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If you'd like to integrate your Twitter account into the sidebar of your blog, this is how you do it: head to the Appearance menu and click on Widgets. Then, down here at the bottom, you should see one for Twitter. So what you need to do is just drag that over into whichever sidebar you'd like your Twitter updates to appear in, and then it will give you some options to fill out. Give it a title to let people know what's happening— here I'm going to just put something nice and simple like "Tweets". Next up, you'll want to add your Twitter username, and if you have multiple sidebars you can also drag multiple widgets in, with different usernames if you have more than one Twitter account. So now we've got that sorted; the next thing we're going to look at is the maximum number of tweets to show, which is basically going to be anything from one— if you just want to show the latest update in your sidebar— right up to twenty, if you really want to show a full cross-section of your stream. I'm going to go with the default of five here. If you don't want to include replies to other people, and just your main messages, you can click here to hide all "@username" replies, and that will get rid of them for you. I'm probably going to keep that in there, because I think the conversation's what Twitter is all about. Finally, you can add some text to display between the tweet and the timestamp, which I'll show you in just a moment. For now, let's just save this one up and see how that looks in the sidebar of my blog. So here's how it looks live on my blog, and if I move over here to the right, you can see that I've got the latest tweets followed by the timestamp, that can be clicked through to take you to my Twitter stream. Now, if I wanted to add this little extra word here—a space, "tweeted", and then add another space— and in my live blog you'll see that it's now added between the message and the timestamp—just the word "tweeted". So that's it. A super-quick way to get Twitter into your blog.

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Posted by: wordpresstv on Jul 22, 2009

This video walks you through a quick way to add your latest Twitter tweets to the sidebar of your blog, via the built in Twitter Widget. A self-hosters version of the tutorial is coming soon!

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