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Manage Twitter Followers Unfollow People Who Don't Follow Back

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Hey guys, Justin Bryant here from and I recently did a video as kind of a follow-up of my popular blog post about getting targeted Twitter followers and we all know Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms there is, and through Twitter you can get a very big boost in traffic to your blog, your website, your offers whatever it is for your business, and what you need to know is how to manage your Twitter followers and unfollow people that aren't following you back. If you're using one of the strategies that you may have learnt, where you follow people that are following competitors in the same niche as you. Or they're following authorities in the same niches. Or just maybe they're sharing Tweets that are from the same niche that your brand or your business is in, okay so if you're following people, quite a few of them will follow back. Probably 20 or 30% of the people you follow if they're related to your niche, then they'll probably follow you back. So it's a great way if you're starting out to get more good followers instead of just crap followers you buy from Fiverr or something, that are from these weird countries that don't even speak the same language or don't have anything that is related to what you're talking about. So if you want to do this, you don't want to follow too many people that don't wanna follow you back. You don't want to accumulate too many over time where you're following thousands more people than are following you on Twitter. As you can see here, I've used this tactic but I've a lot more followers than I do people I'm following. And it's growing, the margin is widening more and more. So that's good. If I ever want to do paid Tweets or sponsored Tweets or if you did, if you wanted to do that, or if you want to do just look more professional through your Twitter, then it's very important to not follow a ton of people but have a lot of people following you, so you wanna unfollow anyone that doesn't follow you unless you're just really interested in their content. And if you're using just the tactic to get more traffic, then you're probabaly not interested in most of those people's content. Most of those people you probably never heard of. So if you wanna unfollow people that don't follow you back on Twitter, the best way to do that is to use Tweepi. Now you can go to,, you can see it up here how to spell it. But you can go there, create a free account, you can also upgrade to silver and platinum and other levels. But it's not neccessary completely, cause I actually don't use that. As a business owner, you don't wanna get too many more expenses than you need and if they've a good free version that's workable, why don't we just give it a shot before our upgrade. But their free version is pretty good. Tweepi is great for managing your followers and managing your brand on Twitter. So what you wanna do is use Tweepi to not only you can not only use them to follow people and find people to follow in your niche, but you can also clean out the people that aren't following you back. So first off you wanna clean people if you wanna follow people, I'll show you how to do that first because if you're building a new Twitter account, that's what you'll be doing first. So let's say you're trying to think of a competitor somebody in the same niche as you. So let's say you've a basketball, you've some kind of sports apparel, or something like that, let's say you sell basketball or something like that. You're looking for maybe Dick's sporting goods, so you go and find them, obviously that's not it. The same one. Okay let's find another one. Let's say you're a basketball player. As you can see I like basketball. And you're competing a brand with another basketball player. You wanna follow people that like basketball. Maybe you're a new player, maybe you're a college player, you're not in the pros yet, but you're trying to build up a following. Trying to get more known, let's say Kobe Bryant, Okay as you can see, he has 6.63 millions followers. He's only following 165 people. Look at all the engagement he gets with his Tweets like this one. 1.5 thousands favourites, 496 retweets, 873 retweets, 2.4 thousands favourites. 16 thousands retweets, 13 thousands favourites, I mean just anything he says is gonna get a ton of traffic or engagement. So let's say you're competing with him as a basketball player, you follow @kobe bryant, so you go to Twitter, use your account to find the actual name or the actual Twitter handhold of these people, using the @ button, when you press search, it's gonna tell you all people that are following him. It will give you an entire list of, you can even view the Klout score to see how popular they are on social media. You can hide previously followed or unfollowed people. You can see follow ratio. How likely they are to follow you back. You can see how many followers they have, when their last tweet was, you can see how engaged they are on Twitter, you can see their location. You can see what they look like if they've a picture. If they have this little egg, that means they don't. So there's all kind of criteria you can use, I'm not gonna go over all of that right now, but main thing is you can just follow these people, you just press the button, then go the next one... You can follow who you want to follow from here, you can even sort them by maybe follower account, you don't wanna follow people that don't have any followers. You can sort them by ratio, so that you can pretty much predict that they'll follow you back which is important for this. But if you're a basketball player and you're trying to get some credibility or some branding, you go follow Kobe Bryant's followers, you know they love basketball, you know they're into it, and you can count on the fact that these people might be interested in your brand as opposed you just follow any random people. So that's why I called them targeted followers. So for managing your Twitter followers, first thing for Tweepi is you can use it to follow people. I recommend no more than maybe 100 a day so you don't get slapped by Twitter for spamming, you're doing too much following in one day. I don't know their exact limits but I won't push them. So you can go to and just go through this list, or if you wanna upgrade you can follow all in bulk in one time. But that might look a little unnatural to Twitter, so be careful. And then you can go back to your dashboard and once you follow this, once you done this for a while, you'll be getting some good followers that are probably gonna engage with your stuff and obviously you wanna be posting valuable content and then you can go here to people that aren't following you back. This is actually people that you're not following back. So these people are following me. I can go through and follow these people as kind of a hey, thanks for following me, I will follow you back or I can just follow them if I only think that they've some interesting content whatever. Whatever your reasons are for following people, you can use those yourself. But people that aren't following you back that you're following on Twitter, you wanna unfollow or at least give them a couple of days to a week to follow you back. A lot of people maybe who knows they may be out of town, maybe they don't get on Twitter as much as they used to. Maybe they're busy. But what you wanna do is just unfollow if these people, you've been following these people for a while and they're not gonna follow you back, they're not interested in your stuff, unfollow them unless you think their stuff is really interesting, you just wanna follow them for your own reasons. Unfollow them, you just go through this list like this. As you can see it loads right here, you can see the little load icon, and then now it says it's processing the unfollow request, so now it's unfollowed. You'll see a little check mark and it's done. So you can go and go through the list, it does about I think it's 20 people per page, or 10 people per page, whatever it is. Pretty sure it's 20 people per page, maybe 15. They've changed it recently but like I said, you can upgrade if you want, you can have more people per page and through this faster, but the main thing is this is pretty much the best way to manage your followers. Unfollow people that aren't following you back on Twitter and follow the right people to get the right followers and more engagement with your brand on Twitter okay? So this is Tweepi and I just want to show you that and help you out with your Twitter following and help you get started if you're kinda new to Twitter. Marketing and so there you go, to manage your Twitter followers and unfollow those who don't follow you back. I also have a video coming out with how to do this with Google+ and I had a video recently on how to do this with Pinterest which is actually a little more complicated. You might want to take some note on that. And so there you go, that's about it for this video. This is Justin Bryant from If you like the video, if you learn something you didn't already know or if you got some good value from it, some good tips, please like the video, subscribe, I'll have a lot more great videos with even more in depth marketing, personal development and things that help you as an entrepreneur coming out soon and I hate for you to miss them. So subscribe, don't forget to leave a comment. Let me know what you thought about the video. I love to hear feedback which kind of helps me know what to do in the future and if you wanna even add to this, give me some other tools or whatever to add to this conversation, please feel free to do so. I love when people do that and can provide even more value for the people watching and on top of that, you know don't forget to visit us at where I've everything you need for an entrepreneurship that's successful and the business says successful for you and I'm gonna have all kinds of blog posts, tools and resources for you there. That's about it. That's about it for this video. Hope you get some good Twitter marketing, some good branding on here from this and can manage your followers easier. This is Justin Bryant. Hope you have a great day. Hope you enjoy the video and I'll see you in the next video.

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