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Last Meal | S1:E1 |

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[Old movie playing] "We’re talking about a man’s life here. We’re talking about a life in your hands." "I needed a wife and I choose you. If you think I’m giving you up now, you’re crazy." [Sobbing] I’m a mess. I need to pull myself together. I’m going to be all puffy-eyed for our guest tonight. Oh, darling. Should I have Casey chill some cucumbers for you? Yes. Thank you. Well, who is the guest tonight? Oh, it’s Carli Davidson. Get out! Carli Davidson! I adore Carli Davidson! She is so cool! She takes those pictures of the animals with the shakey faces. You know? Lemme show you. Ok…watch! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh, I like that. Let me put this on the Snapchat. Ok, here we go. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Beautiful! More dog! Ready??? [Dog slobbering noises] No. More like a dog. [Dog slobbering noises] Get the saliva really flowing. [Dog slobbering noises] No. Get your eyes all wonky! [Wonky-eyed, dog-slobbering noises] Yeah? Think it’s good? Yeah! [Upbeat Pop-Punk Music] Growing up it wasn't always easy being the Grim Reaper's son. I mean, he’s a great dad. But he could be a little off-putting. And now the time has come for pops to retire. It's my turn to take over the family business with my amazing wife. [Jessica] We're gonna do it our way. We're gonna send them off with a dinner party. Can’t wait to kill with you, babe. I love you. I love you too. [Knocking] Ms. Davidson is arrived. Carli, hello! [Kissing sounds] My husband… Wonderful to meet…ok, yeah. [Kissing sounds] Might as well. We’re there. We’re friends now. We’re friends. It’s official. We touched faces. We exchanged a bionome…or whatever it’s called. “Pheromones”. Pheromones! Wonderful! you take photos of animals. I take photos of animals. Well, that's one thing she does. [No, that's all she does]. She's a dynamic individual. [Awkward laughter] Hey! Good evening! Good evening! What do we have here? I'm calling it the Candy Warhol. It has vodka, aperol, verjus, cachaça, and a little bit of banana liqueur. Enjoy! Saúde! That’s “health” in Brazilian. [Together] Saúde! I love the photography where the animals are shaking. How did you get into that? I got kicked out of high school and I ended up in this alternative program a couple school districts over. And they had a darkroom. My first series was animals. It was roadkill. Cause I was so fucking gothy that of course I go towards roadkill. [Making nerdy voice] I was like “ohhh, this is really interesting”. It is. It is! Yeah, I was like that kid. I go into the darkroom and I print my first image and watching an image appear on this paper... was so magical to me that I just got hooked on it. So just all I wanted to do was hangout in the darkroom. Isn’t that incredible though! How old are you, sixteen? Fifteen? And you find the thing you have passion for? But it’s that thing where I was drawn to it, but I wasn't like, “I'm now going to be a photographer for the rest of my life!” This is the made for TV movie that I’m already picturing where you pick up an old camera and you’re like… And there’s a light, there’s a backlight and I like blow the dust off it… Chemical burns…and you go like, spellblind [laughter]…because of it. I found a photographer in my neighborhood, who just happened to be a world-renowned photographer. As someone who did take photography classes, I don’t see them as being any more valuable than just being in the field being like, “What can I do to help the photographer and watch them and learn what they’re doing?” So you had this obsession and then you transitioned it into actually making money from what you loved to do? Yeah, again, totally unintentionally. So I was working at the Oregon Zoo. The photographer I was working with basically turned to me and was like “You should be doing this professionally. You’re a really strong photographer. And you should find a way to make money off of it or start a career doing it.” And I was just like, “Well I’m hard up. So I’m going to hustle and figure this out.” So I started thinking I’m going to be a pet photographer and I’m going to do commissions. And that didn’t work for me because I’m not good at selling myself. But I did do some commission work. Just to make enough to get by. And then I like started seeing all these weird dogs around town. Like dogs that just looked funny. I would go up to strangers and be like, “I have this little studio space (A friend of mine was letting me use her studio). Come in!”. And I would just be approaching all these people on the street to take pictures of their dogs. I started getting into the stories behind that. And then that series went viral. And then I did the shake series. And that went crazy viral. Actually, so I’ve prepared in advance a couple crazy questions for you. Please! Given your affinity for animals, if you were in that situation, what animal would you choose to become? You know, this is like the question: People ask me “What is your favorite animal?” all the time. And there are rhinos that I think are super cool. There are dogs I think are total jerks. Like, it’s like people… It’s more about the individual. It’s such an individual thing. [Laughter] But you should know! I should know! I’m going to go home and journal about what animal I should be…and I’ll let you guys know. I would think quicker than later, but... You should probably figure it out soon, like today, like in the next few minutes. Ok. We need to know this. You should think about it. You know if I’d never worked with birds, I’d say a bird. But they’re like wonderful but they’re also like kind of mean and scary. So I’m like I don’t want to be a bird. They’re intelligent. They are calculating murderers. In like the sweetest, coolest way. That’s why I love them. I can relate. So are you ready? For dinner? Sure? Yeah. Dinner! Forget it! Let’s go have dinner. [Soft surf rock] Ok, we have a TV dinner here. Mini meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, pineapple upside down cake, and champagne jello. This looks stunning! And a little something for ambiance. That’s just cool. It’s a mashed potato volcano. Enjoy! Thank you! [Silverware clinking] You know, this is like my dream meal. I gotta say, if I died right now, I’d die happy. Oh, how sweet! Try the jello... Mmmmm….oh my god, I just thought of what animal I’d want to be... [Indecipherable words] [Loud Explosion] Honey, what do you think she was gonna say? Pony? Yeah, she would have been a really cute pony. She would be a great pony. Yeah... Pony? Pony. Yeah. So what’s the trick of getting space dust out of my dress? Do I pat? Don’t rub? Not only that, dear. But you’ve got just a touch of Carli on your face. Oh, really? More than touch. It’s, it’s quite a bit. Yeah, you do too. But hey...good last meal! Oh sweetheart, you did so great! I was a little nervous, to be honest. It was wonderful. Well…here’s to a great last meal. [glasses clink] Um, there’s a bit of Carli in the drink as well. We’ll get Tom to make another. [Slow classical musical]

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Aaron and Jessica welcome renowned animal photographer Carli Davidson to Blackberry Castle.

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