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Mark Twain 3

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Samuel Langhorne Clemens (Mark Twain) 3 This is Mark Twain so, I was water and I observed earth and from that interdimensional access so that I could also observe the dimensional existence and you can't help ask but, you know why? what is going on here because you see these strange manifestations- interdimensional manifestations inside human being's physical bodies and, you see demons latching on to human beings, interdimensionally you see, guides or angels or masters or whatever the hell you want to call them and they are just standing around watching children being abused watching murders occurring watching violence proliferating and, they're suppose to be what- guards? masters? angels? and they are allowing this stuff, they are allowing demons to consume human beings possess them and they are just hanging back allowing all of these on earth to- manifest and kind of then you wake up because then you realize it is impossible for a something of a god like essence to exist in anyway whatsoever, if dimensional beings are suppose to be in charge who are labeled as gods and masters and angels are standing by and allowing such horrific acts to to take place and you know and then, then it's- a fascinating experience because then you start realizing that the power or control of existence in this world is in- beings dimensional beings who have no care, who have no regard because they are allowing such acts to proliferate and to continue standing back, actually allowing it watching it and you know I don't know if anyone else realized this so I- all I did was just I just continued observing I just continued looking at what is going on here you know, why is everything this way why are dimensional beings that are in power and control of this existence allowing these things on earth to manifest, to continue why is this happening? where is something that is responsible for this? where is someone or something that is responsible that is able to take responsibility and just sort all this out? because surely human beings are what they are because of the allowance not only of themselves, but also because of these dimensional beings we know that they are able to take action and stop certain acts but allowing it and apparently you know as I observed and I continued to observe these interdimensional manifestations in existence it's apparently god what do you call it? karma and lessons to be learned ok so who designed that? who says that human beings must experience war rape murder molestation abuse, violence because of a lesson because of karma or what the hell you want to call it to me, human beings are completely unaware not a clue, not a- inkling of an idea of what was actually happening to them because no one could see these interdimensional beings allowing the shit I mean fuck if you would have stood there and experienced being abused and you could see a dimensional being standing next to you just watching doing fuck-all you would have gotten- pissed off extensively, you would have probably went: What the hell is going on unless you were mind warped to believe that that event had to take place for you apparently to learn a lesson that's mind warped that's what I would call it and that's what it seemed all of humanity has become - mind warped into believing firstly that, whatever is being experienced- it has some grand design or has some purpose or some reason justifying their experiences, defending their experiences what? no! I'm honestly able to say to you, that there is no reason and no purpose for anything that exist in this world at the moment because it is not supporting you, it is not supporting anyone and only up to two years ago did, I realize that- part that there is no one in existence that's going to stand up unless I do or unless each and every single human being does and dimensional being included and that each one of us have to stand up and take responsibility to start directing, effectively and manifest that who we are that dimensional expression that was allowed in the dimensions that unconditional freedom- of expression that wasn't allowed to be here on earth to manifest here on earth now and there has been beings that has been experienced that but just not here on earth and that's why we call it heaven to be manifested on earth to manifest that unconditional self expression as who we really are freedom you know freedom at the moment we are not free (no) we are imprisoned by beliefs perceptions ideas that we are apparently required to learn lessons, through karma no, it's not true (sigh) so that is all I have to say at the moment and, I hope that brought you some insight into what I have experienced and the current manifestation of this world it's not who you are, I am able to say that with certainty and who you are, is manifesting as every moment we in the dimensions apply ourselves effectively thank you, this is Mark Twain For more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Victor 'Vic' Tayback, James Byron Dean, Murdo MacDonald-Bayne CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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