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2011 - The Science of Self Forgiveness is in the Water

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The Signs of Self-Forgiveness The signs of self-forgiveness Yes, would you believe it There is a science in self-forgiveness Just as there is a science in homeopathy of extreme simplicity and it all lies within The secret of water The fact that water is the holder of, the placeholder of Memories! and that it holds it in multi-dimensions So let's go to an explanation of Homeopathy Homeopathy for instance you have a disease The disease in itself will manifest as particular Type of consequences That is measurable experienced According to that the technician will identify what form, what substance on earth simulate the same experience that you are having, as a disease They will then take that and create the frequency Because what you will have, how the disease manifested would be by a frequency a signature a design a mark that will be in your water In your body and you'll experience the physical effect of it So They'll then create, the likeness of it As a substance of Earth, something that is on Earth That is in the likeness of the disease you have. And it will put it into water. Distilled water Nowadays they also use alcohol And then you will take the medicine and the medicine will then.. If it is "correctly" analyzed and at the correct potency That means its frequency or its "sound" That's not totally as you would understand sound It is.. It's very Signature of its substance of its existence If that is equal then the two meet and it simply ceases to exist So You could take a poison For instance some medicines would be a poison and it will be potentized at an potency level Which means it's not physically measurable but its affect is still measurable in the water Which is the same way a disease operates Most cases a doctor will diagnose you by symptoms Not by actually measuring the actual physical disease That is very seldom done by the time the disease can be "physically" measured You're in deep trouble First the doctor will treat you for the symptoms Unfortunately because that's done in the normal way with medicine and not in the correct way It will actually suppress the symptoms and a new disease will develop The homeopathy way obviously if done properly by a technician Of which there are very few in the world, if any at this stage You know long time ago when the First ones worked with this, they knew what they were doing They were also not very good in explaining exactly what they are doing So we're going to expound to this and explain as much as possible until it this is effectively understood Because self-forgiveness operated "exactly the same way" Because with self-forgiveness you are using the living word As a likeness of the blemish are or the limitation or the discomfort or the past event You use self-forgiveness as a living word and the two would meet and just like they have proven in science When two like points would meet They simply both ceased to exist Because they cancel each other out Exactly in the same way self-forgiveness If done, in exactly the image and likeness in absolute self-honesty The self-forgiveness will wipe out the point which is being your nemesis for a life time in a single breathe Obviously if you are not getting it out in a single placement Then it takes a process The process that you are actually walking is simply the process of understanding exactly what it is you are suppose to forgive Until you find that obviously you are going to have a little bit of trouble Now in homeopathy It is exactly the same A good technician of which there are none virtually in the world that will be able to establish the exact image and likeness of what it is they must produce Eventually homeopathy will be that specific and then one enter the image and likeness of that into the water The patient drinks the medicine and the disease as it exists in the patience's water "is canceled out"! Perfect science! and scientifically, proven many times This is how it operates and when you do self-forgiveness in this way You change immediately If you don't change what do you know? You didn't yet get the exact image and likeness of what it is that's haunting you! What it is that is hidden within your water and therefore you take it away layer by layer Until you understand it, and suddenly in After ten thousand self-forgivenesses As you remove the layers you get to "the one" that caused it all and you do that self-forgiveness and your world change in an instant and you are no more who you were and you are healed, you are whole and you are sound and you are here and a whole new life starts and you can't speak and You are unable to deal with the world until you are in fact "clear" reestablished here Though understand The words are placed very specifically to trap the egoists Because we have placed it so specifically to help you So that your ego may not take this and turn this into knowledge and again You screw with everybody's minds There is a destiny for everyone and there is one destiny It's a destiny of Life Therefore it was placed as one desteni and if you can't walk with this one desteni You will not be able to find the real point of the self-forgiveness because you'd be walking your ego! And you will not be able to walk the group as one, as equal as Life Which is obviously only one and that is here as Desteni That's why we explain the science of it, in simplicity We explain everything in simplicity You've made it difficult So understand The science of self-forgiveness, is of great simplicity but if you change the "starting point"! and you claim that you will do it "your way" In that very moment, you become separated from what is already done and therefore you can't go home and remember it's already done, desteni is done already We're already home and All we are doing is making sure that you don't Screw with yourself and take eternity to get home So we'd rather show you where your ego gets in the way Self-forgiveness cancels out your disease If your starting point is in the image and likeness of the disease But if your disease is ego and from there you try and fix it with self-forgiveness You will just create another ego and then you have a problem because then you have "several" and when they start talking into each other, you are in deep deep trouble So join us, where we have support to assist you to make sure you do not deceive yourself Because you can never deceive us, it is impossible Because those that deceive deceive to apparently prove something but they don't need to Because in deceiving they are proving that they are deceiving That's all that is necessary for one to know The rest is irrelevant because you can never be diverted from that which is truly who you are Which is Life If that is who you are in fact If you can be diverted, then you are not Life and you should be Concerned Find your way, to where there is a clear understanding scientifically Mathematically "of how things work in a fixed physical reality" Because there, a new world is possible and in no other way can this be done than the way we have shown and that is very specific So don't lend out your ears Do the math do the science We will explain this in detail as we go along

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