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I liked how you are getting used to it But, there is a thing you need to take care of Recognize the person you are playing with When is he going high or when low Because once you play alone, each of your hands will play something different So you need to know how to balance Okay, we keep on practicing together till I master it Are you hungry? Now I will go home and cook something No need to hassle with cooking, it is late already Let's go to the same place we usually go to Eh, okay Did you take your medicine? well, seems like I did not What would you do with your life without me! I do not know! Today is really warm Yeah! the weather is really warming up Thank you Shall we have our regular order? Let me check, I am thinking of trying something new Where is your watch?! Maybe I forgot it somewhere, Do you want us to check it there after we eat? No, do not bother! I will check it later Oh, Thank you! Seems like you really care about what I gift you honestly, I sold it You sold the watch?! yes Why? Whom are these for?! for you What is this!? for the first two months, I spoke to a friend who lives close to the university you are going to you will stay at his place for the first two months and then by the third month, I will send you money for your next 6 months but I do not want to travel! but you need this! Imagine you will study professionally just practicing here with me is taking you no where so, you applied for me, booked my ticket and decided where will I stay but you did not even take my opinion about it do not look at it this way how then? - you need this! - So I can't practice here? I need you to push me away? you just want me to leave from here? return it. I am not going anywhere Where are you going?! Alo, I am Talal's sister

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Posted by: shpanda95 on May 24, 2018

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