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Interview with Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows (Part 3)

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So, what we do is when a kid press button across the street, the gate doesn't open, until a section of highway turns up like that so no car can hit a kid. That's to say: "I care, we care." But just say: "Drive safely; Say no to drugs." All that's verbal or shit. The real thing is doing something about it. So, what The Venus Project... how it differences from all other systems. It offers possible solutions to problems. For example, if an airplane is coming in for a landing and the landing gear doesn't come down. Wheels don't come down. That blows the fuel out right away, the pilot doesn't have to do it. It's connected. It's the fuel that causes most deaths in crashes, not the airplane crash. When the fuel goes over the engine, it explodes, and people die of burns. So, we blow the fuel out. But say the plane lands, but the brake's down. That means a lot of disaster, that plane going into the hangar, kill people. When the brakes fail a net comes up on the runway, do you understand? There's several nets. That's what I mean by technical problems. Now... what do you train your kids in, today? Business administration, banking, advertising. Those produce nothing. What produces something? Agriculture, science, technology, bridge building, engineering. All that adds things to the country. But if you're a performing artist, you're just an entertainer, which is very important for the world, but it doesn't add anything, it doesn't solve problems. If you build, seven or ten aircraft carriers and three hundred submarines, that cost over a billion dollars each, they can't add anything to the world. Each submarine, America has three hundred... each submarine has more destructive power than all the world's wars combined. So, what you're gonna win with that? A burnt out radioactive world? They don't think. The Bureau of Army Operations of Pentagon are comprised to people that really, honestly believe they are defending the country. The only real defense is to bridge the differences between nations, to go to other countries and to join with us, once they join with us, we don't need armies and navies 'cause there's no more territorial lines that prevent people from joining together. - He has a all list of questions, so... - No, no, no. No, we don't have... we explore the main question. - Oh, ok then. Go ahead. - I want to give you the guts about the system works... I don't want... Really, people do ask questions but they don't ask the right questions. The right questions are: "Who makes the decisions, in the future? Is it democratic, technocratic, is it technical people?" No. Nobody makes decisions, they arrive at them. Now, that means that you take samples of the soil from all over the world, bring it to agriculture departments. There, they analyze the soil and by the contents of the soil they tell you is best to grow beats for three years and sugar cane. Whatever it is that they found. This is not an opinion, this is a finding. Like in the aircraft industry, when we figured that the wings can carry so much weight for square foot, we still pile sand bags on the way, and brake it off, and if it holds up to that calculation, it's correct. Then, they pull the airplane thirty feet up off the ground and cut the cord and drop it to see if the landing gear holds up. I love that system, 'cause it's free of opinion. "What do you think? What do you think?" That was good a hundred years ago. Today, we need technology to arrive at, not make decisions. You understand the difference, now? You'll arrive at decisions. "But it was Fresco in charge?" No, he's not. He's not in charge of anything. He may make the first city. That first city might work much better than the present cities. However, that city will be a straightjacket to the kids of the future. They'll design their own cities. If you make a statue of me, put it in the city, that holds things back. There are no great men, no leaders in the future. There's just people working on the world. All this so-called great man, geniuses, arrived at their conclusions on the backs of other people. Like, the people that came to America brought... some of them brought the printing press, some of them brought the language, England, those things that we speak in America. And in different parts of America, we speak a different dialect. So, the most important thing about The Venus Project is not to get mad at anybody. Now, if you understand what I'm saying... If you were raised by the head hunters of the Amazon, as a baby, never saw anything, you'd be an head hunter. And if I said: "Doesn't it bother you to have five shrunken head?" He says: "Yes, my brother has twenty." Is he bad? No, he reflects he's culture. If you were brought up as a baby in nazi Germany, all you see is: "Heil Hitler, Deutschland Über Alles!", he becomes a nazi soldier. So, if a man is brought up to think of Japanese as sneaky people that do damage. And we make movies to show them looking bad. He gets a machine gun and wants to kill him. And when a man shoots down ten planes or he bombs a village, he gets a medal. People wonder how the guy can sleep at night... he sleeps very well, as long as you put medals on him. The longer you take humans, you can get them to hate anybody, wanna kill anybody. If you look at the record of humanity, the religious people that believed in one god, and then was the religious people that believed in ten gods, the god of war, the god of education, the god of love. And when one guy came to town and said: "There's only one god.", he'd be creating trouble to that community, so they killed him. But long before they crucified Christ, they killed thousands of other people, in Massachusetts. Salem, Massachusetts, in America, we used to burn witches alive. You know that? But heres what you didn't know. For every witch you found, you inherited their bank account and their land. So that gives you a real reason to wanna find some more witches. So, when they say: "America is no good, French is no good, Germany is no good." as they are today. People are not civilized, yet. If we were civilized, there would be no wars, no poverty, no hunger. If you don't understand that... If you took the money of World War II... I'm not talking about the airplanes and the ships and the submarines, I'm talking about the cost of blasting France, flattening out Germany, cost of all that damage, could have housed everyone on Earth, send every kid to collage, build hospitals all over the world. That's what I mean by limitless dimensions of human stupidly. They don't know what to do about it. - Very well. We love to hear from you, we see lots of videos, we love the words. The main questions and the things we want to know is how can we push and help you, and one question we have, as related to before, we did a non-profit organization here, in Portugal, we want to defend the Resource Based Economy and do investigations, social, technological and scientific work. As I can see, you told me that is correct, so that we gathered money to fund our projects. I would ask if we can go further, like using profit organization to try to make that scientific change. So, in summary is, how can we help? The words we have it. We accept everything you say, not as a dogma, but we understand, because they are solutions, they are logical answer to technical problems. The main question is, how can we help and if we use every resource we have, even if a company wants to donate a thousand dollars, we would accept it and use it on our projects. - Ok. - Basically, the final edge of The Venus Project and your work of several years is, how can we help? - Make realize it. - No, make realize we do it, we do it. Everyday we do activist work, we go with the megaphone, we have words written, we do that, everything. We talk to our mothers, our sisters, our fathers, everyone. My kid is down there. He's then, the three years old is going to see you on Saturday, tomorrow. The question is, more than that, how can we help make the transition in this world? - Ok. We think that, if I go to different countries, at the most, I lecture five hundred people at a time. And I tell them, they're all into it, they all love it, "But if you do nothing, nothing will happen." When you leave the meeting, you must talk to people. However, there's a better method called movies. And if we can make a major motion picture, showing how we get here to there, through the movie and show what it will mean to the average person. Their lifestyle, their family life

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Interview with Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows (Part 3)

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