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Missing Child Killed by DAD - Agar 2/2

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Agar 2 of 2 This is Agar again and I am continuing- where I explained where my father buried me back in our home's garden and he cleaned up the blood, quite sufficiently and he immediately phoned my mother and asked her if she knew where I was and she said that she- said I was suppose to be in the house she said she's going to check with friend's house and my friend's houses and he said he would and only that was stayed inside the house for awhile about an hour and a half and then he phoned her again and he said that I am nowhere to be found and- that I was not at home not at any friend's houses and that's when my mother reported me missing and they think that I am still missing but I am not, my father killed me in his absolute state of madness and anger and frustration and this occurs so often with children in this world and how their parents take out their angers and frustration out on children, and it's like we are just here so that parents can take out their anger and frustration and irritation out on us and to the extent where it just consumes them and they kill us with no guilt no regret no sorrow I mean my father was relieved that I was dead and I was killed by his own hands because I was apparently- the problem the fault that cause his Life to be the way it is so any parent within this world that believe their child is the cause of their problems their Life how it is how it has been experienced how can it be that is impossible you within yourself is the one responsible for how you are experiencing yourself how we express ourselves how we participate in this world who we are how we do things that is ourselves in the moment and parents yelled and screamed and shouted become irritated, agitated angry for what? and understand whenever you experience even the slightest but if anger or irritation, or frustration towards a child that's reacting within yourself due to your own shit that you have accepted and allowed within yourself and it's so subtle small moments that seemed harmless that has caused the greater effect in which the unified field balanced out manifestations within this world where for instance my father would go completely insane become possessed by anger frustration and irritation and just blamed it on me and take it out on me me being the cause for all the problems in this world in this reality because that's what goes on in many parent's minds that the children that the child is a burden when you are actually the burden in your own Life and so how the unified field work is that if all the parents within this world even in those slightest moments become angry or frustrated or irritated will balance out that equation of reaction within the unified field but a few- parents within this world such as my own- father and you will literally become overloaded with anger frustration irritation and then do something that he couldn't stop himself human beings- I live in their world as thought it is not it is not harming or influencing anything or anyone else but even your slightest reaction frustration anger irritation towards a child influences- on a global world scale is anger frustration irritation agitation towards children really necessary? it is not just be direct- calm stable constant here and speak clearly parents who use agitation irritation anger frustration out on children that is learned behave from your parents that's how you think children should be treated because you were treated that way I suggest parents should have a self-honest look at their relationship towards their children have a look at how you and what you've always placed as acceptable because it's how you were taught! because it's how you were that's how you grow up, that's what you grow up with it is unacceptable, you breed that very anger frustration irritation within yourself within your child and then the line just continue and eventually it down along the line you break, and then it's- it's the extent that you will kill that is why I asked parents to reconsider speak direct one and equal straight forward constant calm- here with your children and realize that whatever behaviors within your children cause reactions within you they are showing what exists inside you it's learned behavior from you that they have adapted to become themselves because you are the example I do not think parents understand their responsibility that goes to having a child and you should really start realizing reconsidering your expressing and participation with children and sort out your own frustrations irritations angers reactions agitations within yourself do not try to sort it out through blaming or taking it out on us thank you CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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