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Paraula de Pep 3

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The second crisis came in the season in late February. Two defeats in a row, and then disgrace with Espanyol at home. From Barcelona coped well Atlético Madrid. Real Pressing the leader was visible from all sides. Doubts again struck the Camp Nou. Espanyol congratulates victory. We have to get up and continue our work. Good evening. Yes, we lost the match. We exchanged blows with an opponent and proved to be stronger. Atlético won and there is nothing to me but to congratulate them. Do not give up, we will continue what we started. We're not tired. We're not tired, you know? I can already see tomorrow's front pages of newspapers. No, we're not tired. Is that clear? Yes? For all? We're not tired. Everything is OK. After the defeat at Calderón ... Guardiola has used words of Johan Cruyff'a of February 1994. After the defeat of Zaragoza. I believe in this team. Excuse me, but I can not think otherwise. I have a lot of faith. I only tell you what I feel. Early everybody believed that we can win. I still think so. I'm not saying this because it sounds good. I say this from experience. I'm not saying this because you still need. I say this because I think so. I know this from experience. In this case, I do not know what will happen next. But from experience I know that everything should go in the right direction. Now he feels and I know how much we still have the option to remain leaders. To be honest, I believe, we will win something this year. I am optimistic and I believe that we will play well in subsequent matches. This is a great honor to be regarded as a disciple of Mr. Johan Cruyff'a. It's a great honor for me. Often I try to honor them in some way. They really interacted with me and interact. I support their reasoning. The most important is hard work. We are now in a position rather than another. But I do not know where we will be in a few months. UNITY It is thanks to all members of the club. The team needs me to do a certain task. And so is happy to do it. Thanks to the unity of the team leaders are. You can not say that Barcelona are playing good or bad players. It's the coach determines that a player plays more or less frequently. But they all deserve to play in the first team. That will always be. Some are luckier than others. Now we have to try and step by step to achieve further goals. Once again I must stress that what really pleased me is that this team has a spirit. There are some details that distinguish this group compared to the other. I am very pleased with the atmosphere in the dressing room. Guys can have fun, but soon settle down, to go onto the pitch and play poetry. As soon as the machine stops for a moment, will be overcome by the first, a better team. If anyone knows what to do and doing it on the pitch, then it is much easier. That's my job. This is my and their duty. If everyone will work reliably, it will be very hard to beat us. AUDIENCE TO CAMP NOU Why people is so important? Because we play for people. Everything we do is designed for fans. If you play in a stadium full of people, you feel much better. I hope that for many years I will be with them and expected of them support in difficult times. It is a great 'show' This is for people who love sport. It's a fact, the audience here is very demanding. But we are better because of it. They really motivate us. This stadium is always difficult. We need to make people happy, and sometimes a simple victory is not enough. Today we return the favor. Now is the time the Camp Nou. This time fans coming to this stadium. We need to do their work in the best possible way. You can not win or lose the cup, when he did not play at 100%. If we play well to the eye, the fans will be with us forever. For several reasons. For sure we have a chance of winning the Champions League. Beautifully would happen if the league was taken at the Camp Nou. I'm like a child who got a new pair of shoes. If you win, everyone will remember this season for many years. If the falls, there will be many zgryźliwych comments. We will try to win. People are happy looking at our game and this is our biggest pride. This is all like a dream and I do not know what is real and what is not. I want to enjoy these moments.

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Country: Poland
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Posted by: jampanfcb on Jun 25, 2009

'Paraula de Pep'(Świat Pepa) to krótki filmik dokumentalny o Guardioli. Ukazuje on Pepa jako trenera Barçy z sezonu 2008-2009.

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