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Sharon and Gadget (Bouvier des Flandres) Service Dog

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At the end of the day when we're getting read to go to bed Gadget helps me shut off the lights and open and shut the doors Gadget, living room, dark. [Click!] Good boy! And then, um, Gadget can help me open and shut the doors. C'mere Gadg. Good boy. Open the door. [Click!] Thank you! Inside. And then, when it's time for me to go to bed... Gadget can shut off the lights, too. Gadget, dark. [Click!] Oop, try again. Dark. [Click!] [Distant sound of oven timer beeping] [Voice-over as Gadget's thoughts] Oh my god! It's the, it's the, uh, the oven. "Gadget": Mom's asleep, and something's in the oven. "Gadget": Oh my god! I have to remind her. "Gadget": I get a squeaky ball... "Gadget": I get it, and I go.... "Gadget": It's in the oven, her dinner, it could burn. "Gadget": Get the squeaky ball. "Gadget": I have to go, I have to go squeak it at her. "Gadget": And I have to wake her up now. "Gadget": Mom! Mom! You forgot the dinner's in the oven! "Gadget": Wake up! Wake up! Squeak squeak. What what? Oh. Oh? "Gadget": Dinner's in the oven! You forgot! Thank you! "Gadget": OK, sometimes Mom needs me to bring the groceries in from the car. You've already brought them in all the way to ramp, haven't you? "Gadget": Yes, I have. I dropped them outside the front door. OK, wanna open the door? Out. Open the door. "Gadget": This is my favorite thing to do. Let myself out. Get the bag. Outside. Get the bag. Take. Good boy. To the fridge. Come here. "Gadget": It's important to conserve electricity. "Gadget": And open the door. And shut the door. Thank you! Good boy! Okay, get the bag! Good boy. C'mere. Take it to the fridge. [Click!] Thank you! "Gadget": My mom has taught me a lot of cool things "Gadget": But my favorite thing of all that she's taught me is fetching my food dish. Do you want to eat? Fetch your dish. Thank you! Good dog! "Gadget": Even when she puts it down "Gadget": I'm not allowed to get it until she tells me I can. Good boy. Release! Woo hoo! The best part of the day!

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Posted by: servicedogpartner on Sep 17, 2010

Part 2 of video of Gadget assisting Sharon around the house -- turning lights on and off, shutting and opening doors, carrying messages, and other skills. Learn more about me and my Bouvier service dogs at

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