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What's up guys! Rose here. Happy Wednesday! Happy Humpday! I hope everyone is having a great week! I wanted to pop up here real quick and... talk about what I've been up to. A lot of people have been asking me How it is that I was able to FIRE MY BOSS and go from my regular 9 to 5 to just working flexible hours and enjoying places like this on a Wednesday! We got here about 2 hours ago or so... Only because it was raining earlier! and we couldn't get here any earlier but... It's pretty much work life balance. That's what I found! I found how to live and enjoy life! while still working kind of trading your time for hours Instead of trading your time for hours, better said. Investing your time in something that gives you much better return much more FREEDOM! much more financial advantage and basically what it is, is Affiliated Marketing. If you haven't heard about this a lot of companies are doing this Amazon, Walmart, a lot of companies are doing this and basically what they do is get other people to do their marketing for them. and then when people purchase these products then you get a commission. So once you learn the skill set on how to market to the right people that's basically 90% of it. Once you know how to find the right eyes for your product or service whatever you are offering at that moment and then after that it's just about consistency and constant training which we provide. because basically we do 90% of the system is automated and has to be up to date, obviously technology changes all the time. But as long as you have the foundation and the skill set, that's all you really need. And then after that it's just a good work ethic, which I've always had. The only difference is what I said, you have the time freedom to work the flexible hours that you want whenever you want and how long you want. It's getting kind of dark here. Ha! Ha ha! Probably because the sun is setting! So let me try to slip this way. Right now I'm at a lovely small little resort called Lazy Parrot in Rincon Puerto Rico and it just feels awesome! Instead of having my coffee break and then going back to work... This is where I am! And it's possible because of technology. So if you are not taking advantage of technology You are pretty much losing out on a big gold mine, gold rush era that is allowing regular people like me and a bunch of business partners that I have to generate their financial success from the Internet it's more scalable than owning your own business and let's face it, I don't think you'll be able to find a job that you won't be trading time for money. So if you are interested to learn more I invite you to watch our workshop Reach out to me! We can quickly go through a run down to explain what it is that we do, why it's such an amazing why it's changing so many lives including my own! Right now I am here with my fiancee He's somewhere over there and we've never had so much quality time because we worked different shifts I used to work during the morning and he worked in the evenings but now we get to spend as much or as little time (haha) as we want and we get to help others do the same. So it's pretty amazing. It's been a life changing experience! and I look forward to sharing it with more and more peeper lol more and more PEOPLE! and just show you that there IS a better way of life! and everything is possible! It's hard to find these too good to be true opportunities that are not too good to be true so really check out what we have to offer This is just legit and it's been a great experience and this is just the beginning! So I will see you guys on the inside!

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Posted by: rosalindalopez on Aug 20, 2017

Ever find yourself daydreaming about how your life might be different had you chosen a different career path?

Learn what I've been up to this past year that allowed me to walk away from my full time job and truly find a work life balance!

Comment to get in contact, and we can hash out the details.
Start where I did in June 2016 and register for the live workshop to learn from my business partners here:

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