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(TECHNO MUSIC IS BEING PLAYED) Hi!, I love traveling around my own home country Brazil and since settling in London I miss being there but I´ve found this little Cafe near. Where I live where lot of brazilians go at the weekends. So I spend lots of time there. Today, I´m gonna be talking to people about traveling and their favorite places. Do you have any holidays or trip planned? I just been on holidays so I came back last week from Singapour That was amazing, It was really a good time over there. Yeah, in about six weeks, I should be going to Barbados for four days Yes, I do, I´m going to Canada this summer I go to Canada every summer because is where my family I haven´t any dates planned yet,but we should be off for our three weeks I´m going to Center Park next week with some friends from uni then I´m going to Scotland for my cousin´s wedding. I´m going to visit a friend July in Spain for a week as well I´ve wanted to go Kuala Lumpur to visit some of friends out there of working. So, I´m looking for to do that No yet, maybe Scotland. Ain´t have much time I haven´t get some in plan concrete But next year I tend to travel to China by the trans up very roadway I want to start St Petersburg and ends up in Beijing I´ve got some friends that live in Beijing. I´m here from Australia. So we´re on a working holiday at the moment I´m going to Scottland. Do you have a favourite place? I really like to get a place where I´ve been as a child. So um,we always went to the north Sea, of the this part of Germany, Büsum. It´s a tinny village, but I spend half I used there It was just amazing my holidays I would like to go back there. Just for memories. Well, I was born in Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago. It´s tranquilful. I don´t have favourite place to go to the same place a lot, because I like to explore. So, I prefer to go to different places My favourite place to go on holiday is probably still Corfu - a little places called Ayastefanos I enjoy to go to South Wales, I grow there. And I enjoyed go back there. The old friends and the old places that I used to go. There are few places in London, I just visit on vacation, few parks that I like Such as Hampstead Health. Maybe my nana´s house in Melbourne I don´t have favourite places in London, I used to leave to Sidney, Australia, and there was a hidden beach down of the South coast where I used to go and no many people went there, it´s very quite I love peace and quite. Do you have a regular haunt that you like to visit? At the moment I´m living in Hackney so in East London and it’s, there’s a really brilliant market, it’s called the Broadway Market. It’s every Saturday and it’s 1 just amazing -so there’s lots of art people, lots of music people it’s really … good food. It’s a really, really nice place to be on a Saturday and just to relax. Coffee Shop My favourite places to visit in London, would be Primrose Hill. there are a few benches on the top of that hill and, er just to go there in the evenings and relax,maybe read a book and er take in, take in the view There’s actually a place called Fleet River Bakery It’s quite near my university and it’s one of those places in London you can go and feel like you’re not in London so I quite like it because it’s um, kind of ‘olde worlde’ and it’s got a, um, log fi re and you can get away from it all and meet your friends and it’s just nice.

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