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The design of - wife beater

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Wife Beater - The design of Wife Beater Hi this is the design of the wife beater communicating about wife beaters now the wife beater principle constructed manifestation of the mind systems as human beings in the world is also related to human beings who exert their anger and frustrations disappointments, hatred, disgust at separated manifestations, outside of themselves such as wife beaters wife beaters are but the example- of what happens when human beings exert their anger to something separated from them whether it is even when you've become so bloody frustrated and angry full of hatred and anger and- (ahh) like that and you go out to the gym and punch it out - problem because you're still not solving- the emotional manifestations and expressions within yourself you're actually giving it more power so when you punch or hit or exert your anger out on something someone else separated from you you're actually building up that very system that very mind construct system within you that is same with wife beaters, what did they do? they have through their Life build up suppressed anger frustration hatred disgust disappointment within them when they've become angry they exert the anger out and everyone else they will (ahhhh ~) you know and then, again there is innocent woman standing in front of them and then they go (phw) (ahhh) they don't see the woman, they see another manifestation to which they are able to exert their anger frustration hatred disappointment- disgust as they go through their process of building up their mind system within them it is a mind system buildup enhancer - wife beaters there is no different to a wife beater than to human beings who beat up anything else in their world their starting point is exactly the same just where and to what their exert their anger out to might be different yes but the starting point is the same exerting anger if you in any way exert and express your anger to anything outside of this world you're building up your mind system and it will get worse to the point you might even be able to kill someone because you won't be able to stop yourself you won't be able to control yourself because you build up some mind system within you- very very long time and you enhanced it- to actually allow yourself to exert the anger therefore, human beings when you in any moment now there are- beings who you know exert their anger frustrations out on human beings separated from them and it happens like in a moment it just kinda something just clicks and you just go now I urge you to become aware of those moments as almost when you feel that anger just like wanting to build up and that frustration and that irritation just want to build up and you just want to shout I would suggest: stop in that moment, you stop yourself immediately understand that if you allow yourself to continue in such anger frustration irritation hatred, exertion separated from you you are building up a mind system within you and that is dangerous that is really dangerous mind systems are unpredictable to a certain extent especially in the moments when the mind might just tick, and you are out and you do something which you will regret later and which you have to pay the consequence for this is serious stuff human beings, and it's not to be play with especially the mind especially the exertion of anger, so before you even get the hint of irritation the hint of anger that you want to express either through words or through physicality to anything or anyone in your world, it doesn't matter you stop yourself you control yourself because and even if you're in a process where you become rather addicted to such exertion of emotional frustration irritation or anger to anything or anyone in your world after you have done it, you stop yourself and you apply forgiveness immediately in the process you will start noticing more that you will becoming aware of the anger and the irritation and the frustration build up before you are actually exerted it out to anything or anyone else in your world and those are the moments of self-control comes in, when you have to! stop yourself you say to yourself: No! stop! human beings do not allowed yourself to exert anger frustration and irritation to anything or anyone else in your world it- not deserved it doesn't matter what the reason or what the cause now from what I am speaking I am exerting anger or frustration I am speaking- direct it is a directness I am silent within myself- clear, there is nothing moving there is a difference but to those who still act! in anger frustration- hatred irritation stop yourself do not allow yourself to go there, understand if you go there you are enhancing your mind within yourself and you are not only harming yourself extensively but also that beings- who you are exerting your anger frustration irritation out upon and I will be very cautious around children- very cautious because you don't know what one moment of anger, irritation and frustration outburst of the mind! within you towards a child to influence that child's Life for the remainder of that child's Life therefore, self-control human beings you feel that anger irritation frustration build up, you stop yourself because you know that is not who you are and you apply forgiveness for even allowing yourself to participate in such emotions of anger frustration irritation do not exert it on anything else stop it thank you very much Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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