-Bhagavatam Lecture in Los Angeles on December 6, 1973

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