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Reportaje IV Congreso CiberSociedad (La Malla)

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The Malla - Trends Congresses online - Society The world is changing, and the way to do congresses too. The fourth edition of a congress that takes place only on the Web is about to start. It's about the relations between technology and society, organized by the Observatory for the CyberSociety, which has its headquarters in CitiLab-Cornellà. The initiative was born from the interests of a student who in 2000 wanted to bring the debate about cybersociety to the academic field. In the previous congress, in 2006, more than 5,000 people participated and more than 500 communications were presented. When we spoke about cybersociety we thought about this. And when we spoke of academic congresses we thought about these other images. Once more, things are not what they seem. The world changes, and the way of attending congresses too. Now there's the fourth edition of a congress that takes place only and exclusively online. And as it couldn't be in another way, its all about the cybersociety. Organized by the Observatory for CyberSociety and CitiLab-Cornellà, the initiative was born from the interest of a student who in 2000 wanted to bring to the academic field the debate about the use and the popularisation of new technologies, that in that moment began to spread. In the 2006 congress there were more than 5.000 participants and more than 500 communications were presented. This made clear the advantages of not doing it offline. The main advantage is that 5.000 people from around the world, in a concrete period, and during some days, without coinciding at the moment, can be discussing and taking part in an event without moving from their houses, without moving from their universities... And we named this "Living Congress", because we understood that it would be an alive congress, that would last practically a year. A process that began from zero making an open announcement so that anyone that wanted could propose a slogan for the congress, a starting point for the discussion around some subject related with society and technology. To make the announcement, following our philosophy, we used social networks, different contacts from the Observatory, all the subscriptores of the bulletin-board, which are more than 12.000... The people started to forward the information, through Twitter, through Facebook... we prepared material that they could use in their blogs... And all that created this interaction, people started to be aware of the initiative and take part. And from these brainstorming ideas the slogan "Analog crisis, digital future" arose. The controversy is served. Now its time to think about it, organize it as a report, and put it back on the Net so that, once more, all the world can participate. What people are doing during these days is to send communications to different work groups and each communication will generate a discussion. Each communication has embeded something to a virtual forum that what allows the ideas to go further. I as an author or speaker present my vision on the state of the question in videogames, for example, and this allows the rest of the participants, just as happens after a presentation in a traditional congress, to exchange opinions about the subject. That in some way allows the ellaboration of a little bit more than knowledge, and our look is very attentive to the sum of the communication plus the discussion. And all this already multiplies and activates many points of contact. The fact that its accessible to many more participants than a conventional congress has enabled the contents to multiply exponencially: How to introduce and use new technologies in the rural world; how to elaborate and use open educational resources; new technologies at school; the use of technologies by minors; political campaigns through Internet; management of technological waste... Its like a lot of congresses in just one but thanks to this centralization of diverse subjects, in best cases, as it has happened to us previously, and we in fact think is more interesting, is when people goes from one group to another and finishes visiting several axis and finding points in common. And we thought that it will be again like this because we have prepared, with the help of more people, the stage to make that possible. The discussions are now on the table, and the participation in the congres at only a click away. And at the end, when it finishes, all this bank of knowledge will remain accessible always through the Internet so we can access it where and when we want to.

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