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Six months later...

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The more astute of you, you may have realised... ...that the introduction I made I actually started about... ...sixth months ago. So quite a lot has changed since then. Including that fact that I'm now... university! ♫Generic music♫ So yeah, yeah, I'm at university. It's kinda weird really. It means I'm old... *Chair creeaaak* Old? *Chair creak again* The question I want to answer today is... What is university like? This chair is really annoying... Creak creak creak! I've got... Books that you could kill people with! The door! Books that you could bore people with. And I do. Doctor Who! Books... Some books... More books... The Scissor Sisters! La Pesadilla Antes de Navidad. Notices. All sort of like pinned to go that way Which I think looks really smart. That's some famous person. Not quite sure who she is. ♪Double rainbow all away across the wardrobe♪ ♪Wooaah ohhh ohhh my god, so...♪ ...wardobe. Oh my god, a sink... In a bedroom! Interior of the TARDIS... Me! So we have um... Mugs and onions and a teapot... ...and a Nom. Dee vee deeeeees And a police box. Yeah, yeah this is that Taylor guy... There's a good reason I have this poster, I'll explain another time. More posters. Printer Router Stuff The most cuddly cushions in the world. I almost killed my laptop to do that. Mandarines Some stuff on the floor. Pretty pictures! Little pictures! My own personal balcony. Mmm? Which I can't get on to. That's... what university is like! It's fun! I better go do some work now... ♫Generic music♫ It's lunch time at university Which means I'm having sweetcorn pancakes and ketchup.

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Posted by: theprofessor on Jan 20, 2011

It was either I uploaded a video and then uploaded the next one six months later, or my hair suddenly changed in the next video. I chose the hair.

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