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Make - PRODUCTION - Acting - Not thinking like an actor

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I swear to you, as honest as I can be. I do not think like an acting teacher. I never have! It still jars me a little bit when it comes out of nowhere, "Oh, he's an acting teacher." I just don't think like an acting teacher. One of my prime purposes with people that wan't to do this work is to stop thinking like actors. These camera technique classes are terrible. I love it when someone like Angela Lansbury, look at the career she's had. Her first American film was "Gaslight," with Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer and Joseph Cotten. And Angela Lansbury played the maid. She got nominated for best supporting actor on her first film. And Robert Osborne said, "You are so young! How did you learn to work with the camera?" She said, "I was never aware of it." I rest my- But they teach camera techniques to these kids. It's just stupid- it's the dumbest thing in the world! That's why someone in the stature of Anthony Hopkins, who did come and sit in on a class of mine, he asked if he could do that- one of my students was costarring in a film with him. He wanted to sit in on a class. And when he was leaving ...he said, "I'm glad somebody's teaching it this way." Which is one of the nicest compliments I could ever receive. But he said, he was interviewed after "Silence of the Lambs," "Nice playing a cannibal!" Here's a man, a human being in a story, ...who kills people, cuts up their bodies, ...cooks their vital organs, and eats it. This journalist said to Hopkins, "It must be terrible to take that demented mentality home with you at night." He says, "No, no. I don't do that. It's all pretending- I just use my imagination. I go home at night and enjoy dinner with my family."

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Posted by: timbumatay on Jun 20, 2016

Make - PRODUCTION - Acting - Not thinking like an actor

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