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Following instructions can be fun - Creating a Safe Space

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[CLICK 2 SCIENCE pd] [Following Instructions Can Be Fun: Creating a Safe Space] >> Doing exciting activities that youth are interested in requires us to be extra cautious and safe. Watch as Miss Angie and staff work with youth on the importance of following directions and listening for instructions before moving on in this exciting archery activity. >> Yes, ma'am. >> Never draw fire a bow because it might snap. >> That's correct. You never shoot a bow without an arrow on the string. What she said is very, very important. If you've got a bow and you're going to pull it, you want to have an arrow on the string. The weight of this arrow, which you all felt very, very light, okay? But it's made so that's what keeps the bow from breaking. If you were to just turn a string lose, it will break the bow without an arrow on the shaft. So when you shoot and you go outside to work with your bows, make sure you don't draw the bow and shoot it without an arrow on the bow. All right? I bet you all about ready to go shoot, aren't you? >> Yes. >> Okay. All right. >> This is our archery range. So what I set up with our cones, that's our boundary. Unless you're a shooter, you should not be beyond the cones. This is going to act as our waiting line. Our shooting line is going to be right here where we have our arrows and our bows. And then right up there in front of our target, that's our target line. We have whistle commands. It's very important that you know what all the whistle commands are, so you know what you're supposed to be doing. So the first whistle command, it's two whistle blows. [blows whistle] That means you can go up to your shooting line. And you can get your bow ready but you're not going to shoot yet. That just means you can go up there and get ready. Once I see that shooter's are all ready. [blows whistle] That means they can fire. Once all the shooters are out of arrows, I'm going to blow three whistle blows. [blows whistle] That means they can go to the target line. You are at the waiting line. [blows whistle] [blows whistle] [blows whistle] [CLICK 2 SCIENCE pd] [Following Instructions Can Be Fun: Creating a Safe Space] [Filmed in collaboration with: NAVY CYP Child and Youth programs]

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Posted by: click2science on Mar 23, 2016

Following directions is important when doing activities with youth, especially if there is any risk of harming yourself or others. Watch as frontline staff go through a step-by-step process of ensuring youth know and follow instructions when doing an archery activity.

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