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Hello everyone welcome again to Kabbalah University The Power of Kabbalah Three the third session Today we will continue discussing the concept of the four phases and bringing more to a practical application to our life what we studied in the last session is the idea of how originally, in the endless, the real vessel the true desire was created and we have learnt that the vessel underwent four steps from a vessel that's passively receiving the light to the fourth step which has the vessel proactively, with true craving, that comes from within receiving the light and we have learnt, that in our own life one of the main things that is blocking us from connecting to the light is not having a real desire and a real desire, considered to be a desire with true craving, with true yearning that comes from within a real desire, we explore considered to be a desire that's not temporary it's constant, it's continuous a real desire that is a desire that is not desperate and needy and depends on what I need this second and we've learnt that originally, in the endless the vessel went through four steps step number one, phase one was the light created the vessel the desire to receive, the passive desire to receive we, the vessel, had everything

but we didn't appreciate it, we were not aware of it like a baby that was born with wealth, with blessings without being aware step number two the vessel is awakening to give second stage, the second phase why? because the vessel begins to have an awareness of the light within him and the nature of the light is a desire to give and that tremendous craving to give drew the light of mercy and we have learnt the light of mercy is only one percent of the light of wisdom and that manifestation of the light of mercy happens in the third phase so the vessel had one percent of the light which is the light of mercy and ninety nine percent of the light was concealed so the vessel started for the first time to feel lack Wow, I used to have one hundred percent of the light now I have only one percent of the light which brought the vessel to the fourth phase which is I crave all that I used to have in the first stage I had a hundred percent of the light but I didn't appreciate it I was not aware of it I didn't truly connect to it and that's when the vessel had the true craving and that's the full desire to receive the real vessel that we are all part of was created In our own life the Kabbalist's explain that the same process has to take place in order for us to be able to build a true desire in order for us to truly reveal the light of the creator so in this session we will try to translate the theory of the four phases into our own personal life I hoped you have thought about it and you try to feel what is the connection between our own life blockages to building a true desire and I would like us to focus first on desire for spiritual growth we are going to try to take these four phases four steps and try to relate them to how to build a true desire for spiritual growth and the reason I choose this one because at the end of the day, when I have a real desire for spiritual growth and as a result I receive the light of spiritual growth and I will really grow as we know, this is the circle that affects all the other circles in my life which is family, relationships, wealth, health and so on even though sometimes part of our Tikum we may focus on growing spiritually and we might put ourself in denial when it comes to other aspects of my life so we will address this as well so let's speak about spiritual growth what is phase one, two, three and four when we came to study Kabbalah the spiritual path that we earn we came because it was part of our process it was part of our destiny I would call it phase one passive desire, Yes I love it, it's interesting, it's nice but it's not that I truly build and created that desire it came to me, it was given to me that teaching, that opportunity to study was given I didn't even begin the process of truly building my vessel the initial stage is the same when it comes to relationships you met someone, you're in love Wow, amazing, thank you God, my soul mate but what have I done? have I created anything did I build a true vessel? it was passive and it came to me it came to me that's the initial the real process begins when step number one begins what is step number one of building a vessel after the initial in love in relationships or amazing excitement in spirituality there has to come a step of 'I'm passive' 'I'm passive' nice, interesting, I'm studying, I'm learning I'm sharing I'm not crazily motivated from within I"m not pushing forward I'm existing and I've related the relationship between a couple initially was excitement, but that was part of the process that came from above the process really began when suddenly I catch myself in a passive relationship passive means I love her, I love him yes, absolutely but do I truly crave, will I do new things to help to share, to grow, to bond, to connect to change, to shift, to elevate no, because it's ok when I have money issues I don't even think about that relationship that I have to grow because I am focusing on the problems that's called a passive state state number one taking things for granted status quo in spirituality, in love, in relationships that's the process and now, what's going to happen if you truly believe in that relationship or in this case the spiritual path it's real, it's meaningful, it's already touched me and it can touch me so much more I have to know the rule If I'm not going to get back to a place of true craving something will happen in my life chaos will happen in my life that will force me to learn to crave that's spiritual connection or that person in my life, in a relationship because the rule is like this anything that is real in my life the light will assist me eventually to connect the only way I can connect, is true craving and there is two major ways to build craving and true desire One is chaos I'm in a passive desire I'm not in appreciation I'm a little bored I'm not as excited and I'm staying too long in that state when I'm staying too long in that state I'm loosing that light because as we said before If I don't have true craving the light will not come so I will have to undergo chaos that will awaken me Wow, I was so blind, I was so blessed look what a blessing I had look what a teaching I had look at the person in my life I had and that chaos for some people could be a year six months, two days, a month for some people a few life times choose to be blinded very often, when people loose desire for a person after they had soul connection and I'm passive or to a spiritual path what do they do - you know what I'm not motivated any more so I probably need a different spiritual path maybe I need to shop for something else a little bit more exciting more meditations, less this, less hard something new that's the whole concept of shopping why everybody loves shopping because there is new excitement I have a new desire that's a false desire that's escaping, going through a process that's not building something from within that's external and that's very often what happens to people who study, even Kabbalah Initially there's excitement as we've said that initial excitement, has come from my process for my Tikum I didn't build anything yet and then comes the stage, that is necessary to all of us passive, not so exciting not true craving related to phase one of building the vessel and then since I don't know who to read the situation right feeling, you know, something that's it, I got what I got, let's move on I'm not excited in anything real I need to have excitement in anything real I need to build excitement If I'm naturally excited without doing nothing and expecting the world to trigger excitement within me expecting my wife my boyfriend, my girlfriend the spirituality, the spiritual teacher to ignite the excitement for me I'll get nothing in life life is about building my own vessel and part of the steps is going through the period of feeling passive, unmotivated, status quo intellectually appreciated but don't really feel it and crave it and if I'm going to decide just to jump and loose it because, or to stay too long in that state of passiveness I'll have to undergo the process of pain and chaos to re-awaken the desire and see the bigger picture I will have to But we don't want to wait for chaos that's what Kabbalah is about Kabbalah is about shortening the process to achieve fulfilment because when chaos comes in my process it's.... I'll eventually get it but with so much more time and more pain the whole idea of Kabbalah is proactive consciousness and behaviour to shorten that process that they can connect to the light through inner change so back to phase one phase one, I reached that place, I'm passive what do I do then first I'm aware, Wow, I lost motivation I'm not as excited about Kabbalah as I was I was so much more excited what's going on, the doubts coming in in one second now I need to build a true desire the first desire that I had was natural, it came to be natural this is not a time to build a true desire that's the reason, that very often it's said a true student of Kabbalah you cannot measure in the first year in the second year that's the beginning of truly studying Kabbalah truly pursuing when the initial excitement and momentum went so what is phase two if you remember in the four phases first two are the vessel awakening to share to give of itself in life, every time I'm making an effort outside of my body that represents lazyness that represents heavyness that represents being rigid that's giving, giving of myself you know making an effort, even to go to the gym for some people its considered to be the energy of giving because you are giving outside of your gravity outside of the heavyness of the body giving to someone else when you don't feel like giving up something, giving up comfort giving up no effort all this is considered to be the energy of giving so if I want to build a true desire to go back to motivation and desire which all the blessings come with it right after I catch myself, I'm aware of phase one which is I'm too passive I lost it I need to go to stage number two I need to give, I need to empty myself I need to reveal the light of mercy I need to create a healthy lack within me that I'll appreciate, that I'll crave again that I'll be alive again because when we don't crave what is our life we are just existing so that's the time to say 'you know what I want to put the extra mile into my study' I want to put an extra mile into my giving I want to put an extra mile into my scanning I want to put an extra mile into leadership in my study group I want to put an extra mile into listening to the lessons again that I used to listen to and write down what I'm going to do differently today yes but I don't feel like it, I'm not in the mood that's what the second stage is emptying myself when I'm in the mood, it's about 'I'm feeling it, I'm doing it' it's about myself, when I'm not in the mood it's really emptying my vessel it's not about me it's for the sake of building a true desire it's the same thing with relationships you lost your passion to your loved one but you know it's real you're afraid, you want to build again passion and desire you need to invest in giving of yourself an extra mile to that person extra effort, extra details, as if you have just began dating why should I? I don't feel... but that's the process to start to attract the light of mercy an effort, an effort, an effort suddenly bring that light of mercy what does it mean light of mercy practically it's an awakening within me again lack feel wow, there's so much there in that relationship there's so much there in that Kabbalah there's so much in that study and then, from within the fourth phase being built which is I crave to do more it's amazing I crave to connect more and then the craving is naturally motivating me to do even more and I'm excited and I'm channelling and I have strength and I have power and I have creativity second stage it's a time when I'm not naturally pushy it's hard, I'm giving up because my state from stage one was passive I'm unexcited but if I want something real in my life I need to build desire I don't want to wait for it to come to me motivation, we earn motivation is not just something we have or we don't have we need to earn it motivation to grow spiritually there's no bigger desire than that there's no bigger gift than this it's something we need to build and build and build motivation to grow spiritually motivation to give of myself more motivation to change, motivation to study motivation to help others motivation to effect change in the world motivation for more light motivation to elevate myself in the ladder of clearing between me and the light there's no bigger gift so it's not just I'm motivated, I'm not motivated I'm building motivation this time I'm motivated which is maybe the state of craving stage number four, which is amazing and I built it but this time I'm back to number one and when I'm back to number one I say it's dangerous if I stay there too long my vessel will crack I'll have to go through chaos to build it I'll have to do something to build again and again I need to make an extra effort not because I feel it because I know that's the only way you know some Kabbalist's would say there's two types of motivating power in your life one is natural motivation and desire, I feel it the other one is commitment I'm committed, I know it's the right thing to do I don't feel it right now but I'm pushing anyway so that's stage number two, pushing foward towards what I know is the right thing even though I don't feel it now but that energy, outside of myself again draws that light of mercy which is one percent of the light of wisdom which causes me to feel the lack, and the healthy lack healthy lack, lack that causes appreciation lack that causes Wow, so amazing I want to grow, I want to change I want elevate one of the healthiest places in our life we feel we are so far from where we need to go but we have the certainty that we can get there that combination of distance and certainty I can be there, that's a healthy place to be that's a huge gift and life is a process you have initial excitement of anything real in my life in love period, chemistry its part of the process of building anything and then comes the process passive, step number one making an effort, building a lack, having a craving step number four and then will the craving stay for ever don't worry, again we will go back to one again, passive desire when the passive desire comes when I'm ready to go to my next step everytime I'm going from one to two to three to four I have to go again through that cycle I have to go back to passive desire now if I listen to my ego telling me you know what I'm not interested any more they upset me, I'm not as motivated, maybe I need something else I want to quit every time I'm going back to the passive it means I'm going to my next cycle of the four phases and it can happen once a week it can happen once a year it depends on the situation and depends on how big is the process and that's a constant process there's another concept the Kabbalists call it the time of Gadlut , the time of Katnut Gadlut is greatness - when I feel the energy when I feel present with the light Katnut is smallness - when I feel clearly blind when I feel I've lost the connection when I'm not energised naturally we are all going through this period of Katnut and spirit of Gadlut the spirit that I'm naturally motivated and pushing forward and the spirit I'm not being spiritual is not just doing things according to what I feel I feel like pushing, I'm doing I don't feel like it, I forget about it being spiritual is being driven by my consciousness not by my emotions eventually my consciousness will affect my emotions and not the other way around because emotions are powerful, we need them but I don't want my emotions to be slaves to my ego and that's when we have non-constant desires I desire - I don't desire I desire - I don't desire and then we become confused in life we become confused in life when it comes to spiritual growth where do you think satan will spend most of his energy to try to disturb us and block us and challenge us Spiritual growth it's number one, singular most important desire in the world connecting to the light of the creator transforming because spiritual growth is also about transforming every aspect of my life real spiritual growth is breaking my klipot and my issues with money breaking my klipot in my relationship it's all connected it's not just I want to study a lot spiritual growth is removing the klipot the satan, the issues, the re-activities in every aspect of my life that's what true spiritual growth is Of course satan will do everything in his power to gradually make us less and less and less motivated and you know something, it's tricky very often satan will keep us in the path but robots, excisting, praying Ana Beco'ach, some scanning, a little charity and I'm doing but if I'm not having a bigger and bigger desire to do more, to share more, to change more to grow more, to affect the bigger picture more I'm connecting to the dead side of my soul not the life side of my soul it says in the Zohar that our soul is begging us daily and screaming to us I want more I want to be awakened I want to change, I want to explore I want to move and we are pretty deaf and blind to hear and to see what the soul wants from us desire is one of the strongest gifts one can build and connect because ask yourself what's more fulfilling when you got what you wanted or when you desire and you're motivated to get what you wanted and you felt that it's going to be great for you if you're really honest with yourself the desire itself, the motivation itself it's already the fulfilment the highest fulfilment it's the moment that I crave and I feel I'm going to get it and that's what true happiness is about when I've just got it and I stopped desiring because I got it, it's not fulfilling any more there is already the consciousness that the other shoe will drop motivation is being alive not motivating is not being alive there's a concept in a one percent world in a society, in a one percent society that you work hard, you make a living then you can retire or you work hard, make a fortune then you can relax, you deserve it you can have a vacation, you can do nothing so you work hard for what purpose so you can do nothing - yes? so they go - that's the exact opposite is that what the purpose is about to relax and to retire and to do nothing and to not have a goal that's the road for death that's the road for shutting my soul maybe I'm going to stop work physically in the one percent, may be as a job for money which will allow me to work for something much bigger than this, greater than this as we grow desire shouldn't decrease increase the biggest Kabbalists from fourty years old thirty eight years old Ari to hundred and something years old as they grew a bigger desire thinking huge one of the greatest things that I started thirty years ago with the Rav and Karen I felt from the Rav and Karen that the greatest desire, that the huge desire can affect change in the world it's not about having a million people studying Kabbalah it's about affecting change in the entire world and of course that desire has to be equal to the desire to shift and to change myself but that is the key that is the key expending our vessel it is a gradual process but all of us need to expend it to the next level all of us if you look at other areas in your life even business the Kabbalists believe if you're already working eight, or nine or ten hours a day you're already working for money so what's the point of thinking small why can't you think huge if you catch yourself already pretty comfortable and it's pretty boring at work it's your own business you own and the money comes easily you work eight - nine hours a day answering the phone, some emails you're not so interested, other things interest you you're more interested in spirituality Listen, if you can afford, having money studying all day long, doing good things that's great but if you feel part of your path is still to be involved in the one percent work and you are already working ten hours think bigger expend - go to the next level why waste your energy and spending time in a small vessel the more I can make the more I can share our satan is sometimes to settle for less to think small so even there I need to say how do I take it to the next level how do I build motivation in the office let me give to my employees more energy let me educate them let me motivate them let me elevate the level of customer service let me create goals from the success of the company and I'll be able to do more so that energy of giving out of myself even when I don't feel like it that light of mercy will create a healthy lack and a true powerful desire and then those eight hours at work you have a desire, your life, you see people, you feel the problem in life is that people have compartments this is my spirituality this is my work this is my relationship but it's all the same the light is everywhere If I'm already working eight hours, lets put energy even if I'm an employee in a company if my life is about waiting for four o'clock or five o'clock will finish I'm gone, I'm finished and then I'm spiritual at home when I'm reading a book those eight hours when I'm at work even though I'm an employee how do I build motivation and desire Yes, but what am I going to get out of it don't think if you have motivation and desire the light will reveal itself and other things will come out who knows, in this company, in another company but we need to be alive in every area we catch ourself a little dead with no desire we need to reawaken it we need to bring life, energy, a spark into it if not we are wasting our life so it can be at work it can be at home it can be as a parent with my kids it can be with my wife, my husband and of course, at the same time the bigger picture, spiritual transformation and spiritual growth being alive when I'm not alive, when I'm not motivated the opposite force is laziness laziness sets in and then I'm becoming blind to seeing people feeling people feeling what's right and feeling what's wrong if I'm not pushing myself towards motivation and elevation I'm naturally becoming blind there's no medium way I'm either going up, or going down is that what I really want when can I relax I relax when the motivation is strong there I build it, maybe that's the time the fact that the motivation is there I'm rejoicing it I'm appreciating it it doesn't feel like work it doesn't feel like work pushing to the next level eventually brings us the most peace the illusion is I need to relax and rest and relax and rest that's not what this world is about you want real peace you want to feel real relaxation internally motivation brings the joy and piece of mind being peaceful is also being present when I'm motivated I feel present and centred and focused when I'm not my mind controls me in many, many, many, different directions and brings sadness and emptiness so to summarise it and you will probably need the help of your teacher or your mentor to actually translate it to your life let's start with our spiritual path and ask myself if from one is a very small motivation ten is very motivated where am I today? I'm in seven? in six? in eight? in nine? if you're saying you're nine you are probably not in touch with yourself because 'I wish' will be nine nine is huge nine is a tremendous desire nine is willing to face any fear in my life to change the world but if you feel you are a six, five, four, three, two and you are honest with yourself it's between us and the light it means I'm in stage one back to stage one, passive desire what do I need to do to awaken desire again because true protection comes to my life when I have a strong desire when I have a strong desire the light is already there as we said before when there's desire the light is with me the angels are with me the spirits are with me the protection is with me so number one, as we asked the question what number am I at if ten is endless strong craving desire to change, to grow, to give to affect change spiritually and then what is the step I need to take step number two would be giving of myself an effort, in what areas do I need to inject effort consult with your teacher as well extra effort for the Zohar extra effort waking up in the middle of the night extra effort for giving yes but everything is ok, why should I give because I want to awaken desire and when I do it enough I'll build lack which will create motivation and a natural desire which is a gift which is a gift and I'm appreciating it, and going with it and at some point I'll go back again to the passive one and I'll need to push myself again consult with your teacher how to build a desire how to push to the next level and another practical thing look in your other fields of life relationship, parenthood, family areas that you feel are important work, health if we catch ourself in the status quo in just existing mode existing mode will take us downwards in every field of life even though I think I'm spiritual I'm working on myself will take us downwards and that's the place to say I'm pushing I need to push I need to build motivation there I need to be alive in that area as well and again I would recommend support from your mentor or your teacher regarding this attached to this class we give all of you the opportunity to print out a handout which will assist you to truly chart and monitor how to grow your desire practically in your life Amazingly we created four hand-outs which has ten levels each one representing ten levels of desire from the lowest one which is a passive desire to the highest one which is a strong craving to change to transform, to grow which is the highest level of motivation and we have divided it into four categories the first category, which is essential spiritual growth, spiritual transformation the second category - relationship and you can choose to do - my wife, my husband my friend, my boyfriend, my kids whatever you want to work on another category is work and finance another category - health health category can be undertaking care of my body or certain sickness or diet, or whatever you choose around the field of health and the best thing to really see where you are and take steps to change it look at each one of these categories and grade yourself with one as the lowest and ten as the highest and lets say you say ok I'm at level three when it comes to spiritual growth and desire and motivation and craving to grow and to change and the other one, when it comes to work you say your in four when it comes to relationship - your two when it comes to health - your six and then you need to write down the steps based on the four phases class especially step phase number two then we lead to three and four what are you planning to do what are you planning to do to transform from passive desire to creating motivation what are the steps in order to go from four to five what are you going to do and then to monitor yourself does it really work? because you took upon yourself extreme actions of giving of effort in that area - a little passive do you see how the motivation, the desire is increasing that's something that will help you practically really to monitor it and not something to keep just intellectual nice concept so good luck in your work and my suggestion to you work with this with your teacher at least with a friend from a study group because we have a tendency not to push ourself we need some support in that way All the best

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