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Jesús Cochegrús - Líder como responsable de la valentía de su equipo

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As leaders, being the head of a team, owners of a company, you are responsible for the boldness of your people in this situation. During times of crisis, our job is to help them believe in themselves, to give them decision-making power, And in the corporate world, we call that empowerment. But I go beyond that, it's not only necessary to empower, give resources, give decision-making power... Mentorship is also needed. Actual mentorship. In Latin America we like building heroes, people with natural skills to deal with problems. And the question here is: how do we build heroes or turn someone into a hero? We have to focus on strengths. Do you want to build a team of heroes? Focus on your people's strengths, not on their weaknesses. Sometimes, we focus too much on what we aren't good at. Focus on the things we're good at, that's what actually makes the difference. That's how teams truly complement, with multiple strengths. A tip for you. Your people will be what you see on them. I imagine many of you know this character, it's Wall-e. It was created by Pixar. In this company, one of the 3 main members is called Ed Catmull, he's the engineer. He says: "If you give a good idea to a mediocre team, they will screw it up. Give a mediocre idea to a brilliant team, and they will surprise you." Pixar's secret is having brilliant people with brilliant ideas. What do we learn from this? Make sure to be surrounded by heroes. From the people you are leading to the people that you have to follow. Look for that environment and focus on everybody's strengths.

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Posted by: wobi on Apr 7, 2021

Jesús Cochegrús - Líder como responsable de la valentía de su equipo

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