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Adolf Hitler, I come back AfterLife/Death: Prayers and Monsters 4

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Adolf Hitler 4 - The monsters in People & Prayer This is Adolf Hitler, and I am continuing where I, 'previously' ended off in my, having the ability to 'see' the, creature and the monster inside my 'mother', during that time. Now, the moment I spoke to the creature, the monster saying to it while my mother was screaming at me because, I said the word: She does not Love me that she does not understand the meaning of love. and, I said to it: You're not "my mother", how dare you speak the word love It was since 'then', these creatures these monsters realized I had the ability to 'see' them and, I did not only view such creatures, inside my mother but I also, when I went, on my regular 'walks'. viewed them in people, in many people. and, the only place that I had the ability to 'see them' is when I looked into the people's eyes When I looked them straight into the eyes, I can see there, right 'Here' actually were the eyes of these creatures, these monsters 'as them inside them' Yet they, seemed like normal people! So, it was rather strange, how- how could these 'creatures', these mons- monsters, exist in people. I see them! they they- 'they are' these people but, these people seemed normal! there doesn't seemed to be anything "wrong"! you know you- I mean if you look at people in your world, they seemed normal you know, the picture's normal the, words are normal, the behavior is normal But I 'see' these creatures so, what are their influences? was my question. What are they 'doing' here? Why are they here? and, why am I able to see them and why isn't anyone else able to see them clearly! no one else's able to see them, because otherwise I would have 'heard' something, in the lines of: Did you see that creatures inside human beings? or Did you see these monsters inside human beings? or maybe, I'm the one! that's left out, you know went into my mind maybe, I'm the one, that was "misinformed" maybe, where I am! is a world of creatures and monsters, and they hide behind "pictures and words", because that's what it "really looked like"! They were, hiding behind 'pictures', which are the people, as they presented themselves, and words! which is but the people speak to, have you believed that 'they are normal' and I have one, remembrance of an experience where one evening, my mother was at her bed side, and she 'prayed', and Her arms her hands, on the bed, her knees, on the floor by candle light, and I saw the creature, and the monster in- 'the creature', the- or the monster, as I referred to them then, inside her, as she prayed. and 'it was laughing' it was, 'enjoying', her prayer, but in a crude way, not a, 'hallelujah way' and, as she was praying she prayed 'very intensely', very specifically. he was, it was as though he- he gained this power from 'prayer' his 'strength' from prayer, his 'existence' from prayer. as though it was some form of an 'elixir' to it, 'a Life force' But she would continue to 'pray' and, it is strange! now imagine, you're a child and you you see this (tense smile) You see, your mother praying, and while she is praying there is a, 'creature', or monster gaining some form of strength and power, while she is praying! and also evenings, when I would (sigh) be in my bed, they would actually be 'walking around me', inside my room, multiple about fifteen to thirty sometimes. Hovering in my room, but, I knew they weren't able to hurt me I did not 'know' at that time whether they would be able to hurt me physically because obviously you're able to become (smile) phy- physically hurt in this world but in terms of 'who I am', No. that- that I was certain of. that I was certain of So when demons, or these creatures and monsters at that time, would 'come near', one evening, I was also in my bed and, I could 'experience' their presence, very intensely, and I had, experienced myself as, 'this light', this resonating, light, as myself, and this, demon would come- this demon, or this creature or monster wha- whatever you would like to refer to it as Would place his eyes, right right right- right 'on top of mine' Almost hovering above me but not completely, 'huge creatures' they were 'black', 'red' they, revealed to me the most 'ghastly picture presentation' of themselves and I, just looked at this 'creature', this monster and, I showed him, 'who I am', I basically opened myself up, resonated my white light was not- I experienced myself it was as a 'white light resonating' but, it wasn't, "a" white light, it was "me" and resonated it through the entire room almost, and they started running 'away'! These creatures, these monsters, and that's how I walked, through my day, and now, by this time, I could see these creatures and these monsters 'everywhere'! Inside people even children, friends, and I would just remain Here, as the Life that I am, or as I've experienced myself in that moment and they wouldn't come "near me", though they'd try all 'strange' approaches, to influence me or have me become fearful because, I knew that If I, allow myself to fear, or if I allow myself to become angry if I allow myself to become anxious, in anyway whatsoever, they'd have power over me. Because that's what they're, searching for! they require fear, anger, anxiety, even- love In the definition of what human beings believe it to be, 'joy', to the definition of what human beings believe it to be. To, gain power and 'strength' and, that's what I observed, during that time, and I realized I am alone, because I couldn't find anyone that, was the same, 'as me' that looked the same as me. I searched, I searched through the being's eyes but all I see is the creatures and the monsters and somewhere back there, that which they are, 'as me' - is suppressed, is not Here. So this is Adolf Hitler, I'll continue in my next interview, where I 'will be' explaining where did I go from there exactly as this child. (laugh) Thank you very much. More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews Screened Shortly: PW Botha, Rumi, Janis Joplin CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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