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Mock Meeting for Minute Taking (1)

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Meeting Chair: Ok, so for this morning's meeting, we've got a couple of things on the agenda to discuss. Ehm, first off I'm going to start with talking about our scheduling processes. Cos I know some of our staff are using their Outlook calendars and some of our staff are using Webtracker. Some people use both. Ehm but that's creating double bookings and it's and those double bookings can create a lot of confusion in the front reception area when those double bookings do occur. Ehm, so I would like to talk about some processes around how maybe we can streamline it, that process to eh make it a little more easier for the receptionist and make the appointments flow a little, a little more fluidly. Ehm, are you using Webtracker or are you primarily using Outlook for yours? Blue blouse: I primarily use Webtracker but I try to keep Outlook just for my own personal appointments, but that doesn't mean there couldn't be some conflict there. MC: Right. Cos if you had an appointment or something like that, that might not be reflected in the tracker. [BB: Exactly.... exactly.] [MC: Ok and what about yourself?] Ehm, I use both but I find that I'm in a really unique situation because I am the contact between the two different facilities. [MC: Right.] So, our only contact with the other facility is through Webtracker. [MC: Ehem.] Ehm, however all of our facilitators use Outlook. So I'm having to do Outlook because it's easier for them to pull up emails as opposed to Webtracker because depending on where they are, they might not have access. Eh, so I know what, like, happened this week with ehm one of our classes we had a whole bunch of appointments. It was in Outlook but it was not in Webtracker. And then they were double booked into Webtracker ... [MC: Ok.] .... as well as doing the training sessions. So, ehm, we had major confusion (laughs). [MC: Yeah ..] [BC laughs.] [MC: Ok.] BB: So what's the solution? I .... My thoughts are... I've already talked to IT and we cannot, we cannot merge both. So ... there won't, there won't be any communication between our Webtracker calendar and the Outlook calendar so that's not going to be an option for us. So ... my thoughts are either we suggest to people Use one or the other, and then the company is all on the same page so that there's no confusion. [BB: We all just need to use Webtracker.] [MC: Yeah] Yeah because our downtown location also has access to Webtracker as well and with Outlook you have to grant access to everybody to be able to view different calendars which I think could be very confusing. BC: Well, Webtracker being web-based as well, if we are away we can still ... [MC: remote] ... check it that way. [MC: yeah] ... BC: Emmm. Ok so are you guys ok with that? [BC: Yes, yeah.] [BB: Yes.] Ok so I'll head that one up and ehm, we'll have to send out some sort of communication to staff, eh, regarding that. BC: Yeah, if you want to, em, put a, maybe like a little tutorial together on how to use [MC: Perfect.] .... the full on Calendars use in Webtracker. [MC: Yeah]. BC: Eh, the next thing I'm going to need to do is obviously change our policies. [MC: Eh hem] So that it reflects that we're no longer using the Outlook for calendars ... [MC: Right] ... eh ... purposes and ... make sure that the training packages associate with the policies. [MC: Ok.] BC: So if we can do that. And then eh, we're going to have to get that out to ... or to all the employees.... [MC: Yeah] as soon as possible so that we don't have a major issue like we had earlier this week. [MC: Right, ok] MC: Perfect. So that will go with your policy updates ... ... and I'll do that.. BC: So in regards to the communication then are we looking at doing a mass training? ehm Cos I know that this week we do have a staff training, an all-staff training. [MC: That's right] ... Or do we want to do it via email? BB: Let's do both. I think we could, yeah, [MC: I, I would agree with you.] [BB: Everyone's always at those massive staff trainings.] BB: Yeah. and then we'll also have something written down we can refer to to make sure we're doing it correctly. So we'll do both. We can send an email and we can also touch base, ehm, with our all staff meetings on Thursday with everybody. [MC: Does that sound good?] [BC: Perfect] [MC: Ok] BB: While we're on the topic of emails ... [MC: Yeah] I don't know about the rest of you but I get a lot of emails. [MC: Of course] and of course I respond to all of them eventually but I think it would be really helpful if ... ... (A) our subject lines were more specific [MC: Ok] Ehm, sometimes people don't even put a topic in the subject line [MC: yeah, yeah] [BC: yeah] and it drives me crazy and ... but even more it would be great if we could label it maybe 'Urgent' or ... [MC: 'Please read'] ... or 'FYI'. [MC: Yeah] ... or 'Response Required' or 'Response not required' just something to help me prioritise those emails. I think in regards to that though ... Sorry. [MC: No no, go ahead, go ahead.] Em, people, I've been getting a bunch of emails that are, like, high importance ... that are not high importance, like [MC: hmm] [BB: That's true] So I think we need to have some sort of a, ehm, get a policy in regards to whose or what actually constitutes a high priority (chuckles)... That needs to be dealt with quickly. MC: Ok. BB: Do you want to get together tomorrow, or... ? [BC: Sure.] [BC: Yeah then we can probably follow up] [BB: get it sorted out] And then we'll get to determine what the actual words are that we're going to use and BC: Wonderful. BB: Yeah? BC: Absolutely MC: And then we can communicate that out.... So if you guys could put that together... [BB: Sure] MC: Em, and then I can also include that in the staff-wide email that I'll send out... [BC: Ok] MC: eh, regarding scheduling ... so that way... ... [BC: we can talk about it at our training] ... MC:... yeah ... ok perfect. BB: Perfect, ok. Ehm, lastly on our agenda is the office party that is coming up. Em... we don't have very many people on our social committee and it's quite a bit of work for just one person to be doing on their own so I don't know if the two of you would be interested in helping participate in that. If not, .... I know there's a lot of stuff going on and everybody has lives outside of work. Em, so that's also something that I'll probably send out in an email as well but I thought I'd offer it to you guys if that's something you were interested in. But we'd need to have, I would say, a handful of people, maybe at least three or four working on it collaboratively to eh ... Ok, so you're interested in us and, and us recruiting others. MC: Yes! [BB: OK yeah, no problem.] [BC: Yeah, ok.] [MC: Perfect!] But by no means, don't feel pressured to participate in it. But if you have the time, em, .. [BB: that's fine] ...I would greatly appreciate it. [BB: Ok] Ehm, so we've taken care of that. Any other things? Any other outstanding objects and topics we need to talk about? No, I think we're good. I think we're ready for eh our staff meeting tomorrow [MC: Perfect!] So I'll start working on the scheduling process communication You guys can touch base with the policy updates and the email subject lines, that we can all put that together for everybody for Thursday. And that seems like we've covered everything. [MC: Alright? Perfect, ] [BB: thanks] [MC: Thanks Ladies!] [BC: Ok, thank you.] [BB: Ok] [MC: Take care] [BC: Thanks]

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Mock Meeting for Minute Taking (1)

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