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Spanish and Mexican Food Part 2 Block 3

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El Almuerzo or la comida (lunch) in Mexicano it is the main meal of the day and similair to the size of an american dinner they usaully eat lunch between 2-3 pm most people go home for this meal 40 mexican pesso's is 4 US dollars Comida Correda means food on the run main dish is fish, meat, chicken and Chile. includes Sopa Del Dia, Ensalada, Arroz, Frijoles, & fresh hot Tortias typical salad, fried beans, rice and Guacamole this is mix plate of chicken, Choreso, beef and ribs this is plate with Gaucamole, rice, and beans. Enchilada's (usually filled with chicken or cheese) , bathed in red chile sauce or green chile sauce red chili sauce can be spicy but green is not that hot Tamale's is a very important food in Mexico inside Tamale's is dough made out of corn. it could be sweet Tamale's with sugar and sometimes fruit or spicy Tamale's with chicken or beef made from corn and are cooked by boiling the package in the water Bebida's or drinks Bebida's include fresh squeezed Limonda Agua Te Frutas is water flavored with fruit they have different flavors like Lima, Horchata, Pina, Jamaica To the left is agua de TAMARINDO or tamarined And to the right is agua de JAMAICA which is made from the pedals of the red jamaica flower when its mixed with sugar it taste like fruit punch here on the left is orchata which is basically rice pudding in a drink it has condenced milk, ground rice vanilla and cinamon notice that when your drinks to go in mexico Instead of giving them in a cup you get them in a plastic bag tied around a straw This is agua de jamaica Followed by agua de coco or fresh coconut water taken right from the coconut. Refrescos or sodas are also very popular in mexico in addition to regular like coca cola. or orange soda. you can get fruit flavor soda's like Like Squirt ! Or KAS made from grape fruit. And the very popular Manzanita Made from either green or red apples. CHURROS are deep fried bread dough sparkled with sugar You cant get CHURROS in mexico early in the day Only in the afternoon before or after you eat You have to wait until 5pm for the Churro guy to arrive Fresh Churros for only 10 cents each are worth the wait ! Other snacks can be enjoyed before of after comida You can have sweets, such has Cookies. Maria cookies, Cinnamon flavored cookies,chocolate chip cookies, and flavored sandwich cookies. You can also enjoy (HELADO)ice cream ! Popsicles made from water & fruit are only 70-85 cents. Remember to divide pesos by 10 to get us dollars Popsicles made from milk or cream are one dollar You can also have m&m's or Mexican chocolate called KRANKY. (OBLEAS CON CAJETA) Very thin wafers filled with caramel are popular Mexican treats. You can have (DULCE) candy, such as gummi candy of DULCE GOMAS, PANDITAS or even GOMI LOCAS. In mexico chili is very important spice to most. They add it to pineapple. Pica Pina are bags of pineapple covered in chile powder Tamarindo Enchilado are tamarin fruit covered in chile They add a lot of chile to their candy. Mexicans often enjoy Cacahuates which are peanuts. They also put chile on these peanuts. Peanuts are either fresh roasted or in bags. The famous Mexican Elotes or which is also roasted corn. You can have roasted corn covered in mayo or in cheese or even in chile powder and lemon. You have Papas Fritas or Papitas as they are called in Mexico which can also be covered in chile powder. Even the American brands can be covered in chile powder and lemon like Fritos and Cheetos. Also chile is in also many of the spicy Mexican brands like Rancheretos, Sabritones, Sabritas Mexicanas, and Churritos. You can find some Papitas or Potato Chips without chile. But not very many though. Just as popular as the Papitas in Mexico is the Chicharron or pork skin. You can get Chicharron in a bag or buy it fresh right in the store. They can also be called Pork Rines In addition to all the kind of foods you can eat in Mexico, you can also have any kind of Bebida or drink. Te Helado-Iced Tea, Chocalate Caliente-Hot Chocalate, Hugo Fresco-Fresh Squeezed Juices are popular drinks in Mexico. Limonada or Naranjada lemonaid or orangeaid mixed witheither regular water or celcteser water le cucido en agua o leche the fruit water and the fruit milk blends, like we discussed eariler frappies or smoothies which are likely cucidos which are most perferred also. Leche (milk) often boxed, referescos sodas especially fruit sodas like manzanitaor a plane old matejia de agua. or a bottle of water. don't forget about the fruit waters too. (aguas de frutas) even to go in a bag with a straw.

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Spanish and Mexican Food Part 2 Block 3

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