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The Venus Project Tour Seminars 2017

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The Venus Project Tour Seminars Saturdays in Venus, Florida I am from Ukraine. People from different countries come here just to see the Project. I come from Egypt. We’re from Nebraska. Argentina Australia Michigan Wisconsin North Texas 800 miles, here I am, I did it. Mexico Canada Lithuania Switzerland Lima, Peru Iz Rossii [Russian] Valencia, Spain Czech Republic Fort Lauderdale, Florida São Paulo, Brazil We drove 23 hours, it was 100 percent worth it. So thank you. So excited. Met so many great people here and got excited with the ideas. Who we are is a reflection of the environment around us. That was the key for me. Everything that you think about you got from within your culture. Whatever value system you are given is to promote the culture that you’re raised in. I’m an industrial designer. We love design, we love everything about The Venus Project. It's our seventh visit to The Venus Project. Each one’s been better and better; we got more knowledge, more information. Even though Jacque is not here with us Roxanne lectured, showed us around. It was a good experience. Roxanne was excellent and patient with everybody’s questions. I’m blown away with how well Roxanne has carried the torch. The Resource Based Economy is certainly-... If the species is going to survive we’re going to have to go to that. I don’t think there’s any question on that one, at least not in my mind. We don’t have the money to even house people all over the Earth, but we have enough resources. That’s why we advocate for a Resource Based Economy, not a money-based society. You know the stuff you learn here, the books and the documentaries help, but actually coming here to see the buildings, the architecture, everything, it’s one of the greatest experiences of my life. That’s the sole reason we came out here. Everything that I was hoping for, in reality exceeded my expectation. This is something I talk about with everybody, I preach the word of The Venus Project to everybody I bump into. Highly recommend it to anyone, it will change your life. I want a little spot right over there. But the number of man-hours that’s been put into all the different models and drawings, it's overwhelming. I’m an architect and urban planning engineer. I’ve been following Jacque’s work for years. Say about 14 years, so I’m very familiar with the concept of The Venus Project. A problem-solving mentality ... where collaboration and extensionality is the root. You have to see it by your eyes. A life-size concept of what it could really look like. Designing this way and using resources wisely means everybody has a high standard of living. Coming out here to Venus would be something any budding environmentalist or social advocate would benefit from. It’s like nowhere else you’ve ever been if you’re interested in progress, overall, for everyone. The lifestyle we could have is unlike anything that we know of today. People say "Well how can we eliminate the problems that we’ve had?" “We’ve always had problems of war and poverty and anger.” That’s because we’ve always had scarcity. The system perpetuates scarcity and the Resource Based Economy is to promote abundance as quickly as possible. And if we don’t do that we’ll have problems. We could have a fantastic future. Designs Jacque Fresco Models Jacque Fresco & Roxanne Meadows Video Edit + Photography Joel Holt Music Liz Lim, Animations Jeff Grigsby 2017 The Venus Project

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Year: 2017
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Posted by: ltiofficial on Aug 9, 2017

The Venus Project tour is an informative and educational experience like no other. It is a powerful way to get a better understanding of this optimistic and attainable future as envisioned by Jacque Fresco and now carried forward by co-founder Roxanne Meadows.

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