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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~14:30:08 - 14:45:49

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Where's the sound, bro? Where's the sound? you're stirring ♫Ya running and ya running, ya running away ♪Ya running and ya running, ya running away ♪ But ya can't run away from yourself ♪ Can't run away from yourself ♪ Can't run away from yourself ♪ running away ♪ Always running away Hey uncle, where is Erimar? Isn't he there? Hello? Hi Solid Wilson, can you ask Wellington if is it ok to use soft paraffin? soft paraffin... Is it ok? That's the one, the solid, that's the one, I guess Okay? Bye, uncle Who was it? Hey bro, I left my plastic bag there but it ain't there anymore Aside from the handcraft store over there I was there too and haven't seen it was he organizing the stuff there? What? ♪ My brother Paulo is having a good time, huh? He got manpower Dude, is it a playground there now? Nope, I went to sleep at 5 am. Ideas coming and going... I woke up at 9 Stayed in bed til 10 What's up doll? Everything ok, bro? What is it on your face? Is it a pimple like the ones I have? Yeah... I'm outta here, ok? Alright, Levi Who? You... I'm tired bro 3 o'clock, I had to be there at 5 o'clock bro What for? There's this social project and I was gonna go there bro I had to go but I won't make it on time Only if I get there by 5:30 or almost 6 o'clock 'Cause, check it out, 3 hours. The tattoo will be finished by 5:30 You get some rest and by 7 o'clock you must be at Extra (local supermaket) I can make it in only 40 minutos to Extra I took a double shower dude washing my hair, it took an hour in the shower Darn! I had to go to Raul for him to burn a CD for me ♪ Have you ever thought about the time of your life that you've already spent?♫ ♪ on some silly stuff?♫ ♪ And that it delayed the plans that you once had for you? ♫ ♪ and that you stopped on time without a choice? ♫ ♪ But you had to move, run, you, in the end, who cherish ♫ ♪ a lot of sweat, that's what's left ♫ ♪ with love I live my life ♫ ♪ and without terror I take my rhyme ♫ ♪ wherever I go, wherever I've been ♫ ♪ in this life, this one I go ♫ ♪ in peace I search ♫ ♪ I'll pursue ♫ ♪ the best place I want to be and I see it♫ ♪ to live as I should the way it pleases me ♫ ♪ I don't run over anybody ♫ ♪ But the city shows me ♫ ♪ the opposite of what I want and give me de answer ♫ ♪ that I don't have a place to be, okay? ♪ In which I can fit in ♫ ♪ and I have to fight for ♪ ♪ a place of my own ♫ ♪ But hey, Joao, the it is it can't be ♫ ♪ My people which are warriors are going to charge ♫ ♪ for what the system wants to take away, big eye ♫ ♪ those who goes first go search ♫ ♪ what is ours that I might have too ♫ ♪ what pleases me ♫ ♪ is a decent life and a smile at the face ♫ ♪ and don't be complaining and just saying that it is hard ♫ ♪ and it is with love that I take my life ♫ ♪ and without terror I take my rhythm ♫ ♪ wherever I go, wherever I went ♫ ♪ in this life, this one I go with peace ♫ ♪ and I'll go after it, I'll pursue ♫ ♪ and this place has fences which covered our eyes ♫ ♪ turmoils and many bars, quarrels for hectares, the evil ♫ ♪ affect the air, the oceans and homes ♫ ♪ I felt that life like this, forever, won't be ♫ ♪ but I saw, that will isn't enough, you must run ♫ ♪ and say if you believe that love ♫ ♪ will override terror ♫ ♪ and it'll be the sufferer's time ♫ ♪ There ♫ ♪ I'll seek ♫ ♪ the best place I want to be at ♫ ♪ and I see myself there ♫ ♪ to experience what's convenient to me ♫ ♪ that is good to me and doesn't override anyone ♫ ♪ It's with love ♫ ♪ It's with love ♫ ♪ that I must convey to you ♫ ♪ to be able to repay to all of us ♫ ♪ All of us ♫ ♪ Convey love while there's still time ♫ ♪ Set value to your feelings ♫ ♪ Then, wake up for life, because the streaming life lies, nobody waits for you anymore ♫ ♪ and time goes by, remember solid things that turned into smoke ♫ ♪ people who passed by but were just fake ♫ ♪ Who regretted but fell out of grace ♫ ♪ The rest, we hunt ♫ ♪ Which is always a better place ♫ ♪ Never be alone, with no reason for pity, it can be worse ♫ ♪ Oh Lord ♫ ♪ Be with us, be ♫ ♪ It's with love ♫ ♪ That I must convey to you ♫ ♪ To be able to repay to all of us ♫ ♪ All of us ♫ ♪ Let's risk it now ♫ So, did you get it Pedro? It's still being fixed Is it still being fixed there? Is it ok? Yeah Ok, so long. Is everything ok there at 7:00 pm? How are you Érica? Fine Now is our time to sing Rael It took long, I'll leave this here It took long, you just have to glue it All of us Hey Wellington, did you find the plastic? No, did you? What? The plastic... I was looking for it. Here? Over there! It was here, it fell. Hum... Hey, see if this one fits... No, this is yours, bro. I have a mid size glove here, see? Right? Are you going to play that or are you going to play Santa Bárbara? Play Santa Bárbara, please. Have you seen this? The one from Catch of Fire? I already saw it, I have it. This one is a prayer, right bro? Santa Bárbara, right? Ah, this one is more for the win, isn't it? So, I'll put this sticker on, see Where's the box of Yerba Mate? Hold on. I'm going to get it. This one is prayer music bro Oh, I was paying attention to that sound That the guy plays a solo It's crazy bro! I was there at Maresias, at the bros' house I went there to tattoo him and some girls I told you the last time I have heard and seen Prodigy About ten times, the same CD The first DVD It's Market Where's the remote? Where's the remote? Ah, it's here Alright? Not at all, with this t-shirt it's impossible to be alright Where's the remote? The other? Hey Rael, may I leave it anywhere here? I'll leave it near because if Wilson, ok? Is there anything breakable here? Oh, but nobody will sit down there. Where's the other small remote? Hmm What? Let me see Let me play the prayer one? Yeah, let him, let him This is a documentary or... This is a documentary, this one here is the concert I want a trash bin to put it Took long, I'll go get it No Everything is borrowed How are we going to set Wellington? In my opinion, leave the trash bin already in place, the chair I'll bring the chair Ah, I don't know Do you prefer working right there? The people who are here will stay there, right? Where do you... Anywhere, no, leave the guys there, they keep walking here and there And where should I stay? I'll stay here, you sit down here You were facing me last time, right? Is it good for you here? So let me make some room here, let me pile this Leave it down there under... Oh, the trash bin I'll get it Where do you want the trash bin to stay? Oh, you can... Don't you have a small bucket? I'll put the plastic here Hey mom, I'll leave this trash bin here just for a minute, look I'll leave this trash bin here just for a moment because I'll need it Bro, I grabbed this one, look Can it be disassembled? No Ok, leave it this way, it's ok Get the wine Took long bro Come over This is for you to put your arm, this, look Is it good? Gosh, nothing's better than doing a tattoo, listening to Bob, Sunday, drinking wine Can't complain bro?! Can't complain! Do some pushups bro Do some pushups To warm up the old man Here, right? This one was born messed up No, but it's fine I've been through it once Rael, you must put it in another big one, it's going to get in my way bro You could have put him behind and left it on the dreadlocks like this It's going to mess up with both, bro, it won't help

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Duration: 15 minutes and 42 seconds
Country: Brazil
Director: Helio Ishii
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Posted by: globallives.brazil on May 14, 2008

Singing outside, then goes back home.

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