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[Lyft] [Accessibility] WOMAN: At lyft, we believe everyone deserves access to safe, convenient transportation. We're proud to make that a reality, for a wide range of passengers with different needs. Including people with disabilities. As a driver, you have the ability to create an inclusive, helpful environment for the disability community. If you pull up to a curve [Passengers in Wheelchairs] and see your passenger using a wheelchair, you can assume you'll be asked to place the chair in your car. For the most part, passengers will only request a lift ride if they are using a manual wheelchair that can easily be disassembled or folded. After you've said hello, the best thing you can do is ask, "what can I do to help?" In many cases, your passenger will be able to transfer themselves into the front seat and take their own chair apart before handing it off to you. If your passenger does request assistance, be sure to listen to their directions carefully. The most important thing, [Ask Before Acting] is to ask before acting. Never help a passenger without their permission. [Passengers Who Are Visually Impaired] If you think your passenger might be visually impaired, try your best to pull over in a spot that lines up with where they're standing. Be mindful of their needs. Offer a hand, shoulder or arm, to help guide passenger to the car. Don't touch them without asking though. Once in the car, ask your passenger if there's anything extra you can do to help them out. They may ask you to line the car up with the building they'll be entering. Or in some cases, guide them to the door. [Passengers Who Are Deaf] Every passenger who is deaf or hard of hearing, will have different communication needs. [Welcome Them] Most importantly, when you communicate with a deaf or hard of hearing passenger, [Confirm Name and Destination] make sure you share the same information that you would share with any other passenger. They will let you know how they like to communicate. Everyone's different. With you, they may use written communication, like texting or writing in a notebook. They may also choose sign language or gestures, or read your lips. Others will choose to speak. Follow their lead and be open to different forms of communication. Let's review. [Wheelchairs are a Cinch] Most manual wheelchairs can and will fit easily into your car. [Don't be Afraid to Ask Questions] Ask before you act. "What an I do to help?" Remember, every ride you provide passengers with disabilities, can be central to their independence. But first and foremost, they're passengers like any other. As always, do what you can to make the experience in your car, helpful, fun an positive. [Lyft x CIL 1972]

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