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Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

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[prop airplane engine] (Sean) We need someone to take us to an island, located here. (Kailani) That's the deadliest part of the ocean. There is no island there. Ooh, baby, easy peasy. Let's go. [screeching] Oh! That's my security system. I'd rather take the Titanic. (Sean) Here's the deal. A few nights ago, a radio signal got sent out from these coordinates. It could be the mysterious island that Jules Verne wrote about. (Hank) You think you're going to travel halfway around the world, and meet up with some lunatic who is messing around with a ham radio? (Sean) It's not some lunatic. It's my grandfather. He's been looking for mysterious island for over half of his life. [helicopter blades whirring] Whoa! (Gabato) Hold on! [whirling sound] (Kailani) Where are we? (Sean) Hey, I think I found a way off the beach. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... The Mysterious Island. [trumpeting] If this is heaven, I'm checkin' in. (Kailani) This is amazing! (Alexander) Well, don't just stand there! Grandpa! [Grandpa laughing] Who's up for an adventure? (Kailani) What is this place? Atlantis. (Gabato) Mountain of Gold! (Sean) I can't believe it. (Alexander) In two weeks, we'll be on the cover of Time magazine. (Sean) This is amazing! (Gabato) Oooh. (Alexander) Let me warn you, this island is full of dark jungles, and terrifying creatures. That's emasculating. What was that? This island's about to go under. Oooh! (Kailani) How much time to we have? (Hank) Two, thrree hours, max. These aren't rocks. They're eggs. (Sean) We just need to move carefully. Lizards have an incredible sense of smell. [sniffs] Oh-oh. Oh! (Kailani) If we get torn to bits,... Run! ...I'm blaming you. Way to slay the heart. Getting the attention of a woman is one of the hardest things to do. So you have got to do this. [jungle drums] What is that? The pec pop of love. Now go on, and throw a berry. Boom. [Captions by]

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