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227 - Customizing Watchlists

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In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to add and set up your own watchlists in the SaxoTraderGO platform, to give fast, easy access to the instruments you frequently monitor and trade. On the desktop and tablet, the Watchlist is located in the left pane of the SaxoTraderGO platform. Selecting different watchlists is done from the selector in the top left corner. The My Wathlists section of the selector contains your own custom watchlists, and already contain default watchlists for each product you select, and for the trading region you selected when you first entered the platform. I can also add additional watchlists, and customize these predefined watchlists at any time. Standard watchlists give access to predefined watchlists that you can also copy and customize with your own instruments and columns. It's also easy to take another standard watchlist and customize it, to make it your own. For example, if I'm interested in German CFDs, I would select "CFDs by region", and "CFDs Germany" from the watchlist selector. If I now click "Edit", I can copy to my watchlists to make a custom copy, under "My watchlists" for easy access. I can give it a unique name. And I can add instruments, by clicking the "Add instrument button". Just enter a few letters of the instrument's name or symbol. I want to add something such as Dax or Germany 30, so, if I just enter "D-A-X", you'll see the Germany 30 CFD, which tracks the Dax 30 at the top of the list here. I can also remove instruments I'm not interested in by clicking the "Delete" icon here, next to the "Product" icon. And when I'm finished adding and removing instruments, I just click "Done", to finish editing the list. My German CFDs list is now quickly available from the watchlist selector. If I want to, I can also start with a completely blank watchlist, by selecting "New list" from the watchlist selector, and adding and removing instruments in the same way. Watchlists can display instruments in a number of different modes, depending on your preferences, which I can choose selecting "Layout" when in Edit mode. For instance, a Trade board if you are monitoring a limited list of instruments, or to Trade them very quickly. The "Double row list mode" gives access to more information in a limited screen size. The "Single row list" mode allows you to show more instruments in the list at the cost of showing less information. In Layout mode I can customize the information shown. The column shown are the columns currently included in my watchlist, and I can drag columns into, or the columns shown, using these drag handles. I can also reorder the columns and remove columns by dragging them down into the "Available columns" section. Note that in "Double row" mode, columns are in pairs with information on the first and second lines. Finally, a quick way to add all instruments to the open watchlist. Select the instrument using the global search at the top of the platform. This opens the "Overview" panel for the selection. Click on the Favorites icon to add it to the top of the open watchlist. Custom watchlists are now quickly available from the watchlist selector, and are also available on my smartphone, and tablet.

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227 - Customizing Watchlists

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