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La condition du changement

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Seekers of Truth Publishing. All rights reserved. Excerpt from a talk with Selim AÏssel - March 30 2012 - 1.00 p.m. / 6mn - The condition for change You can only change what you yourself have observed. First, you must be able to see something. Then you have to be willing to change it. And then you have to do it. There are different levels of ignorance : firts level, those who do not even see or who do not know what is to be seen. The second level ignoramus can see, but does not know how to go about changing or, at times, does not want to change, he does not do what it takes to change what he sees. The third degree ignoramus tries to change what he sees but does not know the right methods. Finally, the non-ignoramus, fourth level : they watch, they know what needs to be changed, they know how to change it and they do it ! You can only work on what you have actually observed. Some people want to become good but they have never observed where they were evil. Some want to be true, but they have never seen where they were false. Some think of themselves as being good but they have never observed where they were wicked. Some think of themselves as being true, but they have never observed where they were false. Some want to be fair, but they have never observed where they were unfair. That is why their changes are but theoretical and their practice does not get them very far. It reinforces a theory, a theory : you have to be good, you have to be fair, you have to be true, and it will lead you nowhere. On the other hand, when you have actually observed something and have found it quite distasteful, it means that your level of being has become aware of what you have been observing and considers that it is below your own level, it is too low. Therefore, you do something in order to move up to a higher level. And so you change what you have been observing as not being good, not being fair, not be true, or what is negative within yourself. That is the reason why we are not offering people an ideal of goodness, of fairness, of truth. Everyone has to discover, within oneself, how far, in this incarnation, one is able to go in the processing or in the discovery of what is good, true or fair inside oneself. Some people will not do nothing, they will remain as they are. and others will act, but in their own way, and will remain captive of their own karma. Others still will go and seek advice from men or women and who will give them to actually act, and they will use those means. Those people change and evolve. And there is nothing mandatory there, nothing is required, nothing is imposed: Everyone really is, really starts from the exact position he holds and goes towards the level he can and wants to reach. That is what being genuine means and that is what we consider being on a path of change. Eveything else is but old fantasies belonging to the second level of consciousness: more or less religious or ... philosophical... or belonging to the third level of consciousness which is the level of excessive selfishness, individualism or egotism. What we are talking about is the level of spiritual awareness which starts in freedom and leads to freedom and liberation; which starts from a state of mechanical sleep and leads to awakening, which starts from ignorance and illusions and ... leads to clarity Seekers of Truth Publishing. All rights reserved.

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Duration: 6 minutes and 33 seconds
Country: France
Language: French (France)
Producer: Editions Chercheur de Vérité
Director: Brice Morot
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Posted by: apzoir.detereol on Apr 3, 2012

Selim Aïssel - 30 mars 2012 - 6mn - 229

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