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canopy argentina GFP WCF

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Globalised strike! Globalised hope! We are against policies that promote lands without people And not only see the economic dimension and business for a few you should see the benefit for all Now, the world is spinning in reverse we're not going towards progress but going backwards This whole discourse on sustainable development that is happening is a big joke Their should come and see how we are living and then they can realise how we really live and stop taking us away from our land How can we make our voice heard by these persons who have a tie and a suit Without our participation you are violating our rights because often the decisions can be good for you and bad for us When indigenous people say: "We have rights over the forest" that doesn't necessarily mean ownership because our relationship with the forest is not one of ownership, but of coexistence There is political interests of a few, to the detriment of many Think of the poorest of the poor before taking any decisions There is ittle money for compensation for prevention, for mitigation If there is money coming in with genuine and sincere interest to help our people I think first and foremost they have to let indigenous people decide what they want to do with the money The important thing is not to have the money first, you have to know what is going on There is more than one way to care for the forest the way we care for the forest is on a small scale with the intention of having many benefits As one of our elders would say it's our supermarket it's our livelihood, our health and therefore, it's our life We say "yes" to life we say "no" to death we say "yes" to life because forests are life our food is life the life of the farmer is life because they take care of the forest because they love it There are people with more conscience I think conscience comes with love Now, if you look globally markets are not succeeding finance is not succeeding government is not succeeding but communities succeed at managing our forests

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Duration: 3 minutes
Country: Argentina
Language: English
Producer: IIED
Director: Isabelle Lemaire
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Posted by: gfpcanopy on Nov 2, 2009

canopy argentina GFP WCF

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