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2019 - Carla PRATT AUDIO REF

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So Good morning Carla! Good morning. This is Lillett and Carla Pratt so let’s do this all interview and let's start with the basics. So how do you start your Tupperware business? I started my Tupperware business to keep myself busy while my husband was away. He works thirty five and thirty five and right now he's in Saudi so he's always in a different country. But it was just something to have something to do because I was an empty nester. Oh I see. So you have children then. I do have children but they're grown and I have grandchildren and I do help babysit with the grandchildren during the day while the parents work. It's something I can do to help my kids but it's also something I can do for myself. Nice. And how long have you been doing this. This goes round because I was actually in Tupperware before we moved overseas four or five five years in the Middle East and a year in Mexico. But this time around it's going to be five years five years. Nice. So you're currently in Louisiana. Right? So how is the community over there? How has the community related to your Tupperware? business so far? Tupperware. And within as it's known and they're happy to have somebody available to them. They'd like to buy products that are quality products that will last. And we do it a lot of warranty because Tupperware has been around for a long time. But it's a great way to give back to them and they're excited when they can get a product. And it's broken and gets it fixed. They don't have to worry about going to purchase another one. We can give them a replacement. That's nice. So how do you go about doing the parties? We do. We focus a lot on home parties. We started to do a lot of more cooking at the home parties and that's been receptive by a lot of people. It's been received well because they like the fact that they can learn especially stack cooking they can learn how to do quick meals but good meals and we're changing their perception on what microwave cooking is really all about! Okay let's pause for a second. You know why it's so important here it is just checking. OK so in your parties do you talk about the opportunity? Yes we do. We do share the opportunity at every party. We speak to our host beforehand. Tell her all about it. The best way that we find is to more or less let them do the party. We kind of talked to them about it. Let them do the party see where their sales or see how easy it was for them to share the products with their guests, their friends and family. And then from there we can talk to them after the party about becoming a consultant and using their party that they just did as their grand opening taken their dealings and turned it into the start of their new business. OK so when you present opportunity do you have people who are doubtful and how do you go about the business with them? What do you tell them to either inspire them? convince from them or letting them know that this is an opportunity they can actually take on? A lot of them a lot of misconception is that they only going to get free products. So we explain to them from their sales how much money they could make if they signed up you know just from that one party. I mean if they do a five hundred dollar party that's a hundred and twenty five dollars and we explain to them Look how easy it was if you become a consultant it's not much more than what you did for your home party except the fact that you have a host bring her guest in and they're usually pretty receptive of it. You do have your doubters. They want to know can you really make money. And from there we explain to them that yes you can do more parties you date more sales you have the more you're going to make but also about growing the team and becoming a manager and you know recently I just got my first car. So that's a big thing right now. They didn't know Tupperware gave cars as they say. So that's been a big help to us as far as for convincing them that it is possible and out of the people that you already have in your team, What kind of backgrounds do they have? What kind of communities are they coming from? or lifestyles are they looking into working under own changes. Are they those stay at home parents. What's the kind of people they have. We have a big variety of backgrounds. I would say 80 percent of my team Have full time jobs. So this is a second job forum and out of that 80 probably about 30 to 40 would like to make Tupperware a career where they could stay home and earn enough money to do the same make the same money or more than they were making at their full time job but is able to spend a little more time with their kids and stay at home. My biggest joy is when I hear him say you not I'll never have anything planned on Saturday afternoon anyway or Sunday afternoon. So why not go to a party. So it's helping them diversity wise. You know we're from the south and you have a good mix of people. So everybody's got their own little cultures and all backgrounds and we just kind of accept everybody as they are. You know we explain to them how they can reach out. We find out how we reached out to them and we have them use the same thing to reach out to their people. That's very nice. And I imagine that with all these different kind of people it comes with a lot of different kinds of food. Like do you have any experiences with any particular recipes that you like that are diverse? or anything like that you want to share? We do have we do find that we get told a lot of the recipes that are given to us, We have to Cajun them because you know I come from 15 minutes from the Tabasco factory so we like spice from down south. So we have to sometimes change out the The spices you know add a little more flavor to it I call it, normally if it calls for like salt and pepper we’re just going to add Cajun spice instead because we have a good variety of people who make their own spices in our area? So we support the people that are in our area and try to use the spices in the food you know the seasonings from the people in our area so that we're supporting our local people and they're excited. So they support us as well. And within your organization is there any favorite product that everybody's like always wanting to get team wise, Everybody wants to stack cooker. So we're working to make sure that everybody has one and you know we're having them set up their own parties even so they can earn it as a host. And then that way they have to show off. I think the pressure cooker at this time of the year Is probably one of our best items that our team and our customers like because it's you know we don't come from a very big we don't get snow at all. And all that but when the temperatures drop below 50 it's cold in our area. And so they're all into making soups and stuff. So the pressure cooker is really great for that at this time of the year. So right now is the pressure cooker in the summertime. We have more people interested in the micro pro grill because then it gets a little warm to be a part of the barbecue pit outside so they can grill in their house so we just kind of take the season and work with whatever premium product we can at that time. That's nice. I've been to Louisiana and I love their cuisine amazing. And then also there's the trend to go more healthy with Food in general. Is that something that you see also within? The people that you're presenting the product? The opportunity Yes and no because there are some that are you know they're trying to do a lot more healthy eating. But when you from the south our food is not - Healthy it's just - It’s just delicious. It's just good. You can't you can't really make it healthy. So you know you still have your fans of your cuisine that's not going to ever want to change that. But we are teaching them more meal prepping for their way of life! Even if you know it's a lot more Cajun cuisine that you can fix and prepare and store ahead of time or how to take because I mean we don't cook small we cook large amounts. So our big thing is how to teach them to be able to plan over for later meals what's left from their current meal. OK that's good it helps also avoid food waste. Right? OK. So can you tell me more about your relationship? with your team how you build them how you inspire them and motivate them to do the business? We will have a perfect great team. We do have we do have our challenges. We do the weekly and monthly challenges. We work as a group. We try to keep everybody on we call it our Tupper family. So we try to keep everybody in close knit. But you have your different personalities and so sometimes it's better to reach out to them individually or whatever. But we encourage recruiting but we mostly encourage partying. We want to see everybody having parties because I feel like if they're at the party they're having fun they're going to grow financially and then their team is going to grow because people are going to want to join them because they're having fun. We we do a lot of one on one coaching with them. We will as a star director. A lot of them feel like when they join they can't reach out to me so you know I'm very adamant about sending them e-mails and in their messages welcoming them to the team by phone call or personal email. I also do a lot of snail mail blow cards and stuff to welcome them and I always include my phone number makes sure they know that no matter what who they're under what position they are in the chain that they're always welcome to reach out to me nice. And how do you leverage social media with all of this. We use Facebook a lot to contact like just we do a weekly on we call it Wednesday wisdom Wednesday is kind of a tongue twister and we spotlight one product not necessarily a premium product but we spotlight one product every Wednesday between me and my managers. One of us each goes live on a Wednesday and we would do a month in advance. Today we're actually going to be doing the season insert and we try to teach them the exact name of the product the correct name because you know like we'll hear the season insert they call it the marinate bowl , everybody wants the marinate bowl and it's like OK you need to learn and this is a great help for the new ones coming in they learn how to use the product. Some of the features of the product because we go to our back office and we try to find what we can. We do a little bit of digging on like YouTube and stuff to see what other people are saying about it. We give them some suggestions and some more choices to use to sell it. So I think that the wisdom Wednesday is working but we do it live on social. On Facebook in our group and that way they can come back to it if somebody has a question later. All the live feeds are saved so they can have it forever. Nice to see you incorporate your managers in these challenges and yourself. So you mentioned your directors as well so you Kind of bring them up to the point where they can become trainers and connect with more people. So do you think that plays a role into? their confidence and their empowerment. And also like just you know being a woman in business which is not something that is very common in corporate America to say or stuff like that. So. So how do you feel about that and being able to do that with them and for them? I do think that having them the managers help out by the time they get to the director level and hopefully I'll get star directors so naturally but by the time they get to that level I think they are confident. I still have like one manager right now. She does not like to do live. She is ok talking she just doesn't like her face. So what we have started doing is she'll do a Wisdom Wednesday and we have a spotlight like Put the camera just on the product and her hands. That's a little by little. And then when we go Live as a group then she's OK to do like as a group. So I think that it's building up their Self-confidence and it's making them aware that I can do this because you know like when you say oh I can't do live I said well you just did live. I just like to think of it that way. So you know I think a lot of it is they're worried about the image they project and I'm trying to get them to understand that there's a matter of your image you know and I can tell them Facebook this is your friends are Phone rings- “are you looking for portable health insurance But you know it's just to kind of make them realize what they're doing they don't even realize they're doing it and I'm not worried about what image they're projecting. They don't have to be just perfectly they don't have to have their hair perfect. You know none of that so it's I mean why we want them to look professional when they're doing a party and stuff if we tell them all the time if you're in your VIP group or if you're on your team page. These people know you. They know you how you are. So don't be scared if you don't have all the makeup on today or your hair is in a ponytail it's OK. Yeah it’s good of a journey for self-development for them. And that's what it is about. It's like getting there. Taking on the opportunity and embracing it and then being able to show others that they - right - they can do it and they can be this way as well and better their life for it. Awesome. So I have a very important question for you and that is why do you love what you do. I love what I do. First of all I love the product. That was my reason to sell way back when I could have joined any company I believed in Tupperware because my parents used my grandparents used it was just for forever in our home. It was an investment as my mom used to say was expensive when she'd go to a party. She could only buy one thing because you know she. She worked a full time job. My dad was a schoolteacher. She had three kids and you know life was you stretched that money. So she taught us the value of it. So and that's what I portray the value of it. I. I like being able to cook good meals quickly. So that's another great thing the business has taught me how to be more independent. I learned to travel alone this helped me later in life. The first time I was a director I went to leadership and the very first leadership I ever went to was the first time I ever had to fly alone. And it was in Colorado Springs which I hope to go whether so. But I had to fly into this you know all alone. And I had never I'd never been taking a trip by myself. I always had my kids my husband somebody was always with me. So it was it was a big independent stand for me as a person. And later when we moved overseas I had to travel internationally by myself because when you're flying you don't travel with something. And we learned the hard way through someone else. You don't travel. Husband and wife very often because if something happens your family loses too. So you have to learn to travel by yourself. So it was it was a big and for me it's like one of the things I tell all about my team members when they say oh I can't do this by myself I'm like oh yes you can you can do it. You know I had to take this big journey by myself. So I think it brings. It's brought me more independence. I was very independent as a person but I was more independent as a mom and a wife but not as an individual. So I think it made me more independent individually than anything nice. And also with your family how has this changed your family life in any way. If it has? Have your children participated in the business at any point or your husband or house? the support system you have with them or how do you support them knowing in your family life having this other income and all these other opportunities. My children are. I mean they're grown and they're on their own but they are supportive. They use our products because they were raised on them and they have done their own little. Like my son is a hunter so he keeps knife sharpened as he keeps two knives sharpened and at his house in a bag. So when he's cleaning animals or whatever he uses the knife sharpener to sharpen and so that he can show people how great it is. We have a camp and we use our products at the camp. So like the pasta maker we don't have a stove and there's no electricity but except my generator. So we use a microwave to do most of our cooking so like we can cook pastas that normally people can't really cook. And so that's something else that you know he takes part in. Him in his life and stuff. My daughter she I mean they're they use the products. So like if she has something at home or she brings it to work or whatever and she's telling them about it then she'll call and say so and so wants to order this. And she wants one for herself and stuff. But actual parties my very first parties the first two parties I dated when I started back my business this go round was with my two of my son's friends children like they're my sons I had a friend and his wife. So she did my first party and then my daughter in Law’s best friend did my second party. And these were 20 something Euros they were like twenty three twenty four Euros who were huge party. They were both over twelve hundred dollar parties because everybody was so new and receptive to it. And my party changed my original party changed the very first party I did with three years and that was because of my son Larry to this wonderful young lady that said oh you got to do this party for her. And so they did. So that that has been a big help and the support of my husband is absolutely amazing. He works 35 and 35 and when he's home. If I am passing out brochures I'm handing out Trinkets at a parade whatever I'm doing. He is right there at my side doing it with me. Never a complaint that you have to go to Tupperware actually for Jubilee because I babysit. Well I wanted him to come with me to Jubilee in August and he because he was actually home from Saudi. And he said No you go to Jubilee I'm going to stay home and take care of the baby so they don't have to get a baby sitter. He said I'll be OK. So he stayed with I went at the time she was only like five months old to keep the grand baby so that I could come and we didn't have to worry about upsetting the ecosystem I call it. So I got great support from my family. Very good support. That's amazing. And also like I take that you found now there's A bunch of millennial are there and don't know - About Tupperware - Right. And we when we are talking or whatever and they pull out like you know ‘fake-ware’ we call it I'm like oh that's not Tupperware I was at the shower one day in a bottle shower. Somebody said it's I'm I don't know what they would call a lock and store or something and somebody said oh some Tupperware. They said oh how you spell Tupperware and I said oh that's L O C K AND S T O R E that's not Tupperware. And they like what I said that is not Tupperware I'm not telling you how to spell. Oh no. They were laughing I said I'll show you all about Tupperware after. But that is not Tupperware so Tupperware is a brand a lot. That's the hardest thing for millennial is to realize plastic bowls is not Tupperware that Tupperware is actual brand. Yeah very good one. That's so nice. Is there anything else you want to add today? Anything any message you have for that people that are thinking about it. I just jump in. What would you tell them? Anything is possible and everything is possible with this business. The more you want to work the more you're going to grow the more you're going to make - and the better you'll be - awesome. Thank you so much Caroline. It’s been a pleasure. Don't worry. Just this. Let's take a little tape importance. It beats the little tape recorder. Yes it does.

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2019 - Carla PRATT AUDIO REF

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