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Real quick before we do the Russian answers. How long has Youngevity been in Russia? Actually, I think Youngevity has been in Russia for more than 4 years. Okay. Yes, 4 years approximately. Okay, you've been there a little over a year and a half. Yeah, one year and a half at Youngevity from July 2016, yes. Just for context. Okay. So, start from the beginning, introduce yourself, your name, where you're from, and how you got involved in Youngevity. You can speak in Russian. Hello. My name is Gulnara Belyalova. I came here from Belgium. In fact, we've been living in Belgium for many years. However, my organization is currently operating in Kazakhstan and Russia. To be honest, we had been looking for a company like this for a long time. The thing is that we wanted to find a great company offering a great product. We couldn't even imagine that we would come across Dr. Wallach's company. We had known about him for so many years. This legendary man and his book called "Dead doctors don't lie" helped thousands of people build their great organizations. When we found out that this company finally came to Russia, we were amazed. We immediately decided to work for this company. Me and my organization started working for Youngevity in July 2016. We were so excited about this wonderful product called "90 for Life". We had heard about it so many times. We could finally try this product and we got amazing results. Needless to say, all my team was so excited that we got all the necessary qualifications during the first month. We achieved very good results; however, it wasn't easy at first. You know, Russia is a huge country. It has nine time zones. The logistics were not so good at first. There was a lack of information in Russian. Fortunately, the situation is now changing for the better. We have good logistics. People get their products without delay. Soon enough we'll have much more information. Now we also have a new general manager in Russia. We had been waiting for him for a very long time. We are coming home, overwhelmed with hope and excitement because we have seen the company and met its management, including Steve Wallach, Michelle Wallach, Dr. Wallach himself, Dave Briskie — the entire top management team. We also met the leaders from different countries who accepted us into this huge Youngevity family. We feel so comfortable here, and we are so happy to be part of this wonderful and great company which will occupy a very strong position in Russia. We are confident that in the nearest future Youngevity will become extremely popular not only in Russia and Kazakhstan, but also all over the CIS. Okay, I've no idea what she just said, except I heard that the first time around in English. That's great. What are your favorite things about this company? What are you most excited about? ... about Youngevity. First of all, it is Doctor Wallach. We had heard a lot about him. We fell in love with him before even meeting him. We just read his book. Needless to say, it is the product itself. The product is really great, and it is unmatched on the market. It is a finished program for everyone: reach out and use it. Just use it and you will get wonderful results. It is also the business plan and the compensation plan. It is so well-balanced. Anyone can earn money with this plan. And, of course, I love the company itself and its mission, as well as the entire Youngevity family. Therefore, here I found everything I was looking for. Okay, what did you say there? Tell me in English. First, Dr. Wallach. Yes. And then the product. The first time I heard about "90 for Life" was 10-20 years ago, and finally we can try this product in Russia and Kazakhstan. And we have so many results with this product. Of course, the compensation plan. Also, it is very important that the compensation plan is well-balanced. And the top managers and the leaders are such beautiful people. The whole Youngevity family. Awesome. We'll let you dab your lips one more time. We just don't want that to shine in front of the camera. So, since you've been with Youngevity, it's about 1,5 years, how has your life changed? How has it impacted and made a difference for you? Okay. Before Youngevity... You can say it in English first and then... Okay. Before Youngevity, I was also in another company with a great product, but something changed in a company not in a good way. Youngevity for me is more comfortable, I mean the way I feel in this company. So, I find here all I need: the peace, the product, the compensation plan, and now I can work without stress and negative emotions. So, I know that the future is bright, and the company is big. It's huge, as well as its top management and its product. I can't find... I don't need to look for another company. So, I've found my company. That's it. Okay, great. You now say that in Russian. So again. Just how is it changed for you? What does it mean for you, this company? How has your life changed? You were talking that you were in another company before. It was great and this feels much better to you. I've been in network marketing for more than 20 years. As any business person, I always wanted to find a company which could become a part of my life, a company which I wouldn't like to change. Finally, I found such a company, which can offer everything: a product, a compensation plan, a management team, a mission. Everybody knows about Dr. Wallach. We've been in love with him for a very long time. We know him very well. What has changed in my life? When you find what you've been looking for, you feel calm, there is no more stress in your life. I mean, I finally found what I needed. Me and my team, we think that we have found a company where we can work without any stress, because everything is in place here. We have all we need, and we can pass on our business to our kids. Now that we have such a great product and such a great company, we can just enjoy our work. Okay. Tell us a little bit about your background. Just about you personally. Are you married? Do you have children? And if so, how have you incorporated Youngevity into your daily life? With the vitamins, with the products, and all the different things that are available. Tell me a little bit about that. I have been familiar with food supplements for a very long time, because my family has been using them for more than 20 years. Thanks to these products, we never visit doctors. I am married and I have two sons; they are 25 and 18 years old. All our family uses our product. Of course, when you have such a great product and you know you can give your family all the best, it makes you feel so comfortable. You know that your family gets the best products. And, of course, working for such a company is also very enjoyable. I can spend time with my kids and my husband whenever I want. I work whenever I want and I relax whenever I want. Therefore, it makes me feel very comfortable. Okay. Give me a little... In English. Yes. We've been consuming food supplements for more than 20 years. And, of course, I have... I am married. I have a husband and two sons. My elder son is 25, and my younger son is almost 19. Of course, thanks to Youngevity products, we don't visit doctors. We always feel good, and as a mother... how do you say? I feel comfortable as a mother and a wife, because I can give my family the best products. Very good. Very good. Okay. We want to kinda talk a little bit how... How is this impacting Russia and other countries and the culture there? Why is this so important? Why are these products so needed in Russia? Why do you want other people to know about them? Should I talk in Russian, right? All the people living on this planet want to be healthy. And, of course, Russian people have been taking food supplements for a very long time in order to improve their health. There are lots of companies on Russian market, but I am confident that Youngevity will occupy the best position in Russia, because, as I said, Russians, like all the other people, are looking for the best products. To be honest, Youngevity products are the best on the market. I am confident that it is a great opportunity for Russian people to improve their health, and truly improve their living standarts. In English? Okay. Russian and Kazakh people have been taking food supplements for more than twenty years, and, of course, there are lots of companies in Russia and Kazakhstan selling Russian, European, and American products. And, of course, people know about these products, but I do believe that Youngevity products are the best on the market. Russian and Kazakh people will be able... [LAUGHING] Okay. Yes, yes, and now we know that this product is the best on Russian market. Dab your face a little bit more. And now the last question. When Youngevity was introduced to you, was there anyone who helped you within this organization? Someone who helped you get your business going. It was one person or a few people helping you build your business in Russia? Actually, I was alone. We found this company together with my husband. Nobody in my organization had heard about Youngevity. There was no information about this company. We were really surprised when we came across Youngevity. Wow! Dr. Wallach's company on Russian market! I was alone, but my husband helped me a lot. He translated all this info from English to Russian, including Dr. Wallach's interviews, books and so on. That's great. Nobody. Me and my people. You guys were really the ones who found it. Just tell us the same in Russian. Like I said, we came across the company by ourselves. I mean, we wanted to find a company, that offers a great product. Surprisingly, we came across Youngevity company in Russia. Sure thing, nobody invited us. We studied everything on our own. It took us more than a month. My husband translated all the info from English to Russian. When we started our business, I didn't know who my upline was. I didn't know who to work with. It was just me and my motivation, and our great desire. I started working with my team, and we still work on our own. We just became a part of Youngevity family, but we've been working on our own up until now. Nobody really helped us. Very good! Awesome! Alright. Thank you so much. You did it.

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