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Citilab Model?

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The first question is that I see that Citilab has raised a certain level of expectation... if it were the great white hope for a type of centre that, in a wide sense, is related to the public. We want to contain those expectations and demonstrate exactly how we are. What I am presenting today is the idea that there is behind it because we consider that a centre which is rooted in technology is a cultural centre, Maybe some people would question, if a centre for technology could be cultural centre Our reply is affirmative And I will try to explain why. There is something called technological culture that will be an aberration for some, but for others is a contradiction in terms, and I hope for the majority is something to be explored. Around this apparent contradiction Around this oxymoron that some would make of technological culture we have organized a whole centre with a series of activities and with the objective Basically, to expose technological culture to a wide population and to ensure that in some way, this wide population can put into practice the processes of social, economic, cultural, innovation that is associated with the culture of digital technology. Citilab is a case-study of design Of design coming out of digital culture That's to say, we can express it as though digital were a machine, with an operating-system and a network. We'll look at what this machine comprises, how this operating-system works, and to what extent we are connected to the network of other centres to bodies, to individuals, to citizens in general. Summing up, what this machine wants is to be a Citi - Lab. basically, a citizens' laboratory where those citizens can experiment because they appropriate digital culture and make it their own. And from here on it is our perception That's to say, we are that machine putting these processes into action And if we do it relatively well, these processes will turn out well And if we don't do it well, they won't turn out so well. We've opened this format of citizens' laboratory that is at a specific percentage at the stage of reaching consolidation I wouldn't be so optimistic in this sense. I am sure that a large part of these design ideas could be adapted to other objectives and other ambits and It is to a large extent why I put what we've done and why very clearly on the table. I really believe that One can come out And one can ensure that Now, that it be THE model to follow frankly, is very heavy responsibility In any case, if you wanted to be a little cruel, one would almost have to ask me how is it possible that from a cultural perspective one comes to a technological centre and you think that this be the model to follow. But didn't we say that one thing was technology and the other culture? You could ask that question if you wanted to be mischievous But maybe this isn't the way of tackling it, is it? Simply, we have found this solution because we have applied our usual way of designing If it's of use to you, we can work together. Or if you are interested in developing and refining your own let's talk about it, as we are already talking with a lot of centres around Catalunya and from other places.

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Posted by: citilab on Sep 30, 2009

Ramon Sangüesa on the Citilab model

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