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TROM: 2B-D - Ideas and Situations - Laws (2.0)

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-- Laws instead of giving fines to people who drive drunk, why not solve this problem at the root? why not make cars that do not collide? why not put entrances on public transportation or why allow alcohol if it can be so dangerous? A lack of money or profit leads indirectly to such dangerous situations where human well being is no longer a priortiy laws punish without explanation and this behaviour is identical to that promoted by the school remember that laws are limitations that you have accepteed laws are invented rules that only punish they do not solve the problems I mean, if a man commits a crime, we should be interested in why a man commits the crime, not only punish him for it It appears that years ago, in order to manage tribes

and .... communities, it was very difficult to manage people and last day, invented laws

now the tribe leader, always have to ... of the deal... ... be perpetuated laws are invented, laws originate only because of scarcity if you have two ..... making that connect there be no laws as a how much food you can need there's nothing to do with peace and ... and ethics it has to do with ... and scarce resources Naturally, the control ... for any society it's the best and that's the way the laws set some people get so much another get so much by the amount of work you do you get so much or so much less but remember this: as a ... the way of thinking about laws think in terms of scarcity, it wont.... or whatever reasons, a hurricane sons... and when a few kind of ... exists, will be use by the establishment a key roles of the establishment, do you understand that? if thousands of plants exists, thousands of cars... there's no need to make laws regarding who you discard, but you can make laws about cars ... of degree of control, but the best way to maintain control is through technology so that you make cars that can't hit one another, and can ..., ... to spin as a stablish in the given industry, and rather than having the speed .... ..., do not drive at 60 miles an hour I would say, that was the original intend of laws to get the masses of people to accept the limitations .... that's been the result of their own misbehaviour Remember, laws are necessary in an unjust and uneducated system -- Alternative solutions The enviroment creates behaviour so if you want mankind to be organiced in a progressive and inteligent way without creating dangerous situations, then you should organice the enviroment The solution is prevention. Create abundance and nobody wants to steal, nobody will kill due to scarcity nobody will be jealous of others property noone will become selfish focus on educating people, and make them aware of the reality that shows us that we are all alike and that we can survive with greater comfort if we all live in an equal enviroment you also focus on teaching children how to communicate with others how to solve problems, and how to debate ideas that are contradictory when the enviroment is the same for all, genes will have less importance you could find genes that leads to violent behaviour but if the enviroment doesn't trigger those genes than those genes don't matter, they'll never be activated Laws can be replaced by education and abundance The monetary system can not create equality among people so these solutions can not be applied in the monetary system you think may Laws can make life better on people... No, it's to manage scarcity so if we move to other .... of abundance the ... of Laws will diminish, directly proportional to how much we are living in scarcity The human being, is a being capable of discovering we are the most capable as far as we know You can not prohibit without reason for such being we are not so primitive

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Description : TROM represents the biggest documentary ever created, but, also the only one that tries to analyse everything : from science to monetary system and real solutions to improve everyone's life. A new and real way to look about the world. " Before the Big-Bang, till present, and beyond."

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