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The Buillagers (2016) - screening version

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Wi-Fi, Electricity, Water Ready! we can connect you with a bunch of the community down there people who had been on the road with him and with us then different people that have been reaching out online meeting some more people down the community would be amazing should we just connect you? would that work? great, thank you so much cool! that would be awesome connect online to offline Real good! Tomorrow morning we are going to this place to see I know the land because a girl that I met 1 week ago works in a bank that have a lot of land now because of the crisis they have lots of lands and he says it is really cheap his best friend sells it and tomorrow we go to see Alpujarras they have their own water system completely independent from outside you see the tower? electricity tower It is good because we have all have water, have electricity, have internet and have buildings This is one of the reasons why this is a good village for us to start a project because it has water you made this? No we don't make it but we maintain this this is part of the work I have my solar panel I also have sufficient energy to go online if I want when you see those old abandoned villages Those villages were mostly self-sufficient They have an infrastructure that was built exactly for this type of simple life style so that means those villages still have for example a bread oven they have a washing room where you can do your laundry they have bigger houses where you can make a type of community kitchen and so on and then you have fields outside of the core of the village and there you can make agriculture, permaculture so that is why I am very interested also in those kinds of abandoned structures that are there that is why Spain is a hot spot for that right It was a little village maybe 12 to 15 houses and then maybe about 40 years ago is the last woman that is living here there are 5~6 houses that is possible to be worked, repaired when I started to work here my dream is that **** is a little village and then if you come here and repair this it is my dream I think that now is the best maybe there are other....sorry I guess there was a glitch in the matrix more and more online village communities next wave of communities there is more and more there is Aaron and those guys I can send you a bunch of links, there is guy who wants to build up something in Greece There is Panama, Costa Rica, Columbia There is Powder mountain in the US There is more and more of these things coming out 2 years ago I was sure this was a good idea but I had a little bit of doubt Now I have no doubt because I see more and more projects coming out and our idea is to do a new model kind of a creative entrepreneurial village for artists, entrepreneurs, freelancers I'm the admin of a big group on facebook which is called Eco Villages Worldwide and so there I have contact of course to people But are people ready? what about work? Online opens up the possibility For a very new way of living so.. no I think more and more people are ready and when this idea of working away from the office and not commuting becomes more common I think it is going to become a big..a big wave I was one of the first people in my society or in my circle of people that started to have this lifestyle of having everything in the cloud traveling around or moving around working for people online going away from the 9 to 5 eight hour day shifting towards goal orientated jobs where you are free to spend your time or to... you know sometimes you have to work more sometime less but you are more flexible and nowadays there is a big difference that I see from 10 years ago when I left Europe and you see that the young people are shifting more and more towards to this new concept anyone can work from anywhere in the world now with an internet connection this is the core concept behind what we are doing but the problem is internet is really cold and now the fashion is to meet people that telework like you in a beautiful place around the world how is it like already living in a village? I live now 40minutes away from Lisbon near Sesimbra In a very nice small town I have a possibility to also grow my own vegetables here and to start my own permaculture garden we did have a lot of interest we had a local fiesta that sort of over spilled as years went by because it was an annual party on the same date every year it got better and better known and people were interested in what we were doing I was working really hard we did end up in a circumstance where I don't have to listen to any traffic ever and it is beautiful nature so there are pros and cons to everything for a few years I've spent my time going come on everyone can do this lets save the planet let's plant trees let's not use so much petrol etc and after a few years I started changing my own mind having access probably wouldn't hurt so you have to choose what it is that you want to do and you have to choose what is your moral personal obligation we have our philosophies and our ideas and our romantic fantasies and 'Live them!' would be my advice

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Posted by: kyhz15 on Nov 28, 2016

A mini documentary looking at the beginning stage of a new tribe, creating Utopia in the digital era - The Buillagers!

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