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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~14:30:52 - 14:45:52

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What's that? Which is dead? Which is dead? Which is dead? This one is dead? I swim to where. I'm up there! I am dead! Where do you go? It holds still... Sure you do it this way. I'm tired of it. Zhanna, shall I bring a chopper to you too, to play in the water? Yes, a chopper right now. Here you are, Zhanna, take this one, it's for you. Zhanna! What? You don't need. Hey. ― What? ― While the batteries go flat, these would slow down. But I have a ship then. Chopper is better, but they are just... However a chopper can fly, argh... Fly, and also swim. Look there! Mine goes down too, I don't know why! And mine... Here it is. Mine looks like a letter. No, take it easy. Here is the duckling. Shall we play here? You take your fish, here you are. I know where the duckling is. And do you know where the fish is? No, only the duckling. That's all. The duckling is not yours. I only know the duckling, only the duckling! I did not see your fish, only the duckling was there. ― Zhanna! ― What? Don't know then. Not any more. ― Well done! You lost it. ― No, I didn't, it was over there. Find it right now. Hurry up, find it. It was not me who lost it! Who lost it? When you were playing, you forgot to take it. And the duckling was there. I didn't take it and someone took it. So you took it. I didn't... I never steal ducklings. Go find it. I don't want to. Hurry up. And you won't listen to the radio. The radio is ours! ― No! ― Yes! We brought it in. ― From where? ― From Shymkent. From Shymkent? From Shymkent. Timkent. And don't touch the chopper either. ― Your chopper. ― However, somebody else did that one. And the ship is mine, I did it. Hey, you! You made the gun! ― You made the gun, not the ship. ― What gun? Right over there, isn't it? Later. And I have made a cross. I shall then go and play. And you are not allowed now! No, I was allowed. No, you are not. Let's play in turns? You shall be first, and I shall be last, OK? Well, where are my slippers? For now, put on the big pair. For who are these slippers? These shoes are for common use. Yes, they are. ― Here everything is for everybody to use. ― Yes, and upstairs everything is common to use too. Yes, you don't need to say "this is ours!" This is ours, and this, and this! Yes, don't do it this way. ― Zhan! ― What? ― I should better be the first. ― Let me. Yes, for sure. Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! ― Vasya, can I play too? ― We shall play now. ― Shall we go play football right now? ― What? Shall we have a ball game? ― With who? ― With me. ― Play football? ― Yes. ― Where? ― On the field. Shall we go? Let's go. Roma, shall we go? Where is my slipper? ― Zhanna? ― What? ― Go home and fetch the ball from the sitting room. ― This one is new, we cannot touch it. ― Dad allowed us to take it. Where is my slipper? What's with your slippers? I don't know where you put your slippers. Here you are. ― Who put them somewhere? You? ― You put it somewhere. No. I'll go and bring the ball. ― You stay here, Zhanna. ― I'll go with you. Well, let's go. Aunt Valia! Are you going? Zhanna, shall we play football, are you going? Come on, let's go. Let's get in position. I'll put on sneakers. ― Where? ― Let's go. Rom, please do not cry. Aunt Valia! Aunt Valia must be somewhere upstairs. Don't cry. You'd better go and have a look. Aunt Valia! Roma, wait for a while. ― Roma, where is she? ― I shall be the one king. Watch out! Let's go! ― Let's go, shall we. ― And after that we shall have a fight! Fight? It's early, early. Goalies, goalies. And Roma is too. We shall both be goalies now. No, Ilyas, I'll play on my own, and you, with the kids. I know, they shall be at the gates. No, let's play all together. Let's go. Let them stay right there. Oh, no, can't you see it, it's OK this way. We go right there. Where are you aiming? We're aiming there! These gates are mine, those are yours! ― Zhanna attacks again! ― Come on, Ilyas, you help too. Hey, stop! ― Goal! Goal! ― You go and stay right there. Why is everybody following me? Here it is! Come on, Zhanna! Go right there! Ilyas, pass the ball to Zhanna as well. You should all use passes. ― Roma, come on! Zhanna! Zhanna! Come on! Come on! ― Now aim towards me! ― Ilyas! ― Vasia! Ilyas, to me! Goal. I missed the ball. Go over there, step back! ― Step back! ― Rom, step back! ― Let's go further, keep the gates! ― Go to the gates. Go, both of you! Why do you follow me? Go and watch over there! You, don't you come here! We shall have dinner! ― Why do you kick? ― Let them kick wherever they want. Ilyas, it's a fun game, we shall play cheerfully! Look, I'm kicking here and there. Yes, good hit! Zhanna, come on, come on, attack, Zhanna! Let Zhanna lead now! Zhanna, here you are, here towards you! ― Ilyas, come on! ― Zhanna, gimme the ball! ― Zhanna, kick to Ilyas! ― Zhanna, give it to me! ― Kick the ball. Kick the ball, Zhanna! Run to the gates. Let Ilyas run. Come on, Zhanna, give the ball here, just kick it. Kick it, Zhanna! Kick the ball. Kick, kick the ball, Ilyas. Pass the ball to Zhanna, play in passes. No, no. You shall have your turn too. Come on, Ilyas, pass the ball to Zhanna. Zhanna, kick the ball here. Please, kick, kick the ball. Step back for nine feet. Oh, good guys! Move it, Roma, move it, here, here! ― That's all, hands, hands play. ― No, no, go, go there. ― Hands play! Kick the ball! ― Pass the ball to Zhanna too! ― And to me. Zhanna! Zhanna, play with me. ― OK! ― You with Roma, and Zhanna with me. ― Yes, Zhanna, agreed? ― Shall we go? ― I'd better on my own. ― Let me go. ― No, don't do it that fast. Zhanna is flying! Woo hoo! ― Don't you feel dizzy? ― Yes, I do. Roma, we play with legs, no hands. Just put the ball. ― Kick it! ― Wait a moment! ― Pass to me. ― Let's play in turns, kick the ball, pass it to me. Ilyas, otherwise! What? Zhanna, here you are, kick the ball. Otherwise, kick it towards me. ― Can I stay right there? ― No, later, later. Come on, Zhanna! Once more! Come on, Zhanna! One more time, Zhanna! Roma, step aside! Play in turns, I told you. ― Why do you do it? ― You should kick the ball the same way now! Come on, Zhanna, once more! For the last time. ― I go after Zhanna. ― Yes. Well done, Zhanna! Come on, Ilyas! ― Me! ― Well, Roma, here you are. ― Well, I'll do it on my own. ― Come on, Ilyas, go to the gates! Roma, Ilyas kicks the ball! Come on! Come on, watch out, watch for the camera! ― Take the camera away. ― Come on, come on, no fear! ― Oh, Ilyas! ― What? ― You missed a goal! And what? ― Here you are, Roma, kick the ball. ― No. ― Come on, kick the ball. ― Nooo! Come on, that's it. Go for it, Roma! ― Step back! ― Zhanna, step back, go over there. Come on, move it, move it... Oh, good job. Roma, let me drive. ― You just stay. ― Ready? ― Yes. ― Well done! ― It's me now! Roma, go! Ilyas, one more time! Good boy! ― Roma, step back. ― Once more, Ilyas! Well done! Roma, don't run over there. The last time, Ilyas! The last? Roma, hold on! Ilyas! Zhanna, watch the gates! Take the ball, Zhanna! Take it, take it, take it, take it or you'll miss. Well done, kick it right there. Good job, well done! Zhanna, take the ball. Hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it. Right! Give... Well done! ― Passes must be strong. ― Hold the ball, Zhanna! Good job, Zhanna! ― There shall be the last hold now? ― Yes, Zhanna, the last time. Hold the ball. Well done! ― Now it's my turn! ― Roma shall watch the gates! Zhanna, kick the ball. Towards Roma. Come on, Zhanna! ― Come on, move it, move it! Are you ready, Roma? ― Why does she run up? Don't hold your hands this way, or you'll miss the ball. Goal to Roma! Good hit! Goal! Well done, Zhanna! Roma, don't kick that hard. ― That's unfair. ― Kick the ball, Zhanna! ― No run-ups allowed! ― Yes, they are! ― Did you run up? ― Yes. ― So, you can or cannot? ― Come on, Zhanna, come on! Move it, move it! Good job! Take the ball, Roma, we shall have a ball game now. Ilyas, stand up! ― In fours, yes? ― Yes, now there shall be everyone. ― Four, yes. ― Where shall I stay? ― Me? ― No, me. ― There shall be my last time. Let's play tag, Zhanna! ― Tag? ― Shall we play? ― Yes. I shall run after you. If the ball hits you, take it and run after everyone. Got it? And you, got it? Yes. Clear? Yes. Within the field only. You should not run over there. ― And here? Behind the tree? Is this possible? ― Yes, you can hide behind the tree. Everywhere is possible. Here you are, Zhanna! Hold the ball! Now Zhanna takes the ball. Hey, Roma, Roma!

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Duration: 16 minutes and 37 seconds
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
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Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 5, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 14:30-14:45 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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